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Reiki Lost and Found

By my husband, Robert, writing as a guest writer about his real life shoe finding incident for Rain Shadow Reiki

To read the first article Josslyn Streett wrote, “Using Reiki to find lost objects.”

Reiki Lost and Found

“In front of our house we have a 10 foot wide by 50 feet long patch of juniper bushes that came with the house. I’m not a fan of junipers, one reason being they “eat” things! Baseballs, squirt guns, toys of all kinds…and shoes! In true “Little shop of horrors fashion” our junipers “ate” a neighbor boy’s shoe last night.

Under the noon glow of the pacific north-west overcast sky, half a dozen of the boys and I climbed into, over and through the whole patch. We lifted, tugged and pulled on branches. We stuck our heads under the top layers and peered into the nether regions the sun had long ago forgot. We looked and looked for 30 minutes, covering every square foot (or so we thought). When we were convinced the lost shoe was not in the bushes, we looked around the rest of the yard. This too revealed nothing so I turned back to the dreaded bushes.

Robert scanning the juinpers with Reiki running  for the shoe.
Robert scanning the junipers with Reiki running.

When I still couldn’t find it I decided to do a “Reiki scan” of the bushes, much like I do when performing Reiki on a person. I set my intention to find the object as I slowly walked the length of the bushes, using my hands to direct the Reiki and “pick up” on what area to look in. After walking half the length of bushes, I had an ‘knowing’ that my hands were over the area, but continued until I was ¾ of the way to the end. The “scent” had gone cold and I could tell it wasn’t at that end. I turned around and went back to the area, roughly half way, that I had stopped at before. I looked around, then feeling this was the right spot, I reached in and moved one branch to find the shoe lying there!

Reiki Success!!”

Reiki makes each and every part of our lives more successful, we simply have to work with it regularly for it to have an impact on our lives.

Love and Light to all of you reading,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

To read the first blog by Josslyn Streett on HOW TO use Reiki energy to Find Lost Objects click on the link. or 360-460-7829

8 thoughts on “Reiki Lost and Found

  1. This is a very good reminder that I can use Reiki to find what is lost. I wonder if it can help me find my will to finish my book, clean my house, and finish the illustrations for my book. Spirit is calling me to finish the book. It may never be published, but at least I am speaking truth to power. I guess the most important thing of me is to “find spirit” and let myself be spirit filled.

  2. Yes Ellen, Reiki can help with all those things in your life. It can help with everything. Get in your Gassho and ask Divine Source to run the Reiki through you filing each and every cell. Then imagine and visualize this happening. Give it a color to help the visual. Then imagine and intend that the Reiki is flowing out of all your skin pours and you are glowing as the Reiki fills your whole auric field. Then ask or intend Divine to help motivate you to finish your book or whatever project is most important to you. Then follow your inner guidance. Maybe you need to do something else first? Do that. Do what guidance tells you and you will get there. You can also call on Archangel Gabriel, he/she is great in helping people who are procrastinating. There is a reason why you are procrastinating, run the Reiki from your hands on your head and ask for enlightenment on where the procrastination is coming from and how to heal it. The Reiki will guide you. Love and Light to you my dear, Joss

  3. Thanks Robert for using Reiki in service to your neighbor…a wonderful teaching moment for you both. Reiki is such an empowering tool to have in your “belt.” And thank you Joss, for mentioning other ways of using Reiki’s energy.

  4. Thanks Pat, I always appreciate your input. I like to show people through experience that Reiki can be a part of your life every moment. For me it is my spiritual base to a very loving life with Divine Source at the core. Lots of Love to you!

  5. Ha Ha! Thank you, Robert for being patient enough to find my son’s shoe. You’re awesome!

  6. …and so is Reiki. 😉

  7. This is a greaat blog

    1. Thank you Blaine

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