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Head Cold or Healing Opportunity? A Healers Healing Story

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I had a head cold last week.  Yes, healers get sick too.  How else do we learn so much about healing if we don’t actually DO the process ourselves?!!  Yes, rhetorical question, but you’d be surprised at how many people expect Energy Healers to be perfect, as if being able to channel Divine Energy can only be done by Jesus and Buddha.   When really, it is actually very much the opposite, anyone can do this and everyone needs to do this and we all need to believe we can.  We all learn by doing, which is why we are here on this planet having these very human experiences.  Reiki Masters are no different, I learn through my human self and share the lessons with my clients.  But, I digress…let me step off my soap box and get to the topic at hand…

Blog Goals

By telling you my healing story I hope to:

  •  Empower you to practice with your Reiki for EVERYTHING in your life, bringing you closer to YOUR Creator.
  • Empower you to experiment with other healing modalities while working with Reiki as your spiritual and healing base, or grounding tool, if it feels right to you.
  • Empower you to think outside the ‘box’ as to other ways in which to work with your Reiki.
  • Give you an example of how I use different techniques along with my Reiki to do a self-healing.  I believe with some practice, anyone can do this.

Head Cold History

In order to accomplish these goals, allow me to share a personal healing story.

Growing up my body’s ‘go to’ sickness was head colds.  I got them A LOT!  TOO MUCH.  A sore throat, plugged up nose, popping achy ears, you probably know the drill.  My family didn’t know about natural healing back then so I used the horrible nose drops that never really worked but made me feel like I was at least DOING SOMETHING.  This was a chronic condition for me that worsened through college and beyond until I started learning about the whole new world of natural medicines.  Now, I rarely get head colds and if I do they are mild compared to the one or two-week long dramas that they were in my youth.

New Attitude

It helps a lot that I have a new attitude about being physically ill.  I now view it as a healing opportunity rather than a waste of time.  Every time we are sick, it is a conversation we could be having with our body/mind/spirit.  Our bodies are working very hard to tell us something.  When we believe being ill is a waste of time or just something that we have to live with from time to time, we are in deed wasting a precious learning opportunity.  Rarely is an illness only on the physical level, yet we will usually only heal it on that level when we have the ‘waste of time’ frame of mind.  Typically illness is on two or three levels at the same time, and can also be on all four levels of our energy body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This means that in order to truly heal this ‘dis-ease’ fully, we must heal all four levels that need healing.  Yes, this can take many years of head colds before we get to all the levels because all four levels are not always ready to heal at the same time.  We can heal the levels that are ready, when they are ready and then move on to the others when they are ready.  If we are not truly healing, either we are not listening or we are not quite ready mentally, emotionally, or spiritually to know what it is that we need to heal.  Often we are ready on one level but not yet on another.  It is a process like any other journey. 

Past Life Self Healing For My Head Cold

I knew this head cold was a BIG one for me.  It comes after two whole years of not being sick with a head cold at all (a really long time for me), it comes in the summer which rarely happens for me AND it comes in a year where I’ve been healing a lot of very deep physical issues.  I just ‘knew’ this was a big opportunity to heal myself.  IF, I did not ignore it.  The head cold issue has been with me for as long as I can remember in this life.  It has an important message for me. And now, thanks to Reiki and the other healing abilities I’ve learned, I knew I had a special opportunity to heal this.  Possibly for the last time.

Many Lives of Not Being Able to Breathe

While in the throes of the worst part of the cold I couldn’t breathe at all.  For me, this is the most intolerable part of being sick.  I absolutely hate not being able to breathe.  It makes it hard to sleep and for some reason was bringing up a lot of fear this time that I hadn’t felt before.  I had been doing essential oils which helped some, natural supplements, neti pot, warming sock treatment, etc.  Everything I know and others could tell me about, I was doing it.  But, listening to my intuition, I felt I needed something more, something focused, something different energetically.

I felt that I needed to do some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) along with Reiki, which has been very effective for me in the past.  I like that with EFT and Reiki, once you have the ability and the knowledge, they are always with you, where ever you need them.  Any time, any where. (EFT heals us by the light tapping of our fingers on meridians around the body.  The tapping along with certain phrases releases trauma from the physical body by releasing it from the nervous system. Read more at the link.)


So even though I do Reiki on myself when I’m sick and self Reiki every day, I felt this time I needed to do EFT.  Trust your gut as to what you need.

So, it’s very late at night and I still can’t fall asleep, I’m exhausted from being sick and not sleeping well.  In my Reiki Gassho,  I call on my Reiki and my Reiki Guides to be with me, surround me with spiritual power, protection and support before I do any healing/spiritual work.  I ask my guides to guide me through the process of the EFT, to help me tap on the phrases that will be most effective and healing for me.  I sit for a moment and think about the problem of not being able to breathe and how that makes me feel.  If a thought doesn’t come to me to tap on, I just start tapping on “Even though I can’t breathe and I can’t sleep, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”  I start tapping on that.  While tapping I’m aware of other thoughts that may come up to tap on next time.  If nothing comes up I tap on “Even though I STILL can’t breathe….etc.”  Then I go from there.  The Reiki is guiding me, supporting me on all levels during the process and protecting  me at the same time.  My guides are helping me to listen to my body and my Higher Guidance to get the next phrase to tap on.  I then feel fearful of not being able to breathe so I tap on that.  “Even though not being able to breathe is making me afraid, …”   I allow my Reiki guides to feed me the phrases I need and the wording I need to tap on most.  Each time I tap on a phrase I can feel the layers falling away, first getting more intense and then afterwards, lessening.

Then as I’m getting deeper and deeper into the emotions of not being able to breathe I start seeing visions of being trapped, trapped in a very small space under a very large stone building, like a pyramid or a cathedral, but it’s not just one life and it’s not just one building, it’s multiple.  Three lives.  I ‘see’ three lives with this same theme of being trapped and not being able to breathe.  The information from the three different lives mixes and mingles with each other making it difficult for me to tell them apart but I’m aware of them being slightly different but with the same overall theme.  I feel and imagine the largeness and heaviness of the building above me and that creates fear too.

In one of the lives I get incredibly anxious and start to ‘freak out.’  I’m not alone, others are with me and try to calm me down.  The whole group cannot move forward in the tunnel until I calm down and keep moving forward but the anxiety is so intense I can’t move, I cannot think straight, I just scream and cry.  We are on our hands and knees in the tunnel trying to get away from someone.  The others try to calm me because we are all at risk of being found if I don’t calm down.  I’m endangering everyone.  The fear is incredibly intense and overwhelming me to the point where I feel I might go crazy there, trapped.  I can’t ‘see’ the outcome and this bothers me.  I decide in order for me as Josslyn to move forward I need to ‘pretend’ I see an outcome, I take control of this part of the vision and move myself forward to be calmer and able to listen to the others help and advice.  I imagine the Reiki surrounding me with its Love and Light, protecting me.  This calms me down too. I’m able to go back to the vision, calmer and viewing it from a more distant place.

