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Soul Mates, Narcissists & God- OH MY!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Reader for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center

This weekend we had our first Psychic Slumber Party event, which was really all about LOVE!!   But under the guise of a slumber party, we were able to start the event with a lighter and airy and a little bit silly vibe,  so we could have some FUN right from the get-go.


Bren wore jewels on her face to feel inspired for the LOVE workshop. Beautiful!!

Again, my Divine Guidance told me to have this event and even when and for how long.  All of the events we have a Divinely Guided, but this one was planned very much in every aspect by my D.G. (Divine Guidance). 

Every event we have at Rain Shadow Reiki is first and foremost for healing, but we also have goals for: fun, enhancing our psychic abilities and community are very close seconds.  


Our workshops are ALL ENCOMPASSING, is how I describe them.  


Sharon wore all purple for her empowerment Goddess Avatar!!

Healing, expanding your intuition into psychic abilities, fun and community are wrapped up into everything we do.  So, if those are also on your list of goals, then we are here, doing it all on Zoom.  




We all choose Goddess Empowerment names to use throughout the day. As we grew and healed through the day we changed our names as we felt it. Helped with the FUN VIBE!!

In this event, the healing focus was on LOVE.  Releasing OLD love and bringing in NEW love.  That had different definitions for everyone involved.  Some attendees were manifesting best friends, roommates, romantic love, business partners, Divine Life Partners, etc.  We were as well releasing ‘old’ loves from this life or others; all of the above, plus more.  By first focusing on Love of Creator and Love of Self we will be able to love others more and better, as well.



After a meditation and some ThetaHealing to heal ourselves as babies in the womb, we easily moved into healing our ‘God’ issues, ‘Jesus’ issues, Ex issues and more, much more.  We healed marriages and did energetic divorces from all of our lives, we cleaned and cleared all cords and energies between us and the other relationships, healed beliefs that keep us in this revolving door of unhealthy relationships and finally brought in new and beautiful and loving emotions.  High Vibrational Emotions to enhance our ability to love, all encompassing.  That was a lot to do in 6 hours, but we did it and today, we rest.


Heather showing off her empowerment for love jewelry. The next day she told me this about the funshop, “After that energetic divorce I feel completely different, lighter, able to be free in the best way.”


We had a fabulous discussion about what a soul mate is, what we feel it is, and how they play as mirrors and healers in our lives.  This also helped in the manifesting portion of our workshop, to be very specific about what kind of soul mate we want to manifest in our lives.  There are a lot of ROMANTICIZED notions about soul mates from movies, New Age teachers, society and more.  D.G. likes to keep it real and focused on balance.  I prefer this perspective and many of my client’s do too.



In the cracks, we did fun stuff to keep the slumber party vibe going; we each took turns reading oracle cards, read how young children describe love (Totally adorable, inspirational and tear jerking all in one), showed off our tiaras, tattoos, crystals, PJ’s and more.  Plus we had some slumber party food prepared for us to enjoy.  All in All, we felt it was very much what we wanted and needed and we are planning to do another one in a few months.  YEAH!!  Same goal, LOVE, but, different healing opportunities.  I always have to mix it up, otherwise I get bored and so do you.

Jenn was channeling her inner animal whisperer with peacock images and animal totems near by.



OH Yeah, and we also talked about the magnetic draw of narcissists to empaths/HSP and how to heal ourselves of that.  And, very important, how to spot them, then how to handle it.  LOTS of good information with help from the beautiful and amazing Sica.  Then, of course,  we did healings for that connection as well.  That too will be continued, as it’s an ongoing theme throughout the lives of healers.


Lauren created a whole alter for love and also had a plant behind her which added to her hair adornment to look very inspiring and very cool.

Our goals here at Rain Shadow Reiki are to educate, teach and empower us as healers/psychics/empaths/Beautiful Reiki People!!  Oh yeah, and of course BRING IN FUN AND JOY, while we are DOING IT ALL!!

Love and Blessings to you all,

Pray to SEE YOU at an event soon.


