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Reiki to Filter Emotional Media

by Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Reiki Intuitive Reader/Healer for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA 

One of the things our Psychic Healer’s do here at Rain Shadow Reiki, is to safely and with Divine Guidance pull energy out of people’s body and aura that should’t be there.  Energy that is not theirs, energy that they picked up from others, from media, the spaces we walk through, etc.  

When “13 R3asons Why” came out on N3tflix years ago, we had a string of mothers of teens calling us to ask us what was going on with their teen after they watched the show.  Their teens were having very dramatic emotional issues all of a sudden and all they know was that they had watched that show.  The drama & trauma energy, emotional energy and more can leap off the screen and right into your aura.  If it is not cleared from the aura, then it eventually gets into the body and becomes dis-ease, emotional or mental anxiety, depression and more.  We can feel great, then watch a scary or dramatic movie and all of a sudden, we’re not feeling so great.  But, do we realize it’s the energy from the movie or T.V. program- most people have no idea.  Empaths often know, they just don’t know what to do about it.

I prefer vintage movies if I’m doing scary.

I’m an empath and I have had to pull the energy from all the scary movies I watched as a kid because they stayed with me.  Over time their effects may seem less and less to us because we become desensitized to the energy, but it is still harming us and piling up, one show on top of another.  

Many of us are that sensitive.  Many empaths can read an email and the emotional energy the person was feeling while they wrote it, jumps out of the computer and sticks onto us.  You might remember this happening some time and all of a sudden now you go – AH HA!! That’s what that was.


Every time I watch T.V., watch a movie, read a book, read email, scroll through FB, I use Reiki to put up a wall of Reiki between me and the screen and intend it all goes up to Reiki Source and that my personal space (aura) is Safe and Sacred.

Simple Reiki Hack for Media

  1. Ask Reiki to put a Reiki sheet in between you and the movie/show.  (You can do this for your family too, their soul will chose to take it or not.)
  2. Visualize it.
  3. Intend the energy from the show goes UP to Reiki Source.
  4. Intend Reiki comes down and fills you up while you watch.
  5. Intend your personal space is Safe & Sacred
  6. Enjoy the show.


These days I even do this with comedies.  You never know, even the comedies are meant to SHOCK you and get past your aura defenses.  But, they won’t get past Reiki.  (UNLESS, your soul needs to have a lesson, then you will have the lesson.  That’s just the way of the Universe and Free Will.)

If you like, write down a list of shows, movies and more that you feel has stayed with you too long and give us a call.  We can pull them and more that you don’t even think of.  We don’t need to be walking around with that energy mucking up our beautiful energy!!

Let me know if this helps anyone, I love hearing from you all,

These were scary when I was a kid. Now they’re just COOL!!

Love and Light,



Yes, we do one on one sessions via Zoom!!

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