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Reiki Quick Tip – Reiki Your Grocery Cart

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

I was in the grocery store with my son, waiting in a larger than usual line and I thought, “Wow, I could just Reiki all my groceries right here, right now and it’s done!”  Brainstorm!  Why didn’t I think of this before?  It’s very simple, where else do you have all your groceries all in one place and a little extra time to work on them? (My kids are older, this may be more difficult for those of you with young active children.  Get them involved and have them HELP you Reiki your groceries.  Never too young to start doing Reiki.)

Grocery cart, bag, whatever your groceries are in, Reiki them.
Grocery cart, bag, whatever your groceries are in, Reiki them.


You might say “Why Josslyn, would I want to Reiki my groceries?”  Good question.  Reiki makes your food healthier and more energized with Life Force Energy!  That’s why!

How do I know this you ask?  I have tested food with muscle testing and divining rods with my Reiki Kids group and got very specific results.  When we did Reiki on food that was not organic, the energy field of the food doubled in almost every case and in many cases equaled the organic food.  We had the same results when we prayed over the food.  When we did Reiki on the organic food, the energy field stayed the same or changed too slightly to tell.  It was already strong and healthy and full of life force energy.  When we did Reiki on McDonald’s food it helped the energy field a small amount.  But, the McDonald’s food started with NO energy at all.  It was totally unreadable with divining rods at all.  So starting with nothing, Reiki improved it some to at least make it have some life force energy.  Not worth eating though so we threw it away.  But, in some cases fast food may be the only choice available.  Hopefully not very often, but even I partake every now and then.  It’s good to know Reiki will help even this food a little bit.


Anyway, in every case, the Reiki improved the energy field of the food significantly.  Big time scientific?  NO, but good enough for me and the kids to understand that Reiki helps our food to be healthier for us and more energized.

Put Love and Intention In the Food You Make

I often Reiki the food I’m making for my family knowing that this is adding to the nutritional value of the food for the people I love the most.  But, lets face it, life is busy and sometimes we forget.  I usually catch this with prayers at the dinner table.  If we eat out I quietly put my hands over my food and while others are talking and distracted I Reiki my food before I eat or I’ll say a quiet prayer beforehand.  But, still sometimes a meal will slip through the cracks of modern active life.  If we remember to do Reiki on our groceries while waiting in line, then we know it’s done and even if we forget at the dinner table or while preparing a meal, we know the food has Reiki energy flowing through it.  For me, it’s like a Reiki insurance policy.

Reiki the food in your cupboards, your refrigerator, on your table for a big meal, etc.  You get the idea. Reiki ALL your food!!


This is how I Reiki my groceries.  As always, this is just one way, not the only way. Get creative and find what works and feels right for you.  Since this is a public place and many of us prefer to be incognito, I do the Gassho in my head.  Reiki is all about intention, intend for the Reiki to go to your groceries and it will.

  1. I lean on my cart with my forearms and my hands hanging over the groceries.
  2. Close my eyes and mentally/intentionally invoke the Reiki as if I were in the prayer position or the Gassho.  Next, ask Divine to send down my Reiki guides to help me.  I never do any spiritual work without my Reiki guides to help.
  3. Let the Reiki flow with intention.  You can visualize the Reiki flowing into the groceries, send Reiki symbols into the groceries through your hands or through your eyes.  You can chant the Reiki symbols in your head with the intention that they are flowing out your hands and into your groceries.  Set an intention of the healthiest food possible, delicious and nutritious, or whatever positive intention works for your family.
  4. Reiki your food until it’s your turn to load the groceries onto the belt or give them to the cashier.
  5. Thank the Reiki and your guides!


Taste a locally grown Nash's Organic Produce carrot and I believe you will be moving to the Olympic Peninsula just to eat their produce all the time.  We did.  My kids tell me while we are eating dinner "This is a Nash's carrot, isn't it!? I can tell!"  They taste alive and amazing.
Taste a locally grown Nash’s Organic Produce carrot and I believe you will be moving to the Olympic Peninsula just to eat their produce all the time. We did. My kids tell me while we are eating dinner “This is a Nash’s carrot, isn’t it!? I can tell!” They taste alive and amazing.  Like no other carrot I’ve ever eaten before.

Now, I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has an abundance of local organic produce and meats.  I now know how real food tastes.  I do believe the Reiki helps the food to taste better too.   But I have to say, buying local and organic is truly the way to get the best tasting and healthiest food ever. Yes, totally MY opinion.

But, life is as it is, our food has been tainted in many ways, even the air it grows in is not organic, so nothing is 100% clean, thus the Reiki Food Insurance Policy.  Reiki your food!!  Do it for a month and see how you feel about your food afterwards.  Feel if your relationship with food has changed, your calmness at meal times or your desire for healthier foods.  I’ll be interested in hearing how that experiment goes.  At the least you add more spiritual practice to your life and your eating and that is always a good thing.

Blessings to all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

9 thoughts on “Reiki Quick Tip – Reiki Your Grocery Cart

  1. Such a great idea! What is your technique for this? I may try Hara breathing so as to not get odd stares and do the Cho Ku Rei & Sei He Ki with my tongue on the roof of my mouth. I am definitely going to have to try this one! Thanks and TGIF! 🙂

  2. Oooh I keep forgetting I can reiki my food! I will try this experienent. I’m so glad I found your blog when I really needed it!!!! Thanks for being here!

  3. Thanks Derek, glad this helped. I simply place my hands over the cart, kind of leaning on the cart. I close my eyes for a minute and invoke the Reiki mentally like I normally would in the prayer position or the Gassho. Then just let the Reiki flow. Yes you can draw the symbols on the roof of your mouth, that is always a nice indiscreet way of getting the Reiki flowing. You can also just chant the symbols in your head with the intention that the Reiki is flowing our your hands and to your groceries. You can visualize the symbols or the Reiki flowing to the groceries. Get creative, there is no right or wrong way, just do it and have fun with it. Thanks for reading, Joss

  4. Thanks Tacey for reading, so nice to have you in our little Reiki community. I almost didn’t write this blog thinking that anyone could think of this, but then my guides encouraged me to go ahead with it. It’s easy to forget some of the great ways to use our Reiki energy when we get caught up in the business of every day life. Reminders always help me, so I’m grateful it was helpful to you. Testing the food before and after Reiki was a great reminder to me and solidified how important it is to Reiki our food every time. I now do it at every meal. So glad to have you with us. Keep the comments coming and let me know if you have any questions or blogs you’d like to see. Blessings, Joss

  5. Derek, thanks to your question I believe I will add the HOW into the blog. Thanks so much for contributing. Love and LIght to you, Joss

  6. Josslyn, Great blog! I so agree with you and is even more important to remember when we are under times of stress, as extra energy will really help lift our vitality. Great reminder! While reading your article I could just the bright light energy streaming from your hands into the grocery cart. What a wonderful visual!

  7. Just ‘See’……

  8. Thanks Candia, nice to have you back with us. Have missed you and your blogs. Blessings to you every single day.

  9. Thank-you, I always really love reading what you have to write and share. Blessings! And happy week’s end. It’s almost here!

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