It’s dusty and I can’t breathe.  I believe I’m going to die.  I don’t know the way out, I feel trapped like I’ll die in here with no way out, no breath, no help.  I feel I have tunnel vision and can’t see what is truly going on through the panic.  I’m not very old, maybe a young teen, but very scared.  I feel that others are looking for us in one or more of the lives.  I feel we are being pursued and that causes additional layers of fear to come forth.  The dust is so thick I cannot see or breathe and that causes another layer of frustration, agitation, fear, anxiety, it’s all getting layered on top of each other causing my past life self to panic.  I, Josslyn, keep tapping the whole time and tap on the past lives I’m experiencing.  I tap on the fear, I tap on the past life, I tap on the anxiety, the feeling of being trapped, not being able to breathe and I tap on the fear of death.  I keep tapping on these issues while I cry and freak out a little myself because I’m getting too close to the situations in the lives again and it feels too real to me now, too scary and I need to distance myself.  I chant the Mental/Emotional Symbol to help me calm down and ask my guides to help me distance myself from these past life experiences.  Again,  I get calmer.  I can breathe a bit.  I suddenly remember a dream I had a couple of nights before I got sick of being trapped in exactly the same manner and so I tap on the dream and the emotions I feel about it all.  I finally calm down after almost an hour and a half of tapping on my meridians.

I feel I’ve had enough.  I do some self Reiki to help me clean and clear my energy and with the intention of helping me to release everything I’ve learned on all levels ONCE  AND FOR ALL!  I pray for healing at all levels, so that whatever healing has been done is done completely and thoroughly.  I can breathe now.  Then I sleep.

Dear Sweet Sleep

I slept that night being able to breathe and I woke up the next morning being able to breathe.  I’ve been breathing since very nicely while my body is still working through the last stages of the virus.  It is not an instantaneous healing, but I believe I will not have to go through those layers again.  They are done.  I do feel there is more I need to tap on in regards to this issue, throat,  ears, my immune system, etc.  But, I feel relief.  I feel lighter.  I feel the fear of those past lives gone.  I feel free from those layers and I’m grateful for that.  If  I do get a head cold again in the future, I am confident it will be much less on the physical level, the last layer to get to.  Now I’ll be kind to my body and give it time to catch up to the other levels.  I have found that it usually takes my physical body a little longer to catch up to the other levels after a healing.  It does catch up, if I’m gentle and kind to it.

How I felt coming out of the tunnel!!  FREE!!  SAFE!! LIGHT!!
How I felt coming out of the tunnel!! FREE!! SAFE!! LIGHT!!  The Light at the end of the tunnel!!

Be gentle and kind to yourselves and if you feel so motivated, practice your Reiki on yourself every day, rain or shine, tired or energized.  It will guide you through your healing journey too.

Many Blessings to you all,

thanks for reading,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829



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Congratulations March 9th Reiki I Class!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

CONGRATULATIONS TO MY WONDERFUL  AND  AMAZING REIKI I CLASS FOR MARCH 9TH 2014!!  (I know, I think they are all wonderful and amazing!)

Congratulations to Susan, Gloria, Joanie and our photographer who prefers to remain incognito.  You ladies grew so much this weekend, it makes me so filled with gratitude for you all.
Congratulations to Susan, Gloria, Joanie and our photographer who prefers to remain incognito. You ladies grew so much this weekend, it makes me so filled with gratitude for you all.

Including our camera-shy participant who is taking the photos, these ladies were incredibly open and courageous with sharing their feelings.  I’m so proud of them.  They grew and expanded exponentially during this weekend.  Please send them Reiki Blessings  for doing such an amazing job of welcoming the Reiki energy into their lives.

Blessings to you all,



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Reiki in the Walls – New or Add On Construction

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Thank you so much for your Reiki questions via comments and emails.  A recent email question gave me the idea for this blog.  A new Reiki Master was building a new home and wanted to know if they could put Reiki into the walls before the drywall went up and if so HOW?  The HOW is my thing. I love writing about the HOW because it helps to open up people’s boxes about what to use your Reiki for and how easy it is.


Put Reiki into all aspects of construction when adding on a room to your home, especially if the room will be used for spiritual work or sleep.
Put Reiki into all aspects of construction when adding on a room to your home, especially if the room will be used for spiritual work or sleep.

The answer is YES!  Definitely put Reiki in all aspects of the construction process of your home, add-on, office, what ever you are building where you will live, work or spend time.  Whether it’s one room you are adding on or a whole house.  Put as much Reiki in the construction of your home as possible from the cement, wood, walls, insulation, electrical, appliances, plumbing, etc.  Building a new home, what a fabulous opportunity to fill and surround your home with Love and Light.

Yes, I Have Done This For My Home

I did this when we added on the Reiki room to our house a few years ago.  It was only one room so it was pretty easy.  But, each day after the workmen would leave, I’d go out there with my ‘Reiki hands’ and do this process to the whole space and construction materials.  I do believe everyone who comes into the room to this day can FEEL the effects of the Reiki in the room.  I get comments on the energy in that room ALL THE TIME.  And, I can feel it myself every time I work in there.

Intention is EVERYTHING!!

Put Reiki into bricks and mortar walls too.
Put Reiki into bricks and mortar walls too.

Intention before and during the process is MOST IMPORTANT!!  Hold a positive loving intention for your space.  Be centered and grounded so you are not bringing stress in from other events in your life.  This will bring stress into the space and invite in not so loving energies.  This would be the opposite of what you want.  Be in a very loving place in your heart before you start the process.  Breath and be calm and with Divine.  ( I talk more about intention below, but, safe and sacred, calm and loving, grounded and centered, loving family space, are all positive intentions you can start with.)

HOW to Reiki Construction On Your Home Under Construction
Put Reiki into the walls and windows.  Seal Doors and windows with the Power Symbol with the intention of protecting the home and occupants.
Put Reiki into the walls and windows. Seal Doors and windows with the Power Symbol with the intention of protecting the home and occupants.

Remember, with Reiki, there is no wrong way.  This is one way I have come up with that works for me.  If it does not feel right then tweak it or change it to feel right for you and your situation.  This process is intended for people with Reiki symbols but I have put added ways to do this if you do not have symbols.  Having Reiki symbols with this particular process will make it faster and easier and you can typically run more energy with a Reiki II attunement, but it is not required.  Anyone can do this with a Reiki I and some time and intention.

