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Playing Spiritual Games Safely and for Fun!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Rain Shadow Reiki’s New Spiritual Community Activity!!  GNO!!

I’ve talked in the past about how my guides are telling me that now, at this time, it is vitally important to the healing of our people and our earth that we gather in local spiritual groups.  If people are not part of a church, then forming or finding a spiritual group is essential to our spiritual evolution.

The group of ladies in the family room who played Enchanted Spellboard, being photo bombed by my son.  LOL
The group of ladies in the family room who played Enchanted Spellboard, being photo bombed by my son in the background. LOL

We evolve faster and more easily when working closely with other spiritual people of like mind.  I have experienced this first hand in my own Reiki community and can see the direct effects in my own progression.  So, once again, especially if you’ve been getting your own messages to find other spiritual people close to you, JUST DO IT!!  It is not always easy meeting new people and working closely with others, but it is highly worthwhile.

Our Reiki Communities New Group — Meet Our Mystic Sisters!

My guides encouraged me to start a Ladies Night Out group to bring more fun to our small Reiki community.  GNO was my guides idea, but I liked it and got it going with our first group activity, GAME NIGHT!!

After playing some ‘get-to-know-you’ games and filling our tummies with delicious healthy food, we voted on a name for the group and Mystic Sisters won by a slim margin.  My guides gave me this name first so it doesn’t surprise me at all that it won the vote.  So our group is called the Mystic Sisters.  The sisterhood theme was a big one as 5 out of the 7 possible names we voted on, had sisters in it.

Playing Spiritual Games in a Safe Way

The group in the living room learning how to play the Psychic Circle game.  It helps to have one person taking notes and reading the book.  You can take turns doing this.
The group in the living room learning how to play the Psychic Circle game. It helps to have one person taking notes and reading the book. You can take turns doing this.

The spiritual part of our evening this month was to learn how to play spiritual divining games in a safe and accurate manner.  As a child, I had a higher knowing (not that I knew what a higher knowing was at that time) that Ouija Boards and other such games could be unsafe and possibly bring in darkness.  I still have this feeling and have not ever wanted to even touch one, let alone play with one.

However, I do not feel that all spiritual games are this way.  I feel the people who create the game and HOW it is played and instructed to be played makes a big difference.  I feel some games themselves are not safe and I feel it’s possible that the misguided usage of some of these games by people who didn’t know any better or possibly used them for dark needs have over time left an imprint of lower energy that isn’t what I want to be playing with.  Just my opinion/feeling.

The Enchanted Spellboard group, a lively group with more questions than time.
The Enchanted Spellboard group, a lively group with more questions than time.

So I searched for similar games that I could feel good about.  I quickly found a series of games made by a husband and wife psychic team who had the same idea as me; wanting beautiful spiritual divining games that were of Love and Light with very detailed instructions as to how to work with these kinds of games safely.  I found Psychic Circle, Enchanted Spellboard and the Truth Fairy games all by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.  I tried them out ahead of time with some friends and had lots of fun and felt the whole time surrounded and protected by Divine Love and Light.

Intention & Prayer is Everything in Energy

Of course, prior to starting the game, we brought in our Reiki (Gassho prayer of intention), sent Reiki to the games themselves, blessing them with the Power Symbol, cleansing them with the Mental/Emotional Symbol, and energizing them with Divine Energy with the Power Symbol again (CKR Sandwich).  We cleaned and energized ourselves the same way prior to this and then said a prayer of intention calling in the Highest and Most Sacred Order of Reiki Guides of Love and Light to be with us and guide us.

Setting Space

An arial view of the Psychic Circle game. And again, my 11 year old photo bombing us.
An aerial view of the Psychic Circle game. And again, my 11-year-old photo bombing us.

As the host and Reiki Master in the group, I also set space prior to everyone coming over.  This means I blessed, cleansed and energized the entire home before the event.  I do this before every  event at my home.  For each event I have a different intention depending upon what the purpose of the event is.  For game night, it was Fun, Joy and Sisterly Spiritual Love!  The ‘vibe’ in the room was definitely joyful!  I teach ways to do this, but that’s another blog.  (To be continued.)

