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Expressing Feelings After ‘Waking Up”

Book Quote from “Reiki, The Legacy of Dr. Usui” and words by Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master of Rain Shadow Reiki

"Reiki, The Legacy of Dr. Usui by Frank Arjava Petter
“Reiki, The Legacy of Dr. Usui by Frank Arjava Petter

This morning I picked up one of my favorite ‘go to’ Reiki books, “Reiki, the Legacy of Dr. Usui” by Frank Arjava Petter and I read this passage.  It spoke to me, so I’m sharing it here praying it helps others as well.  I read this book over and over again and still find new passages that I wonder if I’ve ever read them before.  I know I have, and I got out of them what I needed then.  But, apparently, I needed them again.

Many people are ‘waking up’ from their denial dreamland for the first time.  People are experiencing feelings they haven’t felt before.  Knowing that these feelings are not good or bad is important.  They have a purpose. That purpose is to communicate that there is an imbalance in their system, their life, their body.  It is time to LISTEN to this communication and not push it down or label it as BAD.  I’m all about the HOW.  HOW do we do this new thing, listening to our emotions, that we have not done before.  I felt this passage from the book explained it well.

Expressing Feelings from “Reiki, the Legacy of Dr. Usui.” page 56

“I often heard my master Osho say that feelings must be brought to light in order for their purpose to become clear to us.  The purpose of so-called negative feelings should be brought to light so that they can heal and the so-called positive feelings so that their light can spread even further.

Expressing our feelings is a balancing act at the start.  Like tightrope-walkers on the circus rope, one tiny wrong movement to the left, right, upward, or downward is identical with falling into the depths.  It isn’t easy to share our feelings with someone close to us without pouring them over him and burying him beneath them.

The only way to learn how to gracefully express our own feelings is to practice doing so.  Because it is often more difficult to express our feelings to people close to us, it is best to start with ourselves.  Simply go for a walk or sit down alone in a quiet place and tell yourself how you feel about yourself.  Then tell yourself how you feel about a person close to you without passing any kind of judgment on your feelings.  There actually isn’t any difference between the so-called “good” and “bad” feelings.  The person who feels them is always the same!

When you have done this a few times, choose someone in whom you have total trust.  Ask her or him to simply listen to you and then unconditionally pour our your heart.  In a relationship, it often isn’t easy to be honest because we say that we don’t want to hurt the other person.  I think this is true only to a limited extent.  The rest of the truth is that we are afraid the other person would no longer love us if we express our feelings in their entirety.  I recommend that you enter into a pact with your partner that allows both parties to be unconditionally open and honest.

The simplest way is certainly just plain openness.  By constantly being honest, we disassociate increasingly from our feelings.  At the beginning, we may possibly swing from one extreme to the other like a pendulum and somewhat exaggerate the expression of emotions.  It will become increasingly easy to share the ‘negative’ feelings with time.  After a while, it then becomes possible to speak about our feelings as if they were someone else’s feelings.”

I have found this to be true.  The more I practice at this process, the more my feelings are not as extreme, I’m not as attached to them.  It’s like I’m looking at them as someone on a movie screen like I used to have my clients do in hypnotherapy, to gain distance from them.  Of course it’s harder at first and that is why it is helpful to have someone like me or a therapist or a very close friend to help you and guide you though it.  But after some practice and experience, believe me, it gets much easier.  Good luck, may Love and Light be with you during this process.  The most important part is to DO it and to PERSEVERE.  Stick with it no matter what.

“Reiki, The Legacy of Dr. Usui” is available for check out in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library.  Come and ‘check it out.”

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you’ve imagined!  As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler, solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness.”  

Henry David Thoreau

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Reboot My Life, Day 6 and 7 – ‘The Crying Games’

Ninth in a series of blogs written by Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki for her series on nutritional healing and juicing.

To catch up start with blog 1, A Sensitive System or search categories under Nutritional Healing.

The Crying Games

Crying is a healthy form of release, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Okay, so you’d think I would know what was coming.  You’d think since I’ve done this many times over, in different ways, but many cleanses, you think I’d know that this part would be here soon.  NOT.  (Yes, I still use that term to my friends chagrin)  There must be a part of me that goes into denial or forgets, like the pain of having a baby.  You have to forget or you’d never do it again, right!?  That’s how it is with the emotional cleanse part.  You have to forget that it happens and how bad it can get or you’d never do a cleanse again.  Day 6 and 7 provided for me the much-needed MASSIVE emotional cleansing.  It probably looks different for everybody.  In fact I know it does.

Easy Sailing vs. Typhoon

Tropical Typhoon Josslyn

My husband sails through a cleanse like nothing was ever changed.  No crying, no emotional roller coaster, no questioning ones whole life path, you get the picture.  We both went through the same cleanse after having our mercury out of our teeth with the same doctor, same supplements, similar amount of fillings removed.  With him he went right back to work with little or no side effects.  Me, I was an emotional basket case for a whole two weeks after, angry, crying anywhere and everywhere, laughing at inappropriate times, the whole deal.  It’s obvious, we are totally different beings, he and I.  And, that is why we balance each other out so well.  That is also why I call him my rock.  I need him for his stability of emotion and he needs me for my spirituality and empathy.  It works great for us, most of the time.

