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Reiki Quick Tip – Healing Trauma Through Childhood Photo Albums

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher of Rain Shadow Reiki and her dear friend, Stephanie Pelly

Joss' baby album.  (Please do not use these photos.)
Joss’ baby album. (Please do not use these photos.)

There are many ways to heal your childhood trauma.  The key is finding the perfect one for YOU.  A close friend of mine and I were talking on the phone and she came up with a great one and said I could share it with my readers.  She had the idea, instead of hashing up memories that your mind has repressed from childhood for good reason, going through your family photo album and doing Reiki on all the different photographs instead.  We usually only have photos of the happy times which reinforces that there were indeed happy times even if the unhappy times are overshadowing them right now.  But, if we run the Reiki over the photo album with the intention of healing all the times in between the photos, healing will take place.  Our intention and desire to heal those more difficult times is very strong and will direct the Reiki to heal what is needed most.  This may take some time like any healing or therapy, but it could be a win/win situation.  While NOT having to rehash the ‘bad’ times you are also reinforcing the ‘good’ times that you and your family had at the same time by looking at the ‘happy’ photos.

Where to Start?

Joss at 1 week old, so cute and shy.
Joss at 1 week old, so cute and shy. (Please do not use these photos.)

You could start with one photo or memory at a time.  You could start with one page at a time and do a little bit each week or each month. Or you could start with one phase of your life at a time.  Whatever feels right to you.

Healing Birth Trauma

This could be a great way to heal birth trauma as well since many of us don’t actually have conscious memories of our birth but some of us have photos relating to it, hospital or being wrapped in a blanket and held shortly after.  Reiki those photos with the intent of healing your baby self’s birth trauma.

Be Kind to Yourself

Joss' baby album (Please do not use these photos.)
Joss’ baby album (Please do not use these photos.)

Be patient with yourself and the process.  For some, healing childhood memories could be easy and quick and for others it could be a very long and challenging process, yet fruitful as well.  It could be good to do some Reiki on yourself prior to working on a difficult time frame in your life or before doing this process at all.  You can trust your intuition on what you need.  Be kind to yourself in the process and do Reiki on yourself as often as possible and as often as needed.  When it feels too much emotionally then stop and do Reiki on yourself to guide yourself through the process.  It’s all good.  Pick it up later when you are calmer and ready.  The trick is, to be patient and take your time, but to not give up.  If you feel this particular process is helping, then keep it up.

Sending blessings to all of you healing your child self, Love and Light your way,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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