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Learn by Experience,Don’t Get Dumped On!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Are You Getting Dumped On?

Times are tough.  The economy is down.  Jobs are hard to find and get.  People are busy with holiday shopping.  People are stressed.  That means that those of us who are sensitive, empathetic and compassionate are probably experiencing a lot of ups and downs as well, and some of them NOT EVEN OUR OWN!!

The Energy of Stress

When people are stressed, knowing it or not, they feel the tremendous need to rid themselves of that stressful energy.  Stress is energy too.  One way people dump on others is by finding a compassionate friend or stranger, like YOU, and dumping their energy with you.  You probably know what this feels and looks like.  A friend comes over or you run into them somewhere around town ‘unexpectedly’.  They talk and talk and talk about their problems.  They say good-bye and leave.  Suddenly YOU feel horrible, irritable, even angry.  They dumped their stressed energy on to YOU!  It’s that easy.  It quite often is not even someone you know, but maybe the person next to you in line at the post office or drug store.

It Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

You don’t have to even know the person to have this happen.  If you are an overly compassionate person (Yes, I said OVERLY) then it makes you a target.  These ‘dumpers’ intuitively know how and who to dump their energy with.

Personal Experience

It used to be like a mine field for me to go out in public because I was unaware of this happening.  I’d go to the grocery store in a perfectly good mood, humming going about my business.  Then I’d wait in line next to someone I didn’t even know.  They would unconsciously dump their bad energy mood with me.  I’d take it in because I was so compassionate of a person, I wanted to HELP THEM.  Right!?  How many of you are HELPERS out there?  Yep, a lot of us.  By the time I’d walk to my car I’d be depressed, angry and ready to tear into someone.  I’d wonder, “Wow, where did this bad mood come from?  I felt fine when I went in to the store.”

Time to Change the Program

Use this HOW technique before going into a crowd every time.

This process could not happen at all if we did not allow it to.  Yes, that is right, I said WE are allowing it by being HELPFUL and OVERLY compassionate towards others.  As energetic beings it is not helping us or them for us to take this on.  But we do it because of our own personal and social programming.  Time to change our programming.  We are not helping others or ourselves by taking on their crap.  Period.  This is what we call, a lose/lose situation.  I will explain how to create a win/win situation for everyone involved.


How you may ask, do we do this?  (I love the HOW!  I’m all about the HOW!)

Kids love to work with the Oscar the Grouch visual. Teach them to send all the energy that needs healing from them or others into Oscar’s trash can. Then they can have Elmo or Big Bird with Divine’s help, fill them up with beautiful colors afterwards.

There are many ways to do this, but for a QUICK REIKI fix, here is what I do.  You can do this anywhere, anytime as often as you need to.  (O.k, NOT While driving, obviously, do not do this while operating any type of vehicle.)

In the beginning you may need to do this multiple times a day especially in stressful situations where you will be around a lot of people or in work situations where you help people, such as; therapists, healers, message therapists, etc.  The more helpful you are, the more sensitive you are to picking up other’s emotions, you’ll need to do this more in the beginning and at least once a day after that.  Whenever I’m going to be in a crowd of people I do this again, even if I did it in the morning before I left the house.  I do this before I leave the house or in the car before I get out, PARKED OF COURSE!.  In the winter time up here in the Pacific North West it’s cold.  So, while my car is warming up, I do this visualization to get me started and warmed up too.  Give it a try, it becomes easier the more you do it.