  1. Stand in the space quietly, connecting with the space that is your home or going to be your home.  Honor your home and ask it for its permission to bring Love and Light into it with Reiki.  This is showing respect for your home, the space, the land and the spirit guides who watch over your space.
  2. If you were taught the Gassho, prayer position, put your hands in prayer position and ground yourself to Divine Source and to Mother Earth both.  Make sure you are nicely grounded and feel very focused and centered in your heart.  Very  present in the NOW.
  3. While in Gassho, ask Divine to send down the Reiki with the intention of filling the structure with Love and Light, Power, Protection and Support.  Safe and Sacred Space is another one.
  4. Move your prayer position up to your third eye and ask Divine to send down the Highest Spiritual Form of Reiki Guides and Angels to help you and guide you through this process.  Thank them before and after the session.
  5. Prayer position back to your heart  – chant the symbols starting with your Master symbol/s until you feel the Reiki flowing.  If you do not have symbols yet, this process will still work, just get your Reiki running with the positive intention and let it flow.
  6. If you have a Reiki II training or above, then draw CKR, the power symbol, in front of each of your chakras starting with the root and ending with the crown and motion it into your chakras.  Draw once, say or chant name three times and motion in to the chakra.  After the crown put a very large CKR towards your whole body.  This is energizing your whole system and helps you to run more Reiki and stronger and faster for this process.  I do this before attunements and setting space and any time I feel tired.  REIKI I LEVEL – If you have a Reiki level I then run energy on all your chakras for at least thirty seconds each, with the intention of energizing your chakras for running lots of Reiki through you.
  7. REIKI II LEVELDraw in the air one at a time each symbol, starting with the highest symbol you have DKM (Master Symbol) or HSZSN (Long Distance Symbol) and going down to the SHK (Mental/Emotional Symbol) for cleansing and calm and sacred, then to  CKR (Power Symbol for sealing and protecting.  Draw each one in the air one time, chant the name three times and visualize it floating in the air.  Then do the next and the next symbol until all symbols are floating in the air.  INTEND for them to float through the air for a couple of days at least supporting you in this process.  You can even ask them to follow you from room to room as you move through the house.  REIKI I LEVELImagine flowing the Reiki out of your palms and into the room you’ll be working in, filling the room with Reiki for help and guidance throughout the process.  Intend; blissful space, sacred space, calm and clean space, safe and protected space.
  8. Start in the room that is most important to you spiritually.  Imagine your Reiki flowing out of your hands like paint from a paint gun, thick and full and filling all spaces easily.  Imagine beautiful calm and sacred colors flowing out of your hand chakras towards the walls, ceilings, floors and all the space you are in.  I usually start with one wall, then move to another until all four are done.  Then I do the ceiling, floor and the inner space.  Do windows and doors, imagining the Reiki surrounding them with protection.  All Love and Light may come in but lower energies cannot.
  9. If you are attuned to Reiki III,  start with Usui DKM (Master Symbol) for blessing the space or CKR (Power Symbol) if Reiki II also for blessing the space, then SHK (Mental/Emotional Symbol) for cleansing and emotional healing, then CKR (Power Symbol) again for sealing with power, protection and support.  That is how I do it.  (Then I run all my Reiki symbols through the walls and space the same way.  It is up to you how much time you have and how many symbols you put it.  The more the merrier I say but depending upon how much time alone you have in the space, do what feels right.  Getting the three in the walls first is important.  This paint process is fast and beautiful and feels so nice.  You can do a room with a lot of intention in about 15 to 20 minutes each.  Faster if you are in a hurry.  Take more time in the rooms where you will sleep and meditate.
  10. Permanent Symbols – Some of you may want to put drawings or pictures of the Reiki symbols in the walls.  I feel this is fine.  I actually sat in meditation and talked to my guides about this and they thought it was a great idea.  You can spray paint them in the walls before the insulation goes up, pin-up pictures of the symbols on the walls beforehand and any other spiritual symbols that you feel adds Love and Light to the space permanently: Om, Reiki Guides, Usui Sensei, hearts, spiral, sun, etc.  Whatever relates to you and adds positive energy is great.  You may cover them with paper or some kind of covering if you are concerned about other people seeing. That is a personal preference.  Most people who will be in the house working on it won’t know what the symbols are and they won’t really even register with them if they see them.  But, do what feels right to you.  The symbols are sacred to us who work with Reiki, but they are no longer a secret.  They can be seen many places but rarely do people recognize them unless they have knowledge of Reiki and/or the symbols are part of their subconscious mind.  It’s all good.  Go with your intuition on this one.  I trust you and Reiki trusts you.
  11. Hold the intention that this Reiki is permanent Love and Light that is now vibrating through your home, land and space forever!
  12. Thank your, home, your guides and your Reiki.
Reiki a garden wall as it is being constructed for a peaceful and spiritual garden space.
Reiki a garden wall as it is being constructed for a peaceful and spiritual garden space.

QUICK TIP – Don’t try to do the whole house in one day unless you are truly in a time crunch.  Put more time into the spiritual rooms if you have to do this.  Otherwise, do the three symbols in all the rooms and go back to the most important rooms if you end up having more time.

Anything you do is better than nothing so no worries.
You can also do it after the drywall if you run out of time.  Just imagine the Reiki flowing through the walls and filling every space inside, like filling the cells of your body, but filling wall, boards, electrical, plumbing and insulation instead.
I don’t know what you have been taught by your teacher so hopefully some of this you already know.  I figure more is better and you can adjust it from here.
I would love to hear from you if you try this on your new or add-on construction, please comment here as to how it felt for you and how the process worked.
Love and Light to you,
Josslyn or 360-460-7829
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Personally Inspired

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Today I am having a tough day emotionally.  I’m a very emotional person, being psychically sensitive and continually working through depression for years,  I do have these difficult days somewhat regularly.  This is when I do my best to practice what I preach.  However, please remember, I am human too.

