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Who Answers the Phone at Rain Shadow Reiki?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

I want to start introducing you to each of us at Rain Shadow Reiki, one by one.  

First, the person you probably will speak to first or hear back from first is, Bren is our office manager and does a lot of our communication.

When I think of Bren I think of her with this big smile of hers, always shining on us with her big light.

If you call or email, you will most likely be communicating with Bren.

Bren has thirty plus years of experience working in office management and Human Resources for big companies.  She’s a mother of adult children and is now a grandmother.  She moved to the Olympic Peninsula to care for her mother who had cancer.  While she was caring for her mother, her sister googled things for Bren to do while she was here and she found us.  Bren started taking classes from us in 2018 and we quickly bonded over her volunteering to do Reiki on me weekly.  (Even though she was taking care of her mom already, she came to do Reiki on me every week. Just saying. Amazing.)  I found out what an amazing and natural healer and intuitive she is.  

Then she just kept coming over to help, LOL!  She helped with the redecorating the new healing room, she helped with typing projects, she helped me sort through the house and organize my husband and son’s things before donating them, she helped hang my deceased son’s memorial quilt (because I just couldn’t do it) and she helped drive my mom to events after dark.  She made herself indispensable to us.  Therefore, I was not surprised when my Divine Guidance told me to hire her to do some basic accounting and she said a resounding “YES!” Then she just started doing more and more and making herself so valuable we couldn’t do without her now.  That’s kind of one of her superpowers!!

Her mom passed shortly after she took her Reiki II class, then her aunt suddenly passed away shortly after her mom.  She is no stranger to grief as she lost her brother years ago as well.  But she also has abilities to know her mom and brother are with her and to have comfort from her contact with her loved ones.  When her mom can’t get through to her, she knows she can get through to one of us psychics at Rain Shadow Reiki instead.  And she does get through.  LOL.  Nice to work where you can be in the PSYCHIC KNOW daily.

Bren in Port Townsend with us for Ellen’s birthday. She has a great infectious spirit!


Bren not only does the accounting, takes the calls, responds to emails, books appointments, preps the rooms for clients, sends new client paperwork, checks the cleanliness of the bathroom and healing rooms, etc.  She does anything and everything that needs being done in that moment.  And, she’s an amazing and intuitive Reiki Master as well.  Our clients have been known to say after a Reiki session with Bren, things like, “She has the hands of an angel.”  I hear this a lot in various forms but basically the same message about Bren and her energy healing abilities.  

Hopefully you will feel much more comfortable calling us or emailing us knowing this beautiful smile is on the other end of the phone.  She and we are ready to help you with any and all of your energy healing needs.

Blessings to you all,



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Reiki for Grieving/Trauma – 3

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

I want to share my Reiki process for grief and trauma. It’s simple, but it’s not easy, like many things with Reiki.

But first I want to tell a tiny bit of my story so you know, feel, I’m truly qualified to do this. So you know I’ve been to hell and back and survived and then I’ll tell you how I survived. Reiki of course…..

I’m a survivor. Not just the crash that took my husband and son to Heaven on July 20, 2017, left my younger son and myself in a wheelchair and bedridden for six months after, respectively, and changed every single inch of my life, but my whole life. Many of us Reiki folk are like this, we haven’t had cushy lives, we’ve had lives that have molded us through friction and dramatic change, like the earth. And, many of us, at least in my circle who have had quite a bit of trauma to mold us, are also Highly Sensitive Souls; healers, intuitives, empaths.

In many ways, that is how our souls choose to be created, that is how we choose to learn and grow our gifts and talents for this purpose in this life- through intense pressure. Not all, but many. It is a very common way because it goes deep on all levels and heals deep on all levels.

