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Magic Wand Class Coming up……

Hello All Magical People,
This is unlike ANY other workshop we teach!!
Anyone is welcome to take this class, no prerequisite required.  This tool has helped me see and believe that healing is fast and easy!! We could all use some of that…..
This workshop is focused on using a healing tool from Twisted Sage, combined with Divine Love or Reiki, to help you be in vibrational resonance with EMFs, 5G, Wi-Fi, cell phones, any modern day technology that many of us Highly Sensitive People find draining.  
It also helps you clear your aura of negatively vibrating energies; such as entities, interdimensional beings and more. Working confidently with this tool is required for the Ignite the Light class where we learn to clear current and parallel life negative energies and entities from us, others and places. More information at the bottom of the email.   
WHEN:  THIS FRIDAY, February 3rd at 5:00pm to 8:30pm PST (We will start at 5pm for a wild ride!)
WHERE:  Online with Zoom OR in person at Rain Shadow Reiki, in the City of Sequim, WA 
COST:  $45  + (Wand is $68 + shipping for the wand)
Golden Fire and Light Wand from Twisted Sage
WAND: Twisted Sage Link:  Golden Fire & Light Wand  
IT DIDN’T COME IN TIME!!!: If you don’t get the wand in time for the class it’s o.k.  You can still take the class now and practice with your wand with visualization now and later with what you’ve learned.
MORE INFORMATION:  Energy Healing/Intuitive Work or read below the payment section…..
QUESTIONS: Call or email us at 360-460-7829 or 
Ways to Pay for All Events & Classes
Venmo address:  Josslyn Streett @Rain-Shadow-Reiki (2 factor ID is last 4 digits of phone #7829) Deduct $2 for discount.
* FB Messenger $ –    use name -Josslyn Streett (FB Messenger $ is very easy.  Find my name, Josslyn Streett, in Messenger.  Click on the $ sign and enter the event amount minus your $2 discount and it will be sent to us.  Easy Peasy.  (Limit of $300 per transaction.)
* Cash/Check PRIOR TO THE DAY OF CLASS  – email or call us for a mailing address or come by and give it to us or leave it in the blue pot and text us that it is there. Don’t forget to use your $2 discount! Please put in an envelope marked with your name, event and date. 
* Link to pay for Events: (Scroll down the page for the event you want to attend) No discounts.
*Square- credit cards- Tell us you want to use your credit card and we’ll send you an invoice or call and we’ll do it over the phone.  
* Donation Button:  This button can be used at any time to pay for events, classes or making donations. No discounts.
What If you could be in healing harmony with modern technology?!! 
Some people are boosted by modern technology, and some feel very drained and even in dis–ease by it.  Much of this has to do with who you are, your soul gifts and contracts, as well as your beliefs about technology.  But, we can also choose to raise our vibration, our beliefs and our emotions about technology and then it doesn’t affect us negatively. We have found, with this particular tool, it is much easier to create that world and live in it. And, FUN!!
This tool gives you energetic ways to create safe and sacred space around yourself, around technology, your home and more.  It creates safe and sacred space for the long term and works even if our focus is not on it daily. Plus, we can put safe and sacred space around cell towers, 5G towers, water towers, and whatever else you can think of to raise the vibration of and create healing energy from these technologies.  It’s quite amazing.  
We work with this energy for ourselves, our pets, our homes, cars, water in the home, schools, hospitals and much more.  THIS is a tool we can really help our whole community with, while also respecting the free will of everyone.  
This is a powerful workshop that you can take with you, and continue healing for anyone in your life who chooses it.  Reiki is not necessary to take this workshop.

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