In a moment I’m going to go meditate and that always helps.  I’ll run Reiki before, during and after I meditate and that helps even more.
But, as I was catching up on some computer work, adding a new testimonial to my website, I found myself reading the testimonials and comments that so many of you have written for me.  They life my spirit and touch my heart so much, you have no idea how they sometimes get me through these challenging days.
ThankYouforSharingmyJourneySo, I wanted to share them here and say THANK YOU to all of you who have written kind and loving words about me and Reiki for all to read and be inspired by.  I’m so incredibly grateful for all of you, you have no idea.  Probably because it’s hard for me to truly open up and tell you all.  I don’t often step out of the Reiki Healer position into the Human position to do that because I feel so strongly that I need to be a support to so many when they need me.  However, you all also give me a great gift when you support me and I believe that is important to show gratitude for.
Blessings to you all,
Thank you so much for your amazing words and love,
Please take some time to read the amazing testimonials on my Testimonial pages.  They are really amazing.  People have spoken from the heart and that is not always easy to do.  Pick a page and be inspired.  Here is a link to one where my students are talking about using Reiki in their lives.  Wonderful.
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Quotes I Like – Reiki is a Practice

Book, Reiki For Dogs by Kathleen PrasadThe system of Reiki is considered a practice. That means that your intention and commitment to the ‘doing’ of Reiki is important to your own development, healing, and understanding of the healing process, as well as your ability to facilitate more energetic flow through your physical being. This practice never ends; it is a lifelong journey of self-discovery. The more you work with Reiki, the more you will open to this flow. For this reason, practicing Reiki can deepen your intuition and cause tremendous growth and change on all levels.” Kathleen Prasad in “Reiki for Dogs”

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Reiki Quick Tip – Reiki Your Grocery Cart

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

I was in the grocery store with my son, waiting in a larger than usual line and I thought, “Wow, I could just Reiki all my groceries right here, right now and it’s done!”  Brainstorm!  Why didn’t I think of this before?  It’s very simple, where else do you have all your groceries all in one place and a little extra time to work on them? (My kids are older, this may be more difficult for those of you with young active children.  Get them involved and have them HELP you Reiki your groceries.  Never too young to start doing Reiki.)

Grocery cart, bag, whatever your groceries are in, Reiki them.
Grocery cart, bag, whatever your groceries are in, Reiki them.


You might say “Why Josslyn, would I want to Reiki my groceries?”  Good question.  Reiki makes your food healthier and more energized with Life Force Energy!  That’s why!

How do I know this you ask?  I have tested food with muscle testing and divining rods with my Reiki Kids group and got very specific results.  When we did Reiki on food that was not organic, the energy field of the food doubled in almost every case and in many cases equaled the organic food.  We had the same results when we prayed over the food.  When we did Reiki on the organic food, the energy field stayed the same or changed too slightly to tell.  It was already strong and healthy and full of life force energy.  When we did Reiki on McDonald’s food it helped the energy field a small amount.  But, the McDonald’s food started with NO energy at all.  It was totally unreadable with divining rods at all.  So starting with nothing, Reiki improved it some to at least make it have some life force energy.  Not worth eating though so we threw it away.  But, in some cases fast food may be the only choice available.  Hopefully not very often, but even I partake every now and then.  It’s good to know Reiki will help even this food a little bit.


Anyway, in every case, the Reiki improved the energy field of the food significantly.  Big time scientific?  NO, but good enough for me and the kids to understand that Reiki helps our food to be healthier for us and more energized.

Put Love and Intention In the Food You Make

I often Reiki the food I’m making for my family knowing that this is adding to the nutritional value of the food for the people I love the most.  But, lets face it, life is busy and sometimes we forget.  I usually catch this with prayers at the dinner table.  If we eat out I quietly put my hands over my food and while others are talking and distracted I Reiki my food before I eat or I’ll say a quiet prayer beforehand.  But, still sometimes a meal will slip through the cracks of modern active life.  If we remember to do Reiki on our groceries while waiting in line, then we know it’s done and even if we forget at the dinner table or while preparing a meal, we know the food has Reiki energy flowing through it.  For me, it’s like a Reiki insurance policy.

Reiki the food in your cupboards, your refrigerator, on your table for a big meal, etc.  You get the idea. Reiki ALL your food!!


This is how I Reiki my groceries.  As always, this is just one way, not the only way. Get creative and find what works and feels right for you.  Since this is a public place and many of us prefer to be incognito, I do the Gassho in my head.  Reiki is all about intention, intend for the Reiki to go to your groceries and it will.

  1. I lean on my cart with my forearms and my hands hanging over the groceries.
  2. Close my eyes and mentally/intentionally invoke the Reiki as if I were in the prayer position or the Gassho.  Next, ask Divine to send down my Reiki guides to help me.  I never do any spiritual work without my Reiki guides to help.
  3. Let the Reiki flow with intention.  You can visualize the Reiki flowing into the groceries, send Reiki symbols into the groceries through your hands or through your eyes.  You can chant the Reiki symbols in your head with the intention that they are flowing out your hands and into your groceries.  Set an intention of the healthiest food possible, delicious and nutritious, or whatever positive intention works for your family.
  4. Reiki your food until it’s your turn to load the groceries onto the belt or give them to the cashier.
  5. Thank the Reiki and your guides!


Taste a locally grown Nash's Organic Produce carrot and I believe you will be moving to the Olympic Peninsula just to eat their produce all the time.  We did.  My kids tell me while we are eating dinner "This is a Nash's carrot, isn't it!? I can tell!"  They taste alive and amazing.
Taste a locally grown Nash’s Organic Produce carrot and I believe you will be moving to the Olympic Peninsula just to eat their produce all the time. We did. My kids tell me while we are eating dinner “This is a Nash’s carrot, isn’t it!? I can tell!” They taste alive and amazing.  Like no other carrot I’ve ever eaten before.

Now, I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has an abundance of local organic produce and meats.  I now know how real food tastes.  I do believe the Reiki helps the food to taste better too.   But I have to say, buying local and organic is truly the way to get the best tasting and healthiest food ever. Yes, totally MY opinion.

But, life is as it is, our food has been tainted in many ways, even the air it grows in is not organic, so nothing is 100% clean, thus the Reiki Food Insurance Policy.  Reiki your food!!  Do it for a month and see how you feel about your food afterwards.  Feel if your relationship with food has changed, your calmness at meal times or your desire for healthier foods.  I’ll be interested in hearing how that experiment goes.  At the least you add more spiritual practice to your life and your eating and that is always a good thing.

Blessings to all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Crisis All Around, How to Deal

by Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

For those of you who KNOW you have chaos in your life and simply want help and ways to deal with it, scroll down to the HOW section.  Otherwise, please read and enjoy the full blog.

Crisis All Around, How to Deal

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
― Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

2013 a Year of Light and Chaos?

One of the oldest stories in the world, good versus evil.
One of the oldest stories in the world, good versus evil.

