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By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I say work with your Reiki for EVERYTHING and I really mean it. Yes, Reiki is Divine healing energy, but as my African Drumming teacher, Zorina Wolf says, “We don’t know what healing looks like.”  Only Divine knows what healing for us looks like.  What if healing looks different from a medical miracle?  What if healing by Reiki means that it directs you to the best doctor in the area for you?  What if healing looks like finding a new home that has better energy and location for your mental attitude?  What if healing looks like bringing in a new friend to your life who will love you unconditionally?  Would we have asked for that of our Reiki?  Maybe, maybe not.  But the Reiki knows what we need for our highest good and when and how we are ready to heal, we don’t always know that.

In a nutshell, here is what Reiki brings to us every time we ask for it to come through us.  With a little bit of intention for what we want, it’s incredibly powerful daily healing in the way we need it most and the timing we are ready for:

Reiki brings in Divine Healing, Power, Protection & Support:

  • Divine Healing – As you ask Reiki to run and heal you, it will heal all levels of whatever you are dealing with in that moment- that you are ready, willing and able to heal in the moment. The more often you ask Reiki to heal you, the more and more and more you are ready to heal. This is the Reiki ‘snowball.’
  • Divine Power – God Power is the only true power.  When you are connected to Reiki and doing it regularly on yourself and others if you choose, the more powerful you will feel.  As you do Reiki more and more, you will feel more confident, more worthy, more deserving and more and more powerful because you have total trust and faith in Creator and the Reiki coming from Divine Source.
  • Divine Protection– While channeling the Reiki energy for healing it fills and surrounds you offering you a blanket of protection so you do not take on other people’s psychic debris while they are releasing their old energies and emotions.  All you have to do is tell Divine that you’d like the Reiki to do this and the intention is even stronger.  Put a visualization or an affirmation with it and it’s even more powerful for you.  (Divine Disclaimer – Divine protection will be yours unless it gets in the way of your free will.)
  • Divine Cleansing – Reiki helps to surround you, your client and your healing space with cleansing Reiki!!  That means you and your space is clean and clear of old energy or psychic debris.  If you hold the intention of this, put visualizations to this effect it is even stronger and more powerful.  (Divine Disclaimer – Divine cleansing will be yours unless it gets in the way of your free will.)
  • Divine Guidance – when you invoke your Reiki, your Reiki guides come too whether you have met them personally or not.  If you did not meet your Reiki guides during your Reiki classes, know that they are coming along with the Reiki.  They tell you what you need to know during healings.  They tell you which chakras need clearing, how to hold your hands and for how long and much more.  Ask them questions and they will gently and quietly give you an answer in a very ‘behind the scenes’ kind of way.  NOTE: Hold the intention to your Creator that only the Highest and most Sacred Reiki Guides of Love and Light may come to help you and they will come.  Ask Divine to allow you to meet them in a meditation for yourself and they will come in some way to let you know they are with you.
  • Divine Information – My Reiki guides are with me all the time, I intend it and so it is.  They give me any information throughout my day to make my life easier and more blissful.  It is up to me to pay attention, listen and follow it, or not.  Believe me, I rebel often and don’t follow the guidance they give and then I learn great lessons in the process.  My guides even let me know what color is the best for me to wear most days.  Then they also give me important information about my healing practice such as; the best days to teach my classes, hold special events, or to rest and not work at all.  They tell me which new clients to work with or which ones to refer out to other healers for both our greatest good. They also stop clients from calling for appointments when I need a break and let them back ‘in’ when I’m feeling better.  The list of the services my guides offer me is endless, I only need to ask them and they deliver. Over the years, they save me time, stress, worries and simply make my life go smoother.  They want our lives to be wonderful and they help us in any way they can to accomplish this without ever interrupting our choice of free will.  No job is too small, the more ethical we are in our work, the more guides of Love and Light will come and help us.  Just say THANK YOU!

So, maybe you can read these helpful tips that Reiki can accomplish for us easily and effortlessly and see right away how they can help you in your healing journey.  Personally, I don’t leave home without it.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

I love to hear from you with questions or comments in the comment section, your questions help others learn too.

In Love and Light,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

5 thoughts on “Use Reiki For EVERYTHING?

  1. Hello Josslyn,I am very thankful to you for the tips which are very useful to me. Just wanted to ask you how the Reiki guides can help in my job and business.wish you the bestthanks

    Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 20:42:14 +0000 To:

  2. Another fine post, Josslyn,
    Over the decades, my Reiki guides have been immeasurably valuable in a rich variety of settings and ways. You just never know until you ask and receive with gratitude.

  3. Blessings Indramala, thank you for your kind words and feedback. I am actually working on a blog about that very topic, working with Reiki in your careers even when they don’t seem very spiritual. You can help me. Email me at with some details of your job and I can use your job as an example in that blog about making our work more spiritual with Reiki. You will have the upper hand by getting first hand detailed ideas from me, because you commented here. I’d really appreciate the real world application if you feel moved to do this. Thank you for reading and commenting, I’m grateful, Josslyn

  4. Blessings Alpinelady,Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I’m so grateful for your input.
    I find, when talking to my students, that it is the asking of our guides that people forget to do. Or they don’t feel it’s acceptable to ask questions of their guides. I find it’s such a simple but easily forgotten thing to do. Simple ASK your guides for help, ask them a specific question and they have always answered me. I tell my students to be a kid again, be curious, ask all sorts of questions that truly apply to your Reiki, your life, your healing, and then wait and listen and see what happens. The quiet and listening may be the harder part once they get the hang of asking. Thank you for reading, I’m always so grateful for your support and knowledge. In Love and Light of our Divine Source, Josslyn

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