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Joss’ Thoughts – Cold and Flu Season?

A great number of friends are getting sick lately, colds, flu, stomach flu, etc.  It’s easy to say “It’s cold and flu season, this is normal.”  Maybe, maybe not.  Lets not forget that physical symptoms of disease usually are just a symptom of emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease first.

In between naps and fb, sit with yourself and your body and ask your body what it needs.  Listen to it and then trust it enough to DO what it says.

My body has been needing a great deal of “ME TIME!”  This is difficult for many moms especially working moms.  So, I’ve been NOT doing other things that can be cut out and spending time meditating, taking Reiki baths, sitting with my stones and crystals, reading, watching my favorite Jane Austin movies and preparing for Christmas early.  This is hard for me to do with my ‘to do’ list growing for work, home and family.  But it is what my body, mind and spirit need right now.  So, the hard part, LISTEN.  Listen to it and DO what you can do to help you feel better.  Then healing will take place.  If that isn’t enough, maybe you need some Reiki.  Most Reiki practitioners work long distance, so no matter where you are, Reiki can get to you.  Even if you are home sick in bed.  Reiki can help you heal the spiritual, emotional and mental part faster and easier so that then the physical body will follow.

Love and Light to you all, Josslyn

4 thoughts on “Joss’ Thoughts – Cold and Flu Season?

  1. Good for you for taking YOU time. I know it’s a challenge with your busy schedule but so necessary for those adrenals to do their job. I know you’ll be feeling spunky in time for TK since it’s right around the corner. Hugs and love to you!!

  2. Thanks Candia for reading and all you do to be my healer. A BIG job it is. LOL. I’m so grateful for you. Yes, I’m getting very excited about the holidays and want them to be special as we will all be home this year. Love and Light to you.

  3. I am really glad you are taking care of yourself this way.

  4. Thanks Carol! Me too! I pray you are taking care of yourself too. Don’t forget to do Reiki on yourself as well as others.

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