My life has been like that. It started with early age abuse; emotional, mental, sexual. Chronic illness was added early teen years and later teen years. Then started the job violence being a bank teller at a very ‘popular’ branch for take overs and gun hold ups. Then my sales job after college where I dealt with muggings, more hold ups and multiple incidences of street violence in my job where I had to go to some bad parts of the city of Los Angeles. I shook it all off and buried it deep inside, where it belongs, right? And, I kept on moving on with my life without batting an eye. That’s what good girls do. Until……

Until it all got to be too much for my soul and it said I’VE HAD ENOUGH!! Then I was plunged into this deep and long depression where I don’t even remember how I survived the months, years in the pit, but for some loving co-workers who at long last recognized the signs and boldly got me some help.

That was when I started on my healing path with the typical medical model, but at least I was looking at myself in a whole different way than before. I was not looking at myself as “I’m always ok, it’s everyone elses fault.” I was seeing myself as a person who was broken and needed help. That was new and needed. Long story short, the medical model failed for me and a friend turned me on to alternative medicine and acupuncture.

Meanwhile, in the midst of healing the depression with Western Medicine, I met my husband to be and fell in love. He saved me and he said, I saved him. So, we saved each other. He was the best thing that ever happened to me and the day I learned about energy from my acupuncturist, he was right there by my side learning about it too. We woke up together. He was always right there with me, supporting me on my healing path and my ‘learning to be a healer’ path as well. When times got tough, and they did, we held each other up and got through it together. When his mom and dad died within a few years of each other, I held him up like he had all the time I was ill. When our marriage had troubles, he never gave up and we both worked hard to save it. We always got through it together.

I always said, as long as I had my family, I could get through anything. Well, now they’re gone. My younger son and I are making our way together, like Robert and I did initially. We’re learning how to be a family of two with a whole lot of help from my Reiki family of many. I tease Sawyer that he has TOO MANY MOMS!! Because our house is always full of my Reiki healers & friends who all happen to be moms and love him dearly. But for a 15 year old, maybe that’s too much sometimes. But, secretly I think he likes it most of the time.

So what is this all about? HOW DOES THIS HELP YOU?

Hopefully this helps you by knowing you are not alone. That by going through all this SH*t in life we are honing our gifts, talents and healing abilities. Some of our psychic abilities are directly related to FEELING out abusive situations and learning to read the energy of the room or a person. And, that NOTHING is ever wasted. Every single event, every single process is a way to make us stronger, to learn what we are truly made of and to help us FEEL that REALLY FEEL THAT ON ALL LEVELS and in our core of our soul.

Seriously, the most loving and amazing women I have know, have been through the worst kind of trauma and survived. We’re diamonds created from high pressure, high intensity, grief and trauma. It’s one kind of process and the one our soul’s chose.

BUT the other way this helps YOU, because in your world, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU……

I want to share my Reiki process for grief and trauma now. It’s simple, but it’s not easy, like many things with Reiki. We have to do it, and do it for a LONG TIME, MANY MANY MANY TIMES, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. We do not become a diamond over night.


I’m a bullet point person, so I’ll put it in bullet points.

*Gassho- bring in your Reiki with intention. My intention daily is to be in the flow of healing. Anything and everything that is not mine, ready to leave, no longer serving me goes to Divine Source of Reiki or to Mother Earth and Reiki takes its place.

*I do full healings daily, 1 – 3 depending upon my time, and also little short healings all through the day.

*I also do Reiki when I move, when I drive, when I’m on the go. Reiki Un Doe.

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Reiki As Witness – Grieving 3

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Many years ago I watched a movie with Susan Sarandon. I love movies, they are often my muse. I didn’t love this movie so much, “Shall We Dance”, it was o.k. for me, but this line by Susan’s character stayed with me many years.

  • Beverly Clark : “We need a witness to our lives. There’s a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you’re promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things… all of it, all of the time, every day. You’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness’.”

Two of my most beloved witnesses to my life died in the crash July 20, 2017. My husband and my son were my soul mates, my heart, my witnesses to my life; good and hard. My husband especially maybe because he had chosen this position as witness when he married me. He had proven over and over again to be my most loyal ally in this sense of life/marriage. He didn’t always know how to be there for me, but he worked at it, he learned, he proved to me over and over again that he cared even through he didn’t always understand. He made the effort daily, year after year to learn, to understand more, to be there for me whatever the case, that’s love. I was blessed to have 22 years of his love. Many people wish for and search for the kind of love my husband and I had. Not perfect, but perfect for us.

