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Book – ‘Soul Rays’ by Candia Sanders LIVE!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I met Candia at a Body,Mind,Spirit Expo in Pasadena ten years ago.  This was taken at the Portland one.
I met Candia at a Body,Mind,Spirit Expo in Pasadena ten years ago. This was taken at the Portland one about 8 years ago.

I have worked with a Medical Intuitive, Candia Sanders, for the past ten years for my variety of chronic health conditions as well as learning how to work with my very sensitive and psychic body/mind/spirit.  Over the years she has been my healer, mentor, teacher, friend and now considered a dear soul sister.  She is an amazing bright light in my life and I’m incredibly grateful for all she has taught me and helped me with.  I wouldn’t be the healer I am today if it weren’t for her visionary work healing and guiding me.

Candia talking to our group in my packed living room.
Candia talking to our group in my packed living room.

Candia and I work by phone most of the time, but every now and then we are in the same place at the same time and we get to connect physically again.  The Universe conspired this September for this to happen while she was on her book tour promoting “Soul Rays”.

Candia and her husband, Dale were coming to Port Angeles, the town next door, to talk at the Unity Church about her book “Soul Rays, Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul.” (I’m in the book, pg. 133 in case you wanted to know.) I had a two-day class cancel at the last-minute, opening up the door for Candia and Dale to walk through.  At the very last-minute I thought, “Wow, I really want all my Reiki students/clients to have a chance to meet Candia.” So I asked her if she’d be willing to do a talk.  She’s always positive and of course, even two days before the night of the talk, jumped at the chance to meet my Reiki friends.

Candia’s Very Special Own Healing Technique

Candia reading soul rays after the talk.
Candia reading soul rays after the talk.

With one day notice, via email, 23 people showed up at my home to hear Candia talk about her self-healing path, from a severe skiing accident to being ‘zapped’ by toxins by a local paper mill twenty years ago to more recent physical sensitivities she’s healing for herself. Over many years of trial and error and undeterred experimentation of working on herself, she developed an energy healing technique to heal herself and others by energetically manipulating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body back into alignment.  It’s kind of like what a chiropractor does to the skeletal system, but she does it on ALL four levels at the same time.  It is very cool, and extremely effective.  I’m proof.

What is a Soul Ray?

Book Soul Ray by Candia SandersCandia is always thinking outside the box for new ways to heal, new analogies that help us understand our healing paths and new visuals to help us heal ourselves.   Then she teaches her clients.  She also enjoys writing and writes like she talks with great vision and symbolism.  At the meeting she talked about her new book “Soul Rays.”  A soul ray is not an aura, I’ve already made that mistake.  No, this is a vibratory color that we chose before coming into physical body that represents our path for this lifetime.  We chose a color for an issue we are needing to master, such as the blue ray would work on communication or lack of communication and a yellow ray would work on power/empowerment.  This is where the term Indigo came from, that is talking about a soul ray, not the person’s aura colors.  Aura colors change all the time, the soul ray stays the same throughout a person’s whole life on earth.  According to Candia’s book, we will be each soul ray in our many lives until we master what we want to master.  Here is a quote from Candia’s book that might help explain better than my laymen’s terms.

Soul Ray Quote

Candia with Sharon.  Sharon's smile is contagious and she was so excited to be here to hear Candia I had to include her beautiful photo in this blog.  She's an amazing soul.
Candia with Sharon. Sharon’s smile is contagious and she was so excited to be here to hear Candia I had to include her beautiful photo in this blog. She’s an amazing soul.

In choosing human potential, the soul is given the freedom to decide what is the most viable and valuable experience for the growth of the soul.  the life, time frame, location, genetic pattern, physical attributes (size, shape, sex), emotional structuring, special familial symmetry (grandparents, parents, siblings, friends) frailties, strengths, circumstances, advantages, disadvantages, direction, and the skills, tools, and make-up of personality, are all considered and clearly implemented with a team of advisors, counselors, and higher conscious beings.  As a soul traveler you have the ability to perceive in advance what your greatest resources will be, the largest challenges, and the heroes/heroines and villains on your journey.  Some of these loving or villainous characters will surprise you as comprehension and memories fade, lost as the fog of human form rivals and takes over from the oversoul and the intuitive process is disregarded.  This became the birthing point of each human form, the best opportunity to polish the facets of each soul’s unique blueprint.” from Soul Rays by Candia Sanders

How to Find Out What Your Soul Ray Is?

