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Just for Fun- Practicing with your Intuition with Signs

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Reader of Rain Shadow Reiki

Just For Fun – Practicing Your Intuition – With Signs

Hey, lets lighten things up a bit….

Do you ever read road signs the ‘wrong’ way and think, “Hmmm, my way made more sense.”  I do this often.  Sometimes you don’t know right away if the way you read the sign makes more sense or now, you just have to trust your intuition. Trust and remember, this is all for fun and practice.  Do not take it too seriously or you are not doing it right.

Which voice do I listen to?

Reading Billboards

There is a huge billboard I pass every time I drive from Sequim to the neighboring town of Port Angeles.  The billboard is for an insurance agency in town.  Even though I know it’s there I forget and as I drive by I read it the same every time, quite subconsciously I’m sure.  The sign says “You are a neighbor, not a number.” But, no matter how much I know that is what it says, I still read it as “You are a number.”  Hmmmmm, what is my mind telling me?  To me my mind is telling me NOT to go to this particular insurance agents or maybe it’s a message about ALL insurance agents.  Probably not all because I’ve had many agents I liked very much and didn’t feel like a number.  So, I have to go with my gut and TRUST that this particular agency is simply NOT for me.

I read this as “Car accident, who cares?”

Dig Deeper

Maybe it’s telling me I feel like a ‘number’ in some other way and I need to look into that subconsciously.  Ask the questions.  “Why do I feel like a number?” or “Where in my life do I feel like a number, not a valued person?”  The right questions will help get you to what needs to be worked on with Reiki.

This may seem trite to many but to me it is a normal and every day occurrence of living with my brain and my intuition.  And, really, what have we got to lose by trusting the message in any way it comes?  Not much.  There are plenty of other insurance agencies out there to choose from.  Avoiding this particular one is pretty easy.  Or, it could bring me to something within me that needs healing and I wasn’t consciously aware of it until reading the sign. Things to think about.  The key is to think about them and not just brush them away.

My twelve-year-old son who was looking at billboard messages with me said he read this as “Your haircut couldn’t be worse!”

Bipolar Corn?

I was in the grocery store the other day.  I was pretty much done and just scanning the area to see if there was anything I missed.  With the juicing I do, I buy a lot of veggies.  Due to cost and availability I don’t always buy organic but make sure I Reiki my veggies or pray over them before I take them home.  (Another blog on that later).  So, I was scanning the veggies and read “Bipolar Corn!”  What?  Bipolar Corn?  I went back to reread it carefully and it said “Bicolor Corn” instead.  Hmmmm, it made me stop and think.  Corn is one of the biggest Genetically Modified crops in our country.  In my intuitive world, my mind is telling me no matter which veggies I buy not organic, DO NOT BUY THIS CORN!  So, easy enough to listen, I didn’t buy the corn.

This could have been a message about this particular corn, all non organic corn or just that my body does not want corn in general.  Whatever the message, I stopped to listen to my body.  That is what counts.

True or not True?

Does it really matter?  Not to me.  That’s the thing about intuition, unless you are going to do a full-blown numbers study, there is really no way to know for sure if these messages are accurate.  I just have learned over the years to trust mine and go with it as much as possible.  These are little things in my life that I choose to listen to because I don’t have much to lose if I don’t.  It’s an easy way to start listening to your intuition more and practicing on a daily basis.  Sometimes I like to do the opposite just to see what happens.  The rebel in me I guess.  Sometimes there are consequences and sometimes there are not, that I know of.  I don’t think I’ll risk it with that corn though.

The Rebel

FreewayTrafficNightOne specific time I remember NOT doing what my intuition told me to do was when I was living in the L.A. area.  It was after 10pm and I was driving home.  No traffic at all, I was flying along.  My intuition was telling me to go a different freeway than I normally go.  From where I was at I could have taken three different routes home.  Three different freeways.  This other freeway was out of my way a bit and I didn’t want to go that way.  So, I ignored my intuition and didn’t do it.  Sure enough, a few minutes past the interchange to the optional freeway, there was a traffic jam.  The freeway was jammed up due to an accident that had just recently happened.  As soon as I could, twenty minutes later,  I got off and took side streets home but it added easily forty to fifty minutes extra to my drive home rather than just an extra ten if I’d taken the intuitive freeway.  NOW I always go the way my intuition tells me to.  I learned my lesson.  O.K. maybe not always, I still have the rebellious streak.  And, the curious one too.  Sometimes I just want to see what will happen.  Never a dull moment either way.

Practice with your intuition and share ideas here as to HOW you do it and HOW to have fun with it.  Have you read any good signs lately?

Love and Light to you,


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  1. Fun blog today; love the happy message about staying alert and diligent to the signs we’re given regularly. I love it. Joss, thanks for sharing your positive message!!

  2. Thanks Candia, read yours and enjoyed it too. Off to a great start in 2013! Love to you! Thanks for reading.

  3. That was really an interesting blog, I enjoyed it. I never thought about some of those things before. Mom


  4. Good mom, I’m glad I was able to help you stretch your mind box. That is always worthwhile. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I’m working on a blog with dad in it. I think he’ll like it.

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