Got Reiki?  NO

If you do not have Reiki you can still pray with all of these intentions, state them out loud for emphasis and KNOW and BELIEVE that you are surrounded by Divine and working with only guides and spirits who walk in the White Light of God, and you’ll be good to go.  Put your heart, some visualization, words and intention into this process.  Don’t rush through it, it’s important, take your time and FEEL the difference it makes.

Rebel Danger

What happens if you don’t do this?  Well, sometimes nothing.  But, sometimes, if your intentions are not strong and clear, or you forget to do them at all, lower vibrational spirits who do not have your best intentions in mind can bring in wrong or misleading information, silly or joking information or even dark information.  This is not only a waste of time and confusing, it can be dangerous as these spirits could attach to you and stick around.  Believe me, you do not want this.  They can wreak havoc with your life, your health, your sleep and attract more darkness into it.  (If you feel this has happened to you, I know a trusted healer who can help.  Call or email me for information.)

It is just too easy to say a prayer of intention and NOT end up with this kind of energy around you by being in a state of Love and Light and holding Divine close to your heart at all times.  Especially if you are playing these games with others, you owe it to them and yourself to do it safely.  O.k., lecture over.

It’s All In the Question

Arial view of the Enchanted Spellboard.
Ariel view of the Enchanted Spellboard.

With practice we found out that how you phrase your question is very important as well as having excitement and curious energy helps to bring in movement to the board faster and easier.  The more fun we had, the better it worked.  It was so much fun, some of the sisters wanted to play these games again next month.  Yep, it was cool!  At one point I asked if it would be in my highest good to go to Sedona this summer for my girlfriend’s birthday celebration.  The Psychic Circle board first went to GO and then landed on FIRE.  I laughed and said, “Ok, I can go, but it’s going to be very hot.”  When I told my friend this, she said that she’s a Leo and Leo is a FIRE sign.  Ok, two possible meanings.  Either way, Sedona is a good idea for me anytime.  No, I didn’t need the game to tell me that, my intuition is pretty darn good, but it was a very fun way to get an answer.

WARNING: Please do not do any kind of spiritual work while partaking in drugs or alcohol.

Mystic Sister is new and just getting started but my guides give me great ideas all the time.  I can’t wait to see where we go with this.

If you are interested in Reiki, please read my website and/or feel free to contact me with any pertinent questions via email or phone.  If you live on the Olympic Peninsula and are interested in learning more about Mystic Sisters, please give me a call.  I’d love to hear from you.

Now go out and find a new way to bring fun and joy into your spiritual path!!

Reiki Blessings,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

4 thoughts on “Playing Spiritual Games Safely and for Fun!

  1. I love what you’re doing with creating a women’s group. Spiritual support is essential, and I like that you’ve shown it’s just a matter of doing it! I’ve never heard of the games you mentioned, but will look them up. I love the idea of board games with a spiritual focus. Wish I lived closer to participate, but will take this as inspiration. Way to go ladies!

    1. Thanks Heather, I wished you lived closer too. Smiles. The games I have cost like $15 plus or minus a few dollars on Amazon. Get some, meet some spiritual people you like and trust and play your own. You know how to bring in your Reiki and your Reiki Guides and do this in a safe manner. Yep, it’s just the doing it that can be hard, but oh so worth it. I’m getting ready for next months game and it’s going to be fun. I’m combining T.V. game shows to make a Reiki game. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Phone a friend anyone? Blessings to you, Josslyn

  2. It was a great group of women and I enjoyed the evening very much. I am pretty cautious about “psychic” events but this was fun and not at all intimidating. It sparked some insights for people and led to interesting conversations that allowed us to learn more about each other 🙂

    1. Thanks Merala for sharing your experience. I’m grateful for you sharing and that you had a good time. Yes, a really wonderful group of women we have here. Blessings to you, see you soon, Josslyn

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