This year was predicted by many psychics to be a very challenging year as the Light comes in to over turn the dark after the opening of December 2012.  This has, throughout history, not been a quick and easy task.  In fact, other than love, it has been the biggest theme throughout history of all time on earth, dark versus light, good vs. bad, angel vs. devil.  I am not one of those psychics who believed this will happen instantly as some did, and it didn’t.   I like to look back through history and past lives at the big picture to see how things have worked in the past to get a feel for how it will most likely go in the future.  Plus, my common sense part says “What is there to learn from instant healing?”  Nothing.  We must live the darkness to learn how to shine our light.  I believe we are spiritual beings in a human form and our human form does not change quickly or even easily.  It takes time and work, until we truly, on every level, believe it is easy.  Then and only then, will it truly be easy.

“Enlightenment can be a slow process, requiring dedication and discipline. It’s perfectly fine to rest now and then. You are not going backwards; you are consolidating and resting.” Dr. Brian Weiss

The Truth is Coming Out, Ready or NOT

So, back to the difficulty that was predicted this year.  The energy of Love and Light is stronger than normal but what that means is that people who still have issues in the dark must shine their light on them and DEAL with them directly.  This means that issues that have been dormant in the past are now bubbling to the surface and demanding to be dealt with, NOW. There is no more hiding, no more denial, no more pretending, they have to be dealt with.  For those people who have been on the healing path for a long while doing this difficult healing work, life may not be as difficult as it is for others at this time.  Those people may find themselves in more of a support position for many others, especially.

In the Way of the Storm

Driving into the storm
Driving into the storm

But, for those who have not done the hard work, the “look in the mirror and truly deal with it” work, or for those who are just ‘waking up,’ they are thrown into the eye of the storm right away with not much time to prepare and learn the techniques they need in order to learn from these situations and heal from them.  These people need to start acting on new and different ways of coping, learning and progressing before or even while being directly in the path of the storm.  Crisis mode.  There is time, there is always time (big picture speaking), but for some, this means that life has gotten rather like living in a real soap opera.  Lies can no longer be hidden.  The truth is coming out, ready or not.

The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.” Joseph Campbell

Crisis All Around

I have found, this summer in particular, that there is crisis all around me.  It seems like every client, every friend, every caregiver, every family member,  has been thrown into crisis mode very quickly.  Addictions, severe medical issues with loved ones, job stress, money stress, political issues are all bubbling to the surface in record numbers, all around and affecting the lives of people who were not affected before.  When I talk to other healers, they say the same thing is happening around  them as well.  When I talk to my clients who are not themselves in crisis mode I find that their family or friends ARE, and they are finding themselves being leaned on quite heavily for support.

 Take Care of YOU

Self-careAs a healer I see it as my job to be the support system for my clients, friends and family during these times of difficulty, but only if they ask for my help.  I’m very careful to not invade anyone’s boundaries.  Some people may see this as cold or uncaring.  I’m showing respect for their wants and desires.  I offer my help and it is up to them to make the next move.  Plus, I can’t help people who don’t want it or aren’t yet ready for it.  This is one way that I also protect myself by only helping those who want it and are truly ready for it.  I conserve my energy and help for those who ask.  But, that’s another blog.  In order to be there for people in crisis, most healers know, we must take care of ourselves first.  I’ve written about this before, from the mom perspective, putting your oxygen mask on first and what not.  But, I’m a double duty; mom, and healer.  I’m taking care of a whole lot of people.  Many caregivers get burned out because they don’t take care of themselves first.  I’ve gotten burned out many times, I’m speaking from life experience here, over and over again.  No matter how many times I say it, many of you will not hear it.  But, hopefully, many will.  TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST!! TAKE CARE OF YOU NOW!!

Self Care Yoga


Choose any of these that appeal to you and that you will actually DO.  DOING these on a regular basis is the difference between people who are happy even in difficult times and those who are struggling.  Pick two minimum NEW activities that you will commit to doing, and JUST DO IT!

  • Do Reiki on yourself every day with intention.  Do not wait until a crisis happens, be prepared ahead of time by doing Reiki on yourself and your loved ones, you’ll be stronger and more prepared when the crisis hits.  Work with intention on what you want healed within yourself for instance “It is my intention, Divine Source, that the Reiki will help to heal my thoughts and beliefs about me not deserving self-care first.”
  • Meditate daily– Yes, there is time.  Turn off the T.V. and get away from the computer and make half an hour to meditate.  Meditation is the single most important technique you can learn and do, to enhance your spiritual growth.  Seriously, and it’s practically free.  Don’t worry about doing it right at first, just do it.  Make it a habit and when you feel you are ready for learning more you will.
  • Look in the mirror – It is important to not just talk the talk but to also walk the walk.  By looking in the mirror you are facing up to the parts of YOU that you want to change, they may be ugly, scary or humbling, but when you deal with them they are not so bad.  The more you do this the easier it gets over time.  Reiki can help with this too.
  • Daily self-care energetically speaking – Keep your boundaries STRONG, multiple times a day!  Do a five-minute quick boundary protection ritual. Five minute boundary ritual can be found in “Don’t Get Dumped On” blog.
  • Gratitude– Being grateful for what you do have, even during a crisis, is critical to your mind-set and in your spirit guides and Divine Source being there to help you through situations.  Divine Source and our spirit guides respond to gratitude and positive emotions.  The more you put into your prayers of gratitude the more they will hear you and help you in other areas of your life.  There is always something to be grateful for.  “Thank you God that I’m still breathing!” or “Thank you God that it’s only a broken arm.”  There is always someone, somewhere worse off than you. Seriously, prayers of gratitude have gotten me through some very dark hours.  JUST DO IT!!
  • Join support groups– Be a regular part of a Reiki support group, a healing group, Al-anon, a knitting group, a game playing group, or any kind of group that gives you a close-knit support system for when things go south.  We all need supportive non-judgmental friends to help us through these difficult times.
  • Get professional help– have a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, Naturopathic doctor, Reiki practitioner, hypnotherapist or some other professional who can be there for you to support you and to LISTEN when you need it.  These support people can be invaluable during times of crisis.  I work with a therapist regularly for self-care even when things are going great.  When you are taking care of a lot of other people, you need and deserve someone to listen to you.
  • Spend time in nature– walk, hike, beach, forest or desert, hug a tree, or at bare minimum spend fifteen minutes barefoot on the earth, any earth.  Stand in a potted plant if that’s all you have.  We all know nature heals but many of us don’t spend enough time in it, relating to it, feeling it and taking it into ourselves energetically on all levels.BeachWalk
  • Physical Exercise– Keep your body strong and your mind will be strong as well.  Physical exercise not only keeps your physical body strong but it helps to release stress and negative emotions, mind sets and toxins.  It’s called a WIN/WIN!