A Whole Lot of S*#t


So, here I am, pretty much sailing through this cleanse through day 5, only complaining a little bit (YES, JUST A LITTLE BIT!) about the amount of chopping, cooking and what not.  Day 6 hits like a Tsunami.   I was completely blindsided.  I was tired and a little low, but when it hit, it hit.  I never saw it coming.  All I needed was the right trigger.  What better trigger than your youngest son and some massive attitude in public.  That’s all it took.  I cried for two hours straight and then for another day and a half, off and on quite regularly.  I cried when I ran out of

Cat and Dog cuddling together

tissues, I cried when my ‘rock’ told me he wouldn’t be coming home from work again that night to stay and work on a project for the third night in a row, I cried when my cat wouldn’t cuddle with me but chose the dog instead and I cried when the U.S would lose a medal in the Olympic Games.  Lets just say, as my beautiful soul sister Stephanie put it, “You’re letting go of a whole lot of s*#t!”   Thank God she always magically calls me when I’m at my deepest darkest hour and can make me laugh and see things from a new perspective.  Yes, I agreed with her, yes I am, literally and figuratively, letting go of a lot of crap.

Trickle vs Flood

Too much Tsunami can ruin that peaceful feeling for sure, but it also can aid you in finding a higher place, a richer path to take.

When you do a cleanse as a spiritual ritual as I am,  you are not only cleansing your body, but your thoughts, emotions and spiritual energy as well.  Like with Reiki you are working on all levels at once, physical, mental, spiritual AND emotional.  ALL at the same time.  We sometimes forget this.  We may want to believe this will not happen but truly deep down we WANT it to happen.  There may not be another way to release this much emotion in such a short period of time.  Of course, it’s easy to say this NOW that I’ve come out the other side of the Typhoon and are in calm seas again.  Easy for me to say.  But, believe me, I wasn’t so happy about it while I was in the heart of the storm.  Some of this stuff has been with me my whole life, many lives.  My dreams lately tell this story too, dreams of my childhood, dreams that combine different time frames that I’ve been working on these very deep dark issues.  Believe me, someone who has lived with depression most of their lives, they have STUFF to release.

Typhoon Josslyn from above

Although we think we’d like these issues to trickle out at a nice slow tolerable pace a little at a time, sometimes, what is truly best may be a complete flood and be done with it.  It is more uncomfortable in the mean time but it is over and done more quickly.  I used to be the one who desired the trickle.  But, lately, I have so much I want to let go of so quickly, so much I want to leave behind, that I’m welcoming the Typhoon.  Bring it on.  Let the cleansing games begin.  I’m going for the gold!

East vs West

In Western culture emotions are considered unbalanced and even not healthy. This belief we learn from our society is not healthy. Emotions are a normal natural part of life. Listening to them is important, cleansing them, working with them to heal ourselves.

It has long been believed in Chinese Medicine that emotions are connected to the organs in the body.  This is in my opinion where Western Medicine lacks greatly in comparison.  NOT treating the emotional body, spiritual body and mental body along with the physical body is leaving out 3/4’s of the source of the problem.  HUGE mistake and in my opinion, quite daft.  And, the reason that millions of American’s are very chronically ill.  133 million Americans from a 2005 census, that is 1 out of every 2 adults ill with chronic illness.  If you are not shocked, you should be.

Truly Heal Yourself

When you cleanse your body with a fast, supplements, meditation, Reiki, acupuncture or any other cleansing method you choose (find a list below), you are cleansing not only your body but your emotions, mental and spiritual beliefs as well.  It makes sense that we would have symptoms of crying, negative thought loops, anxiety, fear and anger surfacing during the cleanse.  By allowing it to surface, not ignoring it, dealing with it, thanking it for teaching you what you needed to learn and releasing it, you are truly cleansing all four of your bodies as is needed for true ability to raise your vibration to the next level.  YOU ARE TRULY HEALING YOURSELF!  YOU ARE EVOLVING!

Reiki is incredibly relaxing and helps you and your body to RELEASE whatever it is ready to release. the cleansing and healing process can then begin.

You Ask, HOW?

There are many ways in which to cleanse and heal yourself.  Here is a list off of the top of my head.  Find what works best for YOU.  The important thing is to DO something and NEVER GIVE UP:

Artwork of a sweat lodge
  • Drum circles, music
  • Sweat lodge, sauna
  • Walk About
  • Energy Psychology, EFT, EMDR, NAET, NET , Brain Gym
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupressure
  • Supplements for cleanse, liver detox, etc.
  • Color Therapy and Sound Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Bathe, baptism, with anointed oils or epsom salts
  • Sage yourself in ritual form
  • Singing bowls

Any YOU can think of?  Any I’ve missed?  I’d love to hear from YOU as to what has worked best for your cleanses.  Please comment if you have any.  Please email me or comment here if you want to try something new but don’t know what.  I can help.

Love and Light to you all,

Blessings, Joss or 360-460-7828

Some good blogs about emotions and our body’s organs and how they relate

“Liver Balance Plus” from Pure Body Institute

My Personal Journey of Healing” How the liver effects chronic fatigue

Understand Emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine”

A poem I liked from Family Friend Poems by a teen named Joseph experiencing depression

The Wicked Path Of Destiny by teen joey experiencing depression

© Joseph
I walk the face of earth once more,
a mindless puppet, my strings are torn.
the creaky bones, the bad eyesight,
yet the chance to turn wrong to right.
wars-a-waging, old mans guilt,
the worlds now on more than just a tilt.
parents weeping, children slain,
bloody thoughts, fear will reign.
I look in the shadows, a creature did lurk,
he whispered to me, hiding a smirk.
“Thou shalt be killed if thee can’t find,
the demon lurking in thou mind.”
So off I ventured, to quench my thirst,
of corpses piled with hearts-a-burst.
And on that quest what did I see?
The Wicked Path Of Destiny