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Reiki I Beginner class…Plus Baby

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


Another first for me, I taught my first Reiki class today with a nursing baby in it.  This class came together so quickly I knew it was meant to be.  I didn’t even know  three of the ladies in the class a month ago so I know my guides set it all up for us.

I didn’t take a Reiki class until my youngest son was three years old.  So when I was approached by a nursing mom to take a Reiki class, I was very happy to accommodate and so were the other three ladies who signed up.  Each person knew there would be a baby in the class and that we may have to stop and allow his mom to take care of him throughout the class, but they all wanted to be a part of this class.  It was a beautiful thing, I must say.  Each ‘mom’ took turns holding him, mainly because we all wanted baby time, but sometimes to keep him occupied while his mom could meditate or write in her journal.  We are holding class for shorter days but more of them spread out, to accommodate not only Baby M and his mom but also another mom with a young child in day care.  See how it all works out when it’s meant to be?!  Perfectly.  Many woman with young children want to explore their spirituality but have a hard time doing it with young children at home.  I totally understand.  I’ve been there.  I’m grateful to be in a position where I can be flexible.  And, I get to have some baby time too.  A win/win.

Baby M asleep in my arms while I continue teaching a Reiki I class after he fell asleep during our morning meditation.
Baby M asleep in my arms while I continue teaching the Reiki class after he fell asleep.

Baby Fix

I got extra long baby holding time, while we did our morning meditation, which is about 30 minutes long.  I got to hold him while I read the meditation so his mom could get the full effects of the visualization and relaxation.  I put my book on a music stand, held Baby M. and fed him Cheerios and let him suck on my finger for most of the meditation.  Near the end he fell asleep in my arms so I got to continue holding him until lunch.  He was so calm and didn’t mind being held by a total stranger.  He loved my brightly colored blouse and the little sparkles on it.  Such a blessing.  One of my students took a picture of me right after the meditation when Baby M had fallen asleep.  Here is me teaching Reiki while holding a sleeping baby, which felt oh so natural.  Brought back some wonderful memories.  Our babies truly do grow up so fast.

Just thought I’d share this beautiful moment.

Blessings to all the ladies in this class and Baby M for hanging with us all day, we have three more days and I’m really looking forward to them all,

Love and Light to you all,

Joss or 360-460-7829

2 thoughts on “Reiki I Beginner class…Plus Baby

  1. You look very comfortable with the baby! And beautiful in that blouse with your blonde hair!

  2. Thanks Honey, I’m so grateful that my husband reads my blog. LOL If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were flirting with me. Sending much love your way, J

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