I’m sure there are plenty more but these are the techniques that I have personally found invaluable.  I pray you take this to heart and truly start putting yourself first, healing yourself with Reiki and meditation and stay strong so you are able to support others when they ask for it.

Love and Light to you all,


Self Care 10 Steps

Contact Josslyn at or 360-460-7829

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My First Teen Reiki Class

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

I’ve had enough middle schoolers interested in Reiki lately to have a class just for them.  Most of them have parents who are students or clients of mine, or both.  This works best I have found as the parents and kids can do Reiki together at home and reinforce the practice of Reiki together.  These kids are amazing as you could have probably guessed.  They know they are different from other kids in many ways but spiritually is definitely one of them.  It is not always easy for teens to talk to other kids about spiritual issues.  At Reiki circle they get the chance to talk openly about their spiritual beliefs with no one making fun of them or condemning their thoughts and actions.  It’s a very open and safe forum for everyone.

The 1st Rain Shadow Reiki Teen Class!!!  4-13-13, photo by Gigi Christensen please link if used.
The 1st Rain Shadow Reiki Teen Class!!! 4-13-13, (Photo by Gigi Christensen please link if used.)

“I am grateful for Teen Reiki class that I was able to be here with these wonderful people and have this experience. I’m grateful for Reiki because it can be used for healing and cannot be used to harm. And I will always have it with me, because it is an infinite source.”  E. W., age 12 1/2

Teen Class

After introductions, we started the class by teaching the kids a blessing ritual to cleanse our auras with sage.  Then we moved on to measuring each person’s aura with diving rods.  We talked about how to work with spiritual tools in a safe and effective way.  They learned how to bring in their God for protection beforehand, how to program the divining rod for what they want to find and then to find it.  Each person got a turn with the rods.  We measured our auras before the class and again after the class.  Every single participant, including the parents, were able to increase their aura size by the end of class, most were able to double their aura size.  (We measured the auras the second time right after doing a self-treatment with Reiki.)  We talked about how when our auras are cleaner and clearer from doing Reiki, we are happier and healthier on all levels.  We also talked about other ways to achieve this such as; listening to beautiful or happy music, thinking positive thoughts, talking with a trusted friend, running Reiki on our food and drink, eating and drinking healthy food and  liquids, and getting plenty of exercise out-of-doors, just to name a few.

“I am so grateful that I now know how to run Reiki on anyone and anything.  I ‘love’ that it heals the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and you can use it on any animal, with their permission of course.  Josslyn is such a great teacher and person.  She has taught me so much today and that makes me happy.”  A.C. age 12 1/2

Favorite Part

To my surprise, a few of them said that the meditation was their favorite part of class.  I guess I thought the Reiki on animals or the diving rods would be their favorite part, but they really liked going into their minds and seeing what they ‘saw’ there.  That impressed me.  These teens proved to be deep and introspective when they shared what they saw in their meditations.  They were also very good at visualizing even with little or no prior experience.  Most of them asked to do more long meditations in the future at Reiki circle.

“I am grateful to be able to have this experience.  What I like most about Reiki is that it is an infinite Source, that is very reassuring.”  J.D. Age 14

Mandy’s Favorite Part

The feeling seemed to be mutual, Mandy loved the kids and the kids loved doing Reiki on Mandy.  She couldn't seem to get enough of it.
The feeling seemed to be mutual, Mandy loved the kids and the kids loved doing Reiki on Mandy. She couldn’t seem to get enough of it. (Photo by Josslyn Streett, please link if used.)

I can tell you for sure, our dog Mandy’s favorite part of class was when all the kids did Reiki on her for practice.  Mandy does love to be the pet example for animal Reiki classes.  She basks in it and soaks it up.  The teens also worked on our cat Cosmo but that was before I remembered to get the camera out and take photos.

Mandy kept moving around to show us where she wanted us to do Reiki on her.
Mandy kept moving around to show us where she wanted us to do Reiki on her.  (Photo by Josslyn Streett, please link if used.)

I have found that after taking a Reiki class, kids tend to do Reiki most on their pets.  Unless they are encouraged by their parents, the children are a little more shy about doing Reiki on other people.  Even in class this seemed foreign to them, touching others in this new way.  This may take more help from their parents.  I like to encourage and help them along in it, not force them.  Working on pets is a beautiful gift to them and their pets.  If that is all they want to do with their Reiki, I’d say that is a whole lot.  But, I have also found that if I am truly hurting or in pain in some way and I ask my kids to do Reiki on me, they jump to any chance to be able to help me feel better.  If your kids have Reiki in their hands, ask them for help to feel better.  What a wonderful gift they are giving you, and what a wonderful gift you are giving them as well.

A BIG THANK YOU to all my Reiki kids and their families for supporting them in their Reiki adventure.  I’m so grateful for all of you!!

In Love and Light of our Divine Source,


360-460-7829 or

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Reiki for Depression

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

This information is NOT for medical use and should never take the place of medical care.  If you suffer from depression or symptoms of depression please see a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (or your doctor) as soon as possible.  Naturopathic Doctors are medical doctors who use only natural medicines to heal.

Lemon Balm is an herb known to help moods.
Lemon balm is a favorite for herbalists treating symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

Reiki for Depression

Something I have difficulty writing about and therefore do it rarely is my history of depression.  I’m very open with people in person, with friends and clients alike, but putting it into the written word in a blog is a whole other thing for me.  I feel much more vulnerable writing to people I don’t know out in cyber space.  Where some people may feel safer doing it this way, faceless to some extent, I don’t.  My fear of judgement comes up and reminds me that I’m still working on that particular issue.  I’ve written a bit about me having depression in the ‘My Story’ section of my website.   And that was quite difficult for me to write about then and took the longest of all the sections for me to finish.  Divine Spirit helped me with that just as they are helping me with this one today.

Writing Because I’m Guided to Do So

For some reason Spirit is guiding me at this time to write more about it.  Maybe because it’s the holiday season which is often very difficult for many people who suffer from depression, maybe because it’s been a particularly difficult week for me needing to cry very badly and not being able to until today when it all came pouring out rather quickly.  And then I suddenly felt the need to write about it for the first time, and then cry some more.  Divine Source always has a plan and I have found, even though I am quite rebellious, it’s best to simply trust and have faith that there is a divine reason and just go with it.  So here goes, me going with the flow once again, despite my fears and possible consequences, writing about my personal history of depression and how to heal yourself with the help of Reiki.

Lavender is also an herb used to calm people's moods.
Lavender is  used in the 21st century mostly for its sedative qualities.  It calms the entire nervous system, relaxes the muscles helps with headaches and muscle cramps.