Which maybe makes my loss more unbearable, maybe it makes it more bearable. It depends upon the moment and the feeling in that moment. It changes moment by moment which it is.

I’ve secretly struggled with this since the death of my chosen witnesses. I secretly struggle with a lot, but this was a BIG ONE.

Who? Who, in my deepest darkest hours, with all of my piled up, extreme baggage now, would want to witness me. Who would I trust enough to witness my baggage, my HUGE stacks and stacks of baggage? I was terribly mad at God, my Reiki was not running through my body, although I worked with it in other ways, I didn’t see it as my witness. Just wasn’t there yet. Yet.

My Caregiver/Assistant/Co-Healer/Very Close Dear friend, Ellen, was teaching a series of Talking to Trees Classes during the summer, one year after the crash. I could barely get out of the house regularly and my physical therapy wasn’t coming along as fast as I had liked to be hiking out into the forest to talk to trees. But, I was determined to go. I knew I needed it more than staying home and being safe for my body.

The first one at beautiful Lake Crescent was amazing and I got some very important messages from the trees. But, the second class, just down the street from my home in the forest near by, was the one that shook me to my core and opened me up to a old and new possibilities. I had only made it down to the forest near my home once and that was too much and created too much pain for my body, so I hadn’t walked there since. In fact, for the tree class, I drove there and walked into the forest, just being careful and respecting my bodies healing pace.

The class was going beautifully, Ellen is a wonderful facilitator and teacher, very naturally gifted with plants and Reiki both. We were getting to the first session in which we break up, walk around the forest and pick a tree to talk to, or they pick us is how it usually goes for me. I had to go to the bathroom and was struggling with how far of a walk it was and should I go now, or do the talking session then go. Stupid stuff that clouds your mind at important moments, body stuff that constantly reminds us we are human.

I choose to do a quick session talking to the trees and then make the hike to the bathrooms since I knew the trees I needed to talk to were on the way and I’d already be part way there. I just know which trees want to talk, and I head in that direction. I turn to the tree I feel is the one and I look at it. When I’m looking at it, it’s looking back at me. It has many eyes, all looking at me. I was taken aback for a moment, then went on with the process Ellen has taught us to connect with the trees. Still in my mind, I need to do this quick because I still have to go to the bathroom. Luckily, this tree got right to the point and didn’t mince words. As I connected to it, it said, “I see you. I am witness for you. We all are.”

Aspen Eyes by

Well, I hadn’t told ANYONE about my ‘witness conundrum’. No one. I started blubbering right away. There is no other word for it. This tree, in one sentence, knew the deepest darkest fears of my heart and got right to the point. I felt it too, I felt it take me through the Universe as if to say, the Universe IS the witness to your life and I am part of the Universe, as are you. DUH. Of course, we are all one, we are all connected, but this tree had to remind me of that and help me FEEL it in my core, in every molecule. It had to help me feel it so substantially that I wouldn’t forget it.

I went to the bathroom, rejoined the group and couldn’t share. It was too deep, too personal, made me too vulnerable at the moment. I wasn’t ready. I usually share quite willingly what the trees tell me, even if it’s hard, even if it’s sensitive, but that day I couldn’t. It took me quite a long time to even share the experience with Ellen, but I did. And, now I share with you. Hoping and praying that this, as always is my path, helps someone else to know/feel, that even when we are/feel alone the trees witness us. Even when we are in the pit of depression, the Universe witnesses us. And, even when we feel there is no hope, Reiki witnesses us.

This is when I conceived this process and have used it ever since with my Reiki when I need it. I need it often. I feel it working, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get off my couch to write this. It lifted me up enough to take one more step into my life. One more step onto my path. One more step into healing.