Nursing babies and pets are often participating in events at my house.  Even Baby Grace had her soul ray reading.
Nursing babies and pets are often participating in events at my house. Even Baby Grace had her soul ray reading.

Candia’s book goes through each color Ray and describes what each personality is like, what they are working on if they chose this color and how to work with it better for your future path.  Some people may be able to tell from these descriptions what their ray color is, however, it’s tricky too, because we chose our color based on what we need to work on, not necessarily what our favorite color is or what we as humans want to work on.  A few people at the talk had been told they were Indigos by other healers when they were really violets.  There is a difference.  Once they read about the violet ray, it really made sense to them more than the Indigo.  A great deal of understanding comes from knowing our personal soul ray, for us and for understanding those around us as well.

After the talk, my husband Robert left, Candia's husband Dale, middle and Gigi's husband, Gerry sat around talking.  I'm sure they were talking about Soul Rays!!
After the talk, my husband Robert (left), Candia’s husband Dale, (middle) and Gigi’s husband, Gerry (right) sat around talking. I’m sure they were talking about Soul Rays!!  It’s not easy being the husband of an intuitive healer, nice they can talk together and share notes.  Actually, I think they were talking about world currency and economic markets.  Look carefully to see Candia’s dog, Charlie.

At the end of Candia’s book she gives ideas on how to discover what your personal soul ray is and of course you can call Candia for a session and she’ll tell you personally and describe your strengths and weaknesses in attributing this to your current life path.  She’s truly an amazing healing, I recommend having a session with her. Her book can be found on Amazon for download or soft back, I have both.  Click here for a link to her website.

Testimonials From our Soul Ray Talk

I highly recommend Candia’s book and working with Candia as a healer.  I could go on and on with ten years of work together behind us but I’ll let the testimonials from the people who were here for her talk do the talking.

It was a truly magical night for me, three of my soul sisters in my house together at the same time, plus so many spiritual friends.  The vibe was incredible for me.  One of those events that happens rarely and I'm just filled with gratitude for it.  Ellen with Baby Grace, me, Gigi and Candia.  Souls transforming our planet just by emanating Love and Light. I'm so blessed.
It was a truly magical night for me, three of my soul sisters in my house together at the same time, plus so many spiritual friends. The vibe was incredible for me. One of those events that happens rarely and I’m just filled with gratitude for it. Left to Right – Ellen with Baby Grace, me, Gigi and Candia. Souls transforming our planet just by emanating Love and Light. I’m so blessed.

I feel blessed to have been included in the group last evening. Candia absolutely ‘nailed it’ with her reading of my soul ray and halo. Indigo and Green. In fact I was getting antsy to get back to the farm as darkness dropped on the sky outside – had to get the chickens locked up. (That’s the green halo). I had purchase the Kindle version of her book and read it before attending the event. Immediately – once I was sure that the dogs, cats, chickens, llamas and sheep were safely tucked in for the night (such a green trait) I got right back into the book and read it through again before dropping off to sleep. My Indigo soul ray shines in my work as a meditation instructor trained by Deepak Chopra, a certified NLP Practitioner, writer, publisher and founder of the Center of Infinite Reflections in Sequim.I’ve worked with color auras for 40 years and am open to new visions. Candia’s work resonates with my soul.”  Susan Davis, 

Candia is “spot on”.  She is like no one I have ever met and hear talk before.  She speaks the truth and is so compassionate and strong in getting her feelings and knowledge across.  I have not been able to put down her book because it solidifies for me what I have been feeling and wanting out of this life on this planet.” Karen Maloney

“There were so many things said by Candia last night that resonated with me but one that caught my attention was – give yourself permission to have fun.  I’m still dealing with statements from my childhood about getting all the work done first.  Is it really ever done?!?!?!  That was an A-Ha moment for me.  Permission granted!!  Thank you, Candia!”
Joanie S.

