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On the Eve of 12-21-12

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

On the eve of 12-21-12 I felt the need once again to write a little something.  Many are anticipating this big date and what will happen.  I do not know for sure any better than anyone else but I have my ideas.  What feels right to me.  What I do want to tell you is how the energy has been affecting me up until this date.  How it seems to be different.


GratitudeRockAs we approach this date I’ve been filled with gratitude daily.  I feel in my heart so grateful for everything I have and do.  I don’t have to ‘think’ about gratitude or ‘work’ at it, it’s become a huge part of me automatically.  All day, every day I’m in this state of gratitude, thanking Divine for all that He does for me and my family, clients and friends.  Because of this I have found my mind in a much more positive place.  How can you not be, being grateful all day long?!


Grounded Rock by "The Rock Fairy" Kim.
Grounded Rock by “The Rock Fairy” Kim.

Another change I’ve noticed has been manifesting spiritually what I need.  This has been happening fast and easy as it never has been before.  When putting up grounding for a room, myself or another energy system, I used to do a visualization to back up my intention.  Now I just think about it and the grounding is there.  Fast and easy.  Grounding has been one of my big challenges as a healer so this came as a bit of a happy surprise to me.  I notice this as well when I’m doing Reiki on myself or clients.  Energy is responding much quicker to my thoughts, immediately in fact.  Even before I chant the symbol, just thinking about chanting it, it is done.  Done before I can get it out of my mouth.  I’ve been playing with this and having fun with it to see where it will take me and how it will help me with healings.


Trust Your Dreams

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve been having some pretty cool and sometimes strange dreams in the last couple of weeks.  I had one very vivid and realistic dream two days ago where I was placing my hands on people’s heads to do Reiki healing on them and with just a very short time they were completely physically healed.  In the dream I was surprised and shocked by this so I started putting my hands on other people, looking for people to heal to see if it worked on them.  It did.  I found people with diagnosed diseases from doctors and put my hands on them, they were healed.  I woke up, astounded but also with a lot of questions.  Like, but if people are healed so easily, where is the lesson?  My right brain said “That is not for you to worry about.  This is up to Divine.”  I believe my guides were giving me a glimpse into the future.  I hope so anyway.  No way to know until we get there.  I know it in my heart, just don’t know the when.


Whatever is going to happen in the next week, I believe in possibilities.  I believe our human brain cannot grasp the true possibilities of the Universe.  I believe they are endless if we open our heart up to them.  I’m ready to do that and find out what truly is possible.  Are you?

How to Do This?

Reiki Is Divine Love
Reiki Is Divine Love

The best way I know to do this is through meditation and Reiki.  I plan to meditate as often as possible between December 21st and the 25th.  I plan to run Reiki in myself and my family to share the Love of Divine in this most spiritual way and time.  And I plan to be quiet as often as possible to listen to Divine’s guidance to me.

Shamanic State of Consciousness

On a recent conference call I had with many other energy workers and Shamanic Practitioners a message came though from a Shaman who is currently working with the Mayans down in Mexico during the transition.  She said that between December 21st and the 25th the whole world will be in a time shift.  These days are considered to be ‘Days outside of Time.’  We will be in a state of a Shamanic State of Consciousness where we will be in a trance for those five days.  We can manifest what we need.  Open our hearts to Divine Love and be healed though Divine Source.  Like having Reiki for five days straight.  (Woo Hoo!  That is AWESOME!!)  They said the whole planet will be journeying on these days.


But, as always, it is up to US what to do with this opportunity.  Do we treat these days like any other days and go about our usual business?  Or, do we open up to the Divine’s Possibilities and do Reiki, meditate, stay in a mind of openness to all that is Love and Light and open up to the possibilities of this energy coming in?  It is as always, OUR CHOICE what we do with this opportunity.  Divine gives us ultimate freedom of choice.  I know what I will do with it.  What will YOU DO?

What will you choose?

I choose Love,

Love and Light to you all,

Sending Reiki blessings to you all,



4 thoughts on “On the Eve of 12-21-12

  1. Joss, great job; I love all you’ve written. You said it well, succinctly and with eloquence. I heartily support you, your endeavors and your writing!! You’ve been a blessing in my life and have taught me much. Big hugs your direction!! Happy Solstice 2012.

  2. Ditto to you Candia in every way. So grateful for you and all you do to spread Love and Light all around. Thank you so much for reading! Love you much, Joss

  3. A pleasure to read, image and ponder…thanks, Joss, and blessings to you you and your family!

  4. Thanks Patricia for reading. Blessings to your Solstice celebration this year! And, thank you for pondering.

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