Reiki as Witness Process:

  1. Bring in my Reiki with intention (Gassho Prayer Position)
  2. Ask God/Reiki to WITNESS my pain, suffering, grief
  3. Ask God/Reiki to FEEL my pain, suffering, grief
  4. Ask God/Reiki to FILL ME UP, fill all my cracks with Reiki
  5. Ask God/Reiki to TAKE THE PAIN AWAY: Whatever is not mine. Whatever is no longer serving me for learning. Whatever is not for my highest and best good and in the highest and best way- Take it all to Divine or to Mother Earth and leave the Reiki in it’s place.
  6. Reiki yourself hands on or just with intention in your heart.
  7. Do this a million more times until I feel better, feel like moving off the couch.
  8. Say THANK YOU.

God Bless you for reading, healing, sending love,


P.S. – One of my favorite songs, gets me every time I hear it, hauntingly beautiful and profound for this blog topic, The Story, by Brandi Carlile. Hope the link works, if not, it’s worth hearing to go to You Tube and listen to it.

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Reiki For The Deepest Darkest Hour – Grieving 2

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Today is 18 months since my husband and 16 year old son died in a car crash.

I am not speaking for everyone, but if this resonates with you, or even helps you in any way, I’m deeply grateful.

I crack myself open and share my deepest pain, only in the hope that it can help someone else. Being vulnerable is not my best thing, I’m getting better at it because I am forced to in my situation, but still not comfortable with it. Maybe a bit on the cheesy side, but Princess Diana is my muse here, reminding me that her vulnerability was her greatest asset and strength for me. I could relate to her in her vulnerability, her perfect imperfectness. And, she comes through me now reminding me that people need to relate to others even when those others are a mess, especially when they’re a mess. People need to know they are not alone in their mess. I am telling you now, you are not alone in your mess. I am there with you. Many are there with you. Reiki/God is there with you.

In our deepest darkest hours, usually alone, the fact that we can still touch others, help others, resonate with others may be our only super power. It may be the most important one, at that. Maybe not. No one really knows anything in this place. We are all doing our best, one minute at a time. But, I’ve been motivated to get off my couch, stop crying or cry in between typing, and reach out.

In our deepest darkest hours when we feel most alone, we are not alone. We still have Reiki. We still have the Universe or whatever Higher Power you feel in your heart/being. When we can’t get up off the couch to do anything that society deems worthy, we can still talk to Reiki. Heal with Reiki. Sometimes that’s all I have. Sometimes, that’s all any of us have.

When I’m angry at God, and yes, I get very angry at God sometimes, many times – for some reason, even though I believe Reiki comes from God, I don’t get mad at Reiki. Reiki is still safe for me. Reiki has always been there for me. I feel it in my body, my hands. I feel it working, I feel it helping me, lifting me up. Reiki hasn’t abandoned me. Even when my body couldn’t channel Reiki after the crash for almost a year, I didn’t feel abandoned by Reiki. I knew it was in my home, in my son’s hands, in my caregivers hands, in the Universe – and all I had to do was talk to it, ask it with my thoughts to heal me. And, I knew 100 % in my belief in every cell in my being, that it would. When I felt I had nothing, I had that. I still have that, even in my darkest, loneliest moments.

Here is my process for getting out of the pit of depression and despair, pray it helps at least one person:

  1. Bring in my Reiki with intention (Gassho Prayer Position)
  2. Ask God/Reiki to WITNESS my pain, suffering, grief
  3. Ask God/Reiki to FEEL my pain, suffering, grief
  4. Ask God/Reiki to FILL ME UP, fill all my cracks with Reiki
  5. Ask God/Reiki to TAKE THE PAIN AWAY: Whatever is not mine. Whatever is no longer serving me for learning. Whatever is not for my highest and best good and in the highest and best way- Take it all to Divine or to Mother Earth and leave the Reiki in it’s place.
  6. Do this a million more times until I feel better, feel like moving off the couch.
  7. Say THANK YOU.

In Love and Light, Josslyn