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Cost for Josslyn’s Reiki Classes

Once you have paid and taken a Rain Shadow Reiki, Reiki Class listed here, you may retake that class for a recommended donation, if there is space available in the class.

ALL classes taught by Rain Shadow Reiki are encompassing Energy Healing, building your intuitive abilities and Psychic Healing for you and others.  All classes are all encompassing and if you take them with that intention, you will progress quickly.

Reiki I –   $330  (Includes manual and shipping.  Two days, 8 hours each day.)

Reiki II –  $380   (Includes manual and shipping.  Two days, 6 hours each day.)

Reiki III – $425  (Manual is included and shipped from Rain Shadow Reiki. One full day, 8 hours or two shorter days.)
Reiki Master/Teacher – $1350 (Manual is included and shipped from Rain Shadow Reiki)
Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher – $1350  (Manual is included and shipped from Rain Shadow Reiki)
Kid’s Reiki Class – Not teaching any more until we are able to safely teach in person without masks
Clearing Religious Patterns – Certification of Confirmation of Ordination – $200
Psychic Circle Class – Turn your intuition into your daily intuitive guidance – $60 each month
Ignite the Light – Learn how to release very old, dark, evil and negative vibrations to make room for more Light – $2000 (five full days class, pre-requisites required, email us to get more information if this topic interests you)
Pendulum & Muscle Testing and other Spiritual Tools for Intuitive Development – $155
Experiential Reiki Workshops – Learn by DOING with a Reiki Master/Tcher – prices on the page for each
Empowerment Workshop – Empowering you to Rise Above EMF’s – $45 (Plus $45 for tools needed)
Empowerment Workshop – Empowering you to Rise Above the Frequency of Virus & Bacteria – $45
Empowerment Workshop – Empowering you to Be In Your Light & Spiritual Power – $45
Numerology Workshop – Monthly- Free as of now
Psychic Demo Night– Psychic Healing & Readings for small groups – $45
Coming back when we are teaching in person……..
Self-Healing with Reiki – $45
Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls – $45
Crystal Healing with Reiki – $45

Why take a Reiki class?

Everyone takes a Reiki class for different reasons.  Only you can answer that question for yourself.  However, here are the main reasons I’ve noticed people taking a Reiki class.

  •  Many people don’t feel their spiritual path is working for them anymore and are looking to expand their spiritual “box.”
  • Some people want to FEEL their Creator in their physical body, and have an emotional connection.  Reiki helps you to tap into the Higher Power of your heart and to be able to actually connect tangibly.
  • Some  just want to learn more about energy.
  • Some  have natural healing abilities of their own or have had psychic experiences throughout their lives.   They want to learn more about how to work with these abilities, expand them and be more aware of them.
  • Some people come to Reiki because they are  ill or have chronic pain and western medicine has given up on them or not worked.  They want to help to heal themselves or at least have some pain relief and stress relief.
  • Many people come to me for an intuitive reading or a session and then decide they want to take a class based on their experience.
  • Some people take a class to help a sick friend, and find out the class was really for them.  This is a beautiful ‘A-Ha’ moment.  And a win/win situation, which Reiki helps create very often.
  • For some people, Reiki finds them!

Lawrence Ellyard in “Reiki Meditations for Beginners” says “People learn Reiki for different reasons.  Some learn Reiki to become proficient healers, some learn Reiki for themselves and some learn Reiki for the sole purpose of helping others. Perhaps what underlies all of these reasons is that everyone is looking for happiness.”

Reiki found me when I didn’t know I was looking!

Josslyn’s story of how Reiki found her

I took my first Reiki class because I felt Spirit telling me to do so.  I trusted that voice and took the leap.  But, at the time, it took faith because  I hadn’t had a particularly good experience with Reiki before that.  I had not thought of ever taking a Reiki class before.  And, in fact, the few people I’d met who tried to help me feel the energy hadn’t left a very inspiring impression, they kind of forced it on me, invaded my boundaries.  I didn’t like that.  My opinion of Reiki at that point was not going to encourage me to take a class.

But I trusted that Divine had a plan for me and out of faith, and the fact that my guides told me to take the class AND the class miraculously fit my tight full time mothering schedule, I went for it.  After the class, I was hooked.  I had to know and learn everything about energy that I could.  I couldn’t get enough and I still can’t.  We can never know it all but I internally feel compelled to keep learning, keep growing, keep expanding my “box” of realities and keep my mind open to all possibilities that Love and Light has to offer.

A mind that has been stretched will never return to its original dimension.”

Albert Einstein

My life changed that day, forever changed.  I woke up that day and I will never be the same person again. Thank God for that!  Literally!  Every day since has been an adventure I could have never imagined.  The world opened up to bigger and bigger proportions each and every day of life and learning through experience with Divine Source on my side, it just expands more than I could have ever imagined.

Being a healer is like having access to a magic world that very few others know about. I’ve always believed in real magic, and this is it!

I had no idea I was to be a healer and a teacher.  I would have never seen that for myself.  I just followed Divine Guidance and here I am.  We don’t always have to see what’s ahead as long as we have faith.  It’s not always easy, in fact, I often feel it’s a harder path then burying our heads in the sand.  But the spiritual growth and the adventure are totally worth it.

If you feel excited at the prospect of taking a Reiki class, then Divine is telling you it is right for you.  If you feel it is something you have to do, then Divine has a message for you.  We only have to LISTEN and ACT on these messages from God and the rest will fall into place.

“However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act upon them?


If you are interested then please read on about the individual classes on the class pages.  I teach all my classes with a belief in a high spiritual power, but no religion.  Those beliefs are personal and for each person to decide on their own.    I also teach from a place of us being on a journey together walking hand in hand, teaching each other as we walk along the path of life.  If this feels right to you, then read on.

Before taking a class

I am always happy to take time to talk and meet someone before signing up for a class.  I believe we must feel comfortable with each other before we choose to continue this Reiki journey together.  Please call or email me if you would like to talk more before making your decision as to whether I am the Reiki teacher for you.  Some like to come for a healing session with me before deciding.  I like this idea because it also gets your physical body prepared for the energy that will be channeling through you during and after the attunement.

I truly believe Buddha’s saying,  “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  I don’t choose my teachers, Divine chooses for me, and brings them to me at exactly the right time and place.  It still amazes me, to this day, how that happens.  Hopefully you will know if I am right for your journey from the feelings inside of you as you read my website and information.  I trust you will.

Josslyn Streett, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

360-460-7828     or

Where Josslyn teaches

Josslyn teachers Reiki classes on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, mostly at her Rain Shadow Reiki business in Sequim.  She will travel to any of the local towns close to Sequim, including, but not only to, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Sekiu, Neah Bay, Chimacum, Discovery Bay, Quilcene, Brinnon, Lilliwaup, Hoodsport, La Push, Ocean Shores, Union, Brinnon, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Forks, Port Gamble, Kingston, Whidby Island and more.  If you are within driving distance within a couple of hours, have four or more people who would like to take a Reiki class, please give Josslyn a call.  Josslyn has also taught in other locations if clients fly her in.  She is more than happy to travel!


Divine Love makes us true to ourselves and to others….Divine Love is the solution to our difficulties and problems.  It frees us from every kind of binding.  It makes us speak truly, think truly and act truly.  It makes us feel one with the whole universe.  Divine Love purifies our hearts and glorifies our being.”

Meher Baba

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