A Bit O History

Passion Flower is a flower known to help alleviate depression symptoms.
Passion Flower is known to help alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms and helps to calm the body.

I’ve ‘suffered’ through depression most of my life although it wasn’t recognized until I was an adult.   I’m the kind of person that always tries to put on a happy face in public or I don’t go out.  So rarely do people really know what is going on with me, unless they pointedly ask.  This is common I have found with a lot of people with depression, the “suffer in silence” routine.  We get very good at acting when we don’t believe ourselves to be actors at all.  It’s important to know this about people with depression in case you know someone, love someone who has it.  I’m not going to go into why we do this right now, this blog isn’t about that.  But, it is sometimes hard to tell when people you love are suffering when they don’t feel safe to discuss it.  I’m grateful that I have so many people I do feel safe with whom I can talk with.  Those friends and my husband and kids have literally gotten me thorough this alive and will continue to because they not only love me, they understand me and take the time to do that.  They take the time, a whole lot of time to listen, not give advice, not judge, just listen and love me.  They are amazing and I’m so incredibly grateful for them.

Stigma of Depression

Lemon Verbena with a light pink flower has been one of my favorites since the Little House on the Prairie shows
The cool and refreshing fragrance of lemon verbena increases energy, relieves fatigue and overcomes feelings of apathy, disinterest and listlessness.  These characteristics make Lemon Verbena the ideal choice for use on dull, overcast days at the office or hot, humid days in mid-summer and any other time when the weather and other conditions discourage productivity.

I’d like to get something straight.  Something that medical doctors will not talk about because most of them do not know or acknowledge.  Depression is NOT just a mental or emotional disease.  There should be no stigma to it.  It is not just someone who is way too sensitive and can’t control themselves emotionally.  Depression exists on all levels of the body, emotional yes, mental yes, but it is also a disease of spirit, therefore it also exists on the spiritual AND the physical level too.  Pretty much like any other disease someone could have, like for instance diabetes or heart disease.  They are all disease of the spirit first and foremost, then they work their way into our other spiritual body levels from there.  All disease works this way so there is no reason to judge (there’s that word again) anyone who has disease of any kind because we are all struggling with something.   We are the same in that we are all spiritual beings in human form working hard at learning difficult lessons of the spirit.  Quite often, disease is a very fast way for us to learn these lessons.  That is it’s purpose.  (Plus, sometimes it helps burn off old karma.  But that’s another blog.)

Medical Doctors, Don’t Get Me Started

Yellow hibiscus
Yellow hibiscus aids in decreased depression and mood swings. The minerals and vitamins in hibiscus tea can contribute to a more positive frame of mind and calming of the nervous system.

I saw many, many different medical experts who could not figure me out.  One after another they would pass me around trying to figure out why I wouldn’t respond to the drugs they were peddling.  Why they couldn’t FIX me.  They tried me on each and every depression med they had including bipolar medications. “Hey I didn’t respond to the depression meds,  I must be bipolar right?”  I was their guinea pig and I didn’t, at the time, know any better.  ALL of the medications gave me such severe side effects that I couldn’t safely take them.  My body was simply too sensitive for any man-made medications, but I didn’t know that at the time.  Plus, their drugs were only treating one symptom, , one level of my body, not getting close to treating the cause.  Truly no one seemed at all worried about finding the cause.  Those doctors gave up on me. I didn’t fit in their box. They said I was permanently disabled and could not work or be of use to society, and I believed them and sometimes still do.  Some days, on days like today, I feel like they were right.  But, they aren’t.  I know that deep down.  And, it’s up to me (and my soul mate friends and family) to remind me of that, over and over again until my subconscious mind believes it one day.

A Gift

Those doctors giving up on me was the best thing that ever happened to me.   Although at the time I felt totally left alone on the edge of a cliff.  When I felt I had no other options, no other alternatives at all, I was then able to open up to concepts I had never considered.  This is when most clients come to me as a Reiki practitioner too, when nothing else has worked and they feel they are out of possibilities.  Suddenly healing with hands isn’t so crazy any more.  Right?  I’m chuckling here because I was no different.  It is part of the process that we must go through in order to open our “box”, our mind to new possibilities, new beliefs.  Through the process I found alternative medicine.  Alternative doctors who listened and were willing to experiment and try new things with me.  And I found Reiki.

Sensitivities Can Be Blessings in Disguise

Orange roses
The rose has an uplifting restoring, and calming effect on the nervous system, lifts depression, dispels mental and physical fatigue, and soothes irritability, grief, and anger; the essential oil can also be used for depression, especially that caused by lack of love or intimacy in one’s life.

In my case, my body is still so challenging that it takes a pretty large team of alternative practitioners to work with me on a monthly basis to keep me balanced and functioning.  I sometimes forget that this way of life is not normal for some because I’ve been doing it for so long.  But for me listening to and working with my body on a daily, sometimes hourly basis is normal and a must.  Yes, part of my sensitivities also give me my wonderful gifts of intuitive ability, compassion and understand, and my ability to run a whole lot of Reiki energy to heal others.

Hang in There We Are Almost There……….

Reiki for Depression

I have no studies to show you to prove what I’m going to say but only my own personal experience.  These are my opinions from what I’ve learned though my years of working with Reiki for my depression.

When I first started seeing natural doctors, Naturopaths, they did all sorts of tests on me too, just like the medical doctors.  I had one tell me that my serotonin levels were non-existent.  She was amazed I was functioning at all, and told me this.  I could see the shock on her face that I was sitting in front of her and her knowing that I had an active, a mom, a healer and rewarding life much of the time.  She came right out and said that she was literally shocked that I wasn’t in an insane asylum with levels so low.  “Do they still have those?  Damn I thought, seriously?!”  At the time I didn’t consider myself very functioning, although I was a full-time mom at this point with two very young little boys and doing my best.  (I have very high expectations) She asked what I did to keep myself so healthy considering what I was dealing with physically.  I told her besides my overtly healthy diet, that I also did a lot of meditation and Reiki.  She told me to keep it up and put me on some natural neurotransmitters to help support my brain function.  They help so much.

Puzzle Pieces to Healing Depression

Red valerian
Valerian, or Valeriana officinalis, is a plant root that is either ground into a powder or pressed into a liquid and used to treat depression naturally.  Valerian has been used to treat symptoms of depression as well as minor aches and pains, mild tremors, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, nervous asthma, hysteria, excitability and even phobias.  As always it is imperative to consult with a licensed health professional before embarking on any herbal regimen.  I truly believe this and do it myself.