**Rain Shadow Reiki events are still currently and will continue to be online for everyone around the country and more, to attend if you so choose.

**Josslyn, Ellen and Amber are also available for one on one psychic readings/healings as well as mentoring for psychic abilities, spiritual path, spirit guides, relationships, whatever you are moving forward in your life about, we can get D.G. for you and facilitate healing with you.  This is our passion, this is what we LOVE DOING!! $120 per hour

***Josslyn, Ellen, Amber – Reiki Master/Teachers/Psychic Readers/healers for Rain Shadow Reiki

***Bren, Susan, Molly, Margaret, Stephanie,  Deborah  – Reiki Master/Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki

***Heather  – Reiki Practitioner for Rain Shadow Reiki

Susan as Rainbow Dash


(More photos at the bottom)


“I’m excited!! I really feel different.  I feel lighter, I feel like the energetic divorce really worked.  I don’t feel tied to my ex’s like I did before.  I have done energetic divorce other times with other healers, but I just can’t get over how good I feel this time.  When you were doing the energetic divorce, I felt in my core, this heavy pressure and then this lightness, like I could float away but in a good way.  And, since then, I feel strong, I feel unstoppable, I feel like nothing is tying me down, nothing within me is keeping me from growing.  I just feel I had this tremendous release.  I’m really tired today and achy, but I feel like emotionally I’m on the top of the world.  And, I talked to the new person I’m dating after the Slumber Party and I feel like it was really helpful to have the workshop and then talk to them because I feel like I was able to have more regulation on my emotions.  It was great talking to them, fun and easy, no anxiety, but at the end of the conversation, I noticed how normally, with a good conversation with them, I just feel all this love and get in my head “Are they the one?” Then I get into overthinking, “Is this person the one?”.  But, last night, I had this clarity of, “I love this person, we have this great connection.” However, I was clear with my feelings.  It was just so clear, this person is not the one for me, they mean a lot, but, they just aren’t the one.  Then, you inspiring us to (DO the healing work) in class, with the new knowledge we had to know specifically what we want going forward, and knowing how to use the Reiki to help me, it’s hard to put into words, but I don’t feel this NEED, this heavy NEED.  And the need now it feels like it was based on belief systems and insecurities.  So basically it wasn’t even a need at all.  So, now having this clarity, I was able to release what I thought might be with this current person, and put it out there instead into the Universe.  Instead of letting it rest on one certain person, so it was a release of clarity and knowing that there is somebody that fits all the things I want, and I just feel so free.  Free from stuff.  The freedom is complete faith that that person will come, when they are supposed to come. I’m happy to wait, work on myself, and grow.  It just feels like, now, everything is ok, everything is exactly how it should be, and I don’t have to want, and be lonely.  It just feels good.  I just feel really different.  My heart is still so open and loving, but it feels stronger, more resilient, and more clear.   What a gift yesterday was.  I feel like I’m going to be soaking it up today and for a while.   Thank you, Thank you,Thank you.” H.B. from P.T. WA

“I tend to have intense, visceral, sometimes quite dramatic physical and emotional reactions to the powerful Reiki, Theta, and other healings I’ve done with Josslyn. That’s how I know they work! However her love-focused healings and clearings that were part of the Psychic Slumber Party resulted in a soft, gentle, and warm experience. It was actually a nice change from my usual internal fireworks! And I still absolutely know they worked (things have already started to shift in my life). I always appreciate how Josslyn combines depth with fun, and this was certainly a love-ly way to spend the day!
Inhale, exhale,”
S.S.  from Sequim, WA


We all have more room for love today!! Thank you all for being on this journey with me. Grateful.
Stef with her love wand.
Jenn with some of her manifesting treasures.
Her best manifesting treasure are her beloved pets. Squirrel pictured. She’s often with us in workshops. Nice thing about Zooming from home, our pets can be with us too.
Heather was wearing her Wonder Woman jammies for Goddess Empowerment!!


Oh, yes, we got silly!!
Susan pulled a fairy oracle card for the group.
Sharon pulled an oracle card for us too….
Stef was comfy and cozy with her heart pillow.

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