Josslyn,  What an amazing night I had, we all had! Things just keep transforming and changing and getting more amazing since meeting you! Meeting and hearing Candia speak was just another piece to the puzzle for me. I feel like a huge geode that is about to crack open! Candia’s talk affirmed so much for me. I left with my heart full and truly felt as if I was standing in my own power. Words really cannot express the experience of meeting her. What a true blessing she is to this world!  Peace and Blessings, Sharon Rowland”

As Candia presented the different Rays and their attributes, everyone knew someone who fit each.  Their paths in life mirrored the Ray. It felt very organic, and is very accurate.  I have been awakened twice by an “Aha!” moment since her presentation.   Candia is  a delightful, passionate and brilliant (literally) speaker.”  Rena R.

Hello Josslyn,  I am writing this today because it all had to sink-in.  Candia is a wonderful speaker, I felt her message. I am feeling a lot from her book. I have said many times all energies are the same just different modalities. Reiki, DE energy medicine, Healing Touch, Acupuncture, Cranial-sacral,  Akashic Records, Soul Ray etc.  I began this journey with the passing of my son and connected with a medium intuitive.  He connected me with my son , family, and guides.  I knew then they never leave us. Then I found Reiki and you right here in Sequim. In Reiki I learned of loving healing energy.  I could heal myself with the Divine energy and send it out to others.  If I have a worry I call upon the divine energies to heal it. Its been a hard road but I am learning  to release things.

 I am so interested in the Healing Energies, I know this is my path.  I have read many books on the energies, CWG by Neale Donald Walsh really speaks to me.
I have been trying to connect with my soul.  That is what happened to me today.  That is what happened to me Friday night when Candia was telling us  of Soul Ray!   I can say Friday night was magical for me also.  Thank you for introducing us to Candia.
love, JC”
In Love and LIght of our Divine,
Reiki Blessings to you ALL!!
Josslyn Streett or 360-460-7829




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Spiritual Children’s Book Review – “Cassandra’s Angel”

Today I have read one of my favorite spiritual children’s books, “Cassandra’s Angel” written by Gina Otto, illustrated by Trudy Joost and published by Illumination Arts Publishing.  Please check out Illumination Arts Publishing for they publish many wonderful spiritual books for children which can be hard to find when you want them.

Book cover

Children’s self-images are strongly influenced by the attitudes and beliefs of their parents, teachers and peers.  Unfortunately, these beliefs often become negative stories that can impact children for life.  This powerful tale helps children to perceive these stories in a different light.

Cassandra’s Angel is about a little girl who is very precocious and creative, so much so that she doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.  People all around her in her life tell her she is not good enough in different ways.  They think they are doing the best for her but truly they are hurting her mentally and emotionally.  Even the best parents do this at times.  Plus, our kids are bombarded by these attitudes at school by other kids, teachers, aids and principals.  We cannot always control the actions of others towards our children but we can help our children to think for themselves and not take in everything that others say as truth.

Cassandra meets her angel

As one reads the book, Cassandra’s Angel, it is an excellent reminder for us parents and caregivers about how we speak to our children and how much our words and attitudes truly do affect them. But, by reading this book with them, allowing a lot of conversation and interaction, it gives us a chance to talk openly about these issues and maybe even apologize for those times when we have done this.  We can talk about what kinds of situations, stressful ones mainly, that would cause someone to say hurtful things to others.  It give us a chance to help them feel good about themselves and talk openly about the “scripts” that others try to put on them.

Cassandra is told by the other kids that she is too different for them to play with her.

The more you read this book with your child, I believe, the more help it will do, them and you.  As I loan this book out to my clients or students with kids I continually hear what a positive influence it has been for them and their children.  The book has a very happy ending with Cassandra’s guardian angel coming to talk to her.  I love the poem the angel has to help Cassandra with her self-confidence.  Also, the illustrations are beautiful, engaging and keep the children’s and adults interest.  The faces were intriguing to me and I found myself looking back at some of them again and again to investigate their expressions.  Very beautiful book in the visuals, the poetry and the moral of the story all put together.

Children's Author, Gina Otto

If you are close by you may want to borrow the book from me to see if your child vibrates well with it.  But, overall, this is one book I recommend having in your library to read continuously.  Our children are around this kind of talk by others so often that the book and the message will need to be repeated often, both for them and for YOU as the parent.

I give this book 5 of 5 STARS!