Since then my naturopaths have pieced together different puzzle pieces that contribute to the physical portion of the depression.  I tell you here only in case it helps someone out there to look at their depression puzzle pieces.  Maybe you have a similar one to me that no doctor has looked at yet.  Also, I tell you simply so you know without a doubt that I have been through this and can help you though the process as well.  Here is a great book on the subject, “feeling fat, fuzzy, or frazzled?” by Richard Shames, M.D. and Karilee Shames, Ph.D., R.N. also authors of “Thyroid Power.”

The Physical Run Down

I have severe hormone imbalances that I’ve had all my life, not at all connected to menopause, a thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s where your body basically attacks itself and of course my body produces very little if any of its own serotonin and other neurotransmitters.  Oh yeah, lets not forget the adrenal fatigue from the stress of it all.  That is a simplistic look at it.  There’s more but that’s the basic gist.  My body is in a constant state of change, like anyones, but mine seems to be much more sensitive and can get out of balance at the slightest tilt.  I feel like I’m standing on a board, on top of a ball and I have to stay balanced there like that every day juggling kids, pets, husband, work/hobby, public school, crazy diet, housework, neighbors and so much, so much more.

An excellent book about healing these symptoms naturally.  Hormone, thyroid and neurotransmitter imbalances.
An excellent book about healing these symptoms naturally. Hormone, thyroid and neurotransmitter imbalances.

How does Reiki help these?  How can Reiki help your depression or that of someone you love?  Stay with me a bit longer, we are getting to that most important of answers.

HOW Can Reiki Help Depression?

Reiki for me has helped me in every way it can.  Reiki heals on all levels, all at once; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.  Reiki is Divinely Guided Life Force Energy so it has intelligence and knows where it needs to go to help you the most AND at a pace you can handle.  It never works on anything you aren’t ready to work on.


On the spiritual level Reiki is working on my past lives, healing those that may have created the karma that causes me to have depression in this life.  Reiki has also helped me to heal my issues that I had with God and Jesus and other religious figures that have been contributing to my fears in this life.  One at a time, a little at a time, Reiki helps dissolve the fears, the karma that I brought with me into this life in order to learn from it.  This is very powerful and deep healing work that gets to the SOURCE and takes time.  Stick with it.  Never give up.


On the physical levels Reiki lowers my blood pressure, calms me down and supports my body in any way that it may need it.  It can’t make serotonin for me but it helps my body to function better without it or function better so that my body can make serotonin for itself.  This I truly believe.  I have no proof, it’s just something I feel happening.  If my body is too stressed in other areas it won’t have the energy to finish all the building blocks in my brain that I need.  Reiki also helps my body to handle the sensitivities that my physical body has, allergies to new things like electromagnetic energy.  Reiki also helps me to cleanse and detoxify my quite often toxic system, letting go of what doesn’t serve me.  Letting go for some people is harder than others.  The people who have a hard time letting go tend to be more stressed, more over weight and more likely to get disease sooner.  Reiki helps to keep your physical body in balance so these are less likely to happen.


On the mental level Reiki helps me to reframe the old recordings that are playing in my head that contribute to the depression, such as, “I’m not worthy of being healthy or a healer” or “It’s safer if I’m sick”, “It’s not safe to let go of stuff” or “I’m not lovable.”  There are thousands of scripts in our head that we either learn from childhood or even bring with us from other life times until we learn what we need to learn from them and change them.  Reiki can help us first to identify them and second to change them into healthier scripts.


You just know that puppies are good for people with depression.  When I was going through my first serious depression I got two puppies and they were my best friends and got me though many very difficult times.  Get a pet and allow it to love you the way you deserve to be loved.
You just know that puppies are good for people with depression. When I was going through my first serious depression I got two puppies and they were my best friends and got me though many very difficult times. Get a pet and allow it to love you the way you deserve to be loved.

On this level Reiki has helped me to feel calmer when I need it.  Reiki helps me to feel more balanced at times like today when I needed to balance out the emotions that were being created inside of me by the physical imbalance.  Reiki supports you in whatever way you need to get that balance back in your bodies.  Today I needed to cry, a lot, to get the emotions and chemicals out of my physical body.  I also needed to write about it, to share it or not.  I needed to get it out into words so Reiki is helping me to do that as well.  Reiki has become such an integral part of my life that it’s pretty much automatic for me to invite in the Reiki energy to help me when I’m upset, just like praying is for religious people.  This is my way of talking to my Divine and inviting the healing energy in to help me.  And it comes in exactly the way I need it most.  It comes and heals me.  And then, I say Thank You God!  Thank you Reiki!

“Patience is a Virtue, but darn does it have to take so long!”

Be patient.  Reiki helps me with this a great deal because patience does not come easy to me.  The healing process for many is a journey of discovery and learning.  A journey can take a long time.  Enjoy life as much as you can while you are going through the healing process.  Live your life as much as you can in between the difficult days.  If I waited until I was completely healed of depression before becoming a ‘healer’ I’d never be a healer.  You do your best, every day.  Do your meditation and Reiki every day and live your life in between and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up searching for your puzzle pieces to health and wellbeing. And when you need a friend to talk to, be your own best friend, call a friend who will listen or call a Reiki healer like me and let us help you.  You know I will understand.  I’ve been though much the same and can relate and be compassionate.  But, I can also see your beautiful and healthy soul and help you to know how to get to that place.

This life is a gift no matter what.  Never give up.

Love and Light to you all,


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Joss’ Thoughts – Cold and Flu Season?

A great number of friends are getting sick lately, colds, flu, stomach flu, etc.  It’s easy to say “It’s cold and flu season, this is normal.”  Maybe, maybe not.  Lets not forget that physical symptoms of disease usually are just a symptom of emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease first.

In between naps and fb, sit with yourself and your body and ask your body what it needs.  Listen to it and then trust it enough to DO what it says.

My body has been needing a great deal of “ME TIME!”  This is difficult for many moms especially working moms.  So, I’ve been NOT doing other things that can be cut out and spending time meditating, taking Reiki baths, sitting with my stones and crystals, reading, watching my favorite Jane Austin movies and preparing for Christmas early.  This is hard for me to do with my ‘to do’ list growing for work, home and family.  But it is what my body, mind and spirit need right now.  So, the hard part, LISTEN.  Listen to it and DO what you can do to help you feel better.  Then healing will take place.  If that isn’t enough, maybe you need some Reiki.  Most Reiki practitioners work long distance, so no matter where you are, Reiki can get to you.  Even if you are home sick in bed.  Reiki can help you heal the spiritual, emotional and mental part faster and easier so that then the physical body will follow.

Love and Light to you all, Josslyn