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Signs That Your Reiki Really Is ON!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I know, we all want to FEEL the Reiki flowing when we do our self Reiki.  Lets face it, the truth is, we often just don’t feel the Reiki sensations in our hands as strongly when we work on ourselves as when we work on other people.  I know, I had this issue in the beginning too.  But, over time and with a whole lot of practice on others and myself, my hands got much more sensitive as well as the rest of my body and now I feel the Reiki every single time I put my hands on my body to heal myself.  Truly I do.

Patience, practice, patience and more practice.

I know that’s not what we really want to hear, do more practice.  But, with Reiki and many things in life, this is the best answer.  The other option is not doing it at all and we know where that gets us –nowhere fast.

Other Signs Your Reiki Is Working – Yes it is!

So, in the meantime, while you are waiting and hoping that the sensations will just start by magic, why not DO IT ANYWAY!!  Get your Reiki I manual out, and sit down and do a self Reiki session.  Do all the hand positions, just like you did in class and ‘see’ if you can’t maybe feel some of these other signs that the Reiki is on and working.

Here is what to ‘look for’:

  • deep breaths/change in breathing pattern
  • yawning
  • tears/weeping
  • body twitching/stretching
  • eyes fluttering/blinking
  • sense of calm sweeps over you
  • sleepiness
  • feeling of release
  • lightness throughout your body/mind/spirit
  • throat clearing/coughing
  • nose running/stuffy/sneezing
  • tummy gurgles/farting
  • muscles relaxing
  • drooling
  • burping
  • laughter
  • sweating
  • seeing colors
  • full body tingles/swaying
  • itching

These are all signs the Reiki is working to help relax the body and relieve stress.

Another tip:

Watch for these same or similar signs on your pets when you are doing Reiki on them.
Watch for these same or similar signs on your pets when you are doing Reiki on them.

We can see many of these happening for our clients when they are receiving Reiki from us too.  It’s fun to watch for the signs and know that the Reiki is working.  But, it also helps us to KNOW the Reiki is working and helps to keep us motivated to keep doing it, keep moving forward until our hands do get more sensitive and we start feeling the really COOL sensations of the heat, tingling, throbbing and more.  I know, it’s natural to want to feel these sensations, I do too.  They help us to know we are connected to Divine Love.  Patience grasshopper, patience.

I’m so grateful for you reading and making loving comments letting me know you are out there and that what I’m writing is helping you in some way.

Thank you,

Reiki Blessings to you all,


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5 thoughts on “Signs That Your Reiki Really Is ON!

  1. It’s very helpful to hear that you share the same experiences as we do. The list of signs that Reiki is working that you included is VERY helpful! Great for ourselves and our clients. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Heather, yes, I too was a Reiki I at one point. LOL, we all are. With energy work, I always seem to feel like a beginner, there is just so much to learn. In the beginning and now, I have many struggles. But, what helps me, I think I just have a great ‘big picture’ of how Reiki can help me through these issues, if I just plow though. Practice, practice, and more practice I always say. That tends to be my way of doing things, do it, and handle the issues as they come up. I’ve made a lot of ‘mistakes’ but they were perfect because I learned so much from them and can now write about them to help others. Thanks so much for your comments and love, they help me to know what it helping you all. They help me to know what perspectives you all want and need to hear about. Grateful for you!! In Love and Light,

    2. Oh yeah, the list of signs. I forgot to mention that- Thanks for bringing that up too. These are things I’ve noticed myself, my clients/students doing during Reiki healings throughout the years I’ve been practicing. But, if you research the symptoms the body has during deep relaxation, they are pretty much the same. It’s all good!! Reiki creates deep relaxation which helps to cause these ‘signs’ that the Reiki is working but we can also feel afterward, in our lives and our bodies that the Reiki is doing much more. That part will take more time, but watching for the signs during a healing is an immediate way we can know it’s working RIGHT NOW. More Blessings to you my dear, Josslyn

  2. And I thought I was just sleepy! Good tips 🙂

    1. LOL, knowing you babe, you probably were. Thanks for commenting and reading. I greatly appreciate it. JS

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