I imagine one of these long shower drains all around me like a moat. I send all energy that is not mine or that I no longer need down into the earth through this drain to be healed and turned back into Love energy. The Earth can do this or the angels can take it to the Light to be transformed.
  1. Call on Divine first to surround yourself with Love and Light.  With Reiki you’d do this during your Gassho.
  2. Visualize this Love and Light as a beautiful protective and loving color.  I imagine the Reiki energy flowing from my body and surrounding me with Reiki colored Love.  Any color you love will work.  White is often recommended but I find white can often times be too powerful or more than you need for every day use.  I usually like a soft off-white, pretty pink, yellow or blue to surround myself with.  I love color!  You can get creative and think of this color as an invisibility cloak or some other creative covering that works for you.  Opal works great for this too.  Surrounding yourself with stones. Have fun with visualizations.   Make them your own, personal to you.  Trust YOUR intuition as to what color you need that day.
  3. Ground yourself to the Earth.  There are infinite ways to do this; be the tree growing into the earth, a cord with an anchor, a beam of light, etc.  Lately I’ve been connecting to the rocks, crystals and lava within the earth to help me be one with our Earth and therefore grounded and flexible.  (The more intention, the more visualization you put into this the more powerful the connection will be.)
  4. Create a place to send the energy that you do not want.  Creating the intention of a recycling source for the energy that others send to you and for any energy of your own that you want to be recycled will help you to NOT take on the energy into your personal field.  We do not need to be ‘weighed down’ with other’s energies, do we?!  (Good visualizations for this could be a shower drain, toilet, mushrooms, hole to the earth, crystal cave, trash can maybe with Oscar the Grouch, or any other plant or physical manifestation of something that will take the energy away to the earth to be healed. The intention of the energy being healed is important.)
  5. Reaffirm the THREE parts to this whenever you meet up with someone who is trying to dump on you.  (Receive them with love and remember they are not consciously doing this, they just need relief.  Divine, Ground and recycle and their energy gets healed, your energy doesn’t take on crap you don’t need and every one is happy.  They feel better, you still feel good and you have helped them without taking on their stuff.  WIN/WIN. I do this every time I leave the house and then reaffirm the shower drain or the mushrooms all around my feet, kind of like a moat of cleansing and recycling all around me as needed.)
  6. Last and very important is to REFILL yourself and others with beautiful Love and Light of the Divine after the ‘old’ energy has gone.  This will help you to feel lighter, happier and more confident the more you do it.  With this you can imagine a Divine ball of Love and Light or Reiki above the other person’s head flowing into their crown and all through their body filling them up.  Again, be creative and intuitive and do what feels right for you or them.
These beautiful red mushrooms make a great visualization for recycling the energies you no longer want or others try to ‘give’ to you. They give me a happy feeling just looking at them which can help with your overall intention of Love while working with difficult people.


Mushrooms work as a great visualization for recycling energy, from other people or from yourself.  Imagine these beautiful red mushrooms surrounding you all around your feet at the bottom of your aura, inside and out.  All energy that is no longer helping us needs healing for whatever reason you choose.  Imagine it flowing down to the mushrooms.  They will, along with Mother Earth, cleanse, heal and return the energy completely recycled.  Again, you can do this for yourself or others.  When people are ‘dumping’ their problems on you by complaining, wining or arguing, you can imagine the energy flowing down to the mushrooms instead of at you.  Try it, it works.

Give this a try.  If you are sensitive to energy like me or tend to be a ‘helper’ or healer you will need this energy work daily.  I tell my clients, we take our trash out daily, why not our ‘trashy’ energy too!!

Feel free to contact me for help on learning how to take out the trash regularly and clearing any blockages you may have to following through with this technique.  I love to mentor new Light-workers!!

Love and Light to you,


14 thoughts on “Learn by Experience,Don’t Get Dumped On!

  1. Fabulous message Joss! And it could not be more timely as we enter the stressful holiday season.

  2. Thanks April, I’m so happy it helped you. The visualization really is pretty simple once you practice it a few times and it has made such a HUGE difference in my life that I felt the need to share. Pray all is well with you and your family, sending you all much Love and LIght of Reiki!

  3. Thanks for this reminder Joss. I felt more at peace immediately after following the steps (I had forgotten a step).

  4. Thanks for reading April. We forget that our energy body (spiritual body/aura) needs daily attention too, just as much if not more than our physical body. Both get ignored and both are crying out for a little attention. I have found that a little goes a long way but when I stop, I notice a BIG difference in how I feel. Thanks for following and doing again. Love and LIght to you and your family, they are so grown up now. Joss

  5. Hey Josslyn, thanks for sending me the link to your article. This happens to me all the time. I guess one of the problems with being a quiet introvert is that you automatically become everyone’s personal therapist or dumping ground. It’s gotten so bad that I find myself isolating just to keep from dealing with all that hectic energy. I’ll definitely try out your Reiki technique and see how it goes. Wishing you Love and Light _/\_.

  6. Thanks Andrea for commenting. This happens to me every day. Still does when I ‘forget’ to do the steps. I have to ‘forget’ every now and then so I can tell the difference when I remember. Doing these steps I can now go out in public, even large crowded events like basketball games or concerts and still be fine. Practice a lot before you attempt to be around trigger people in your life. Love and Light to you on your path, so happy I can help in some way. Joss

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  9. This article resonated really well with me. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Blessings rjFreund, so grateful this resonated with you. It makes my day l when my blogs are helpful, the true reason I’m writing them. And, if you practice the daily visualization it will help a great deal in NOT taking on other people’s stuff and you will feel better on all levels. I am so grateful this helped you, Love and Light to you, Josslyn

  10. Good morning! !!!!! I stumbled across your page “by accident”…. :)….although of course, I know the universe sent you to me! The date on your page showed up as 4/22, a significant date for me as it was the date a very significant person in my life passed. I know he is with me often.
    I have been struggling in my path alot for the past year and finding you feels like I can finally breathe again! !
    I am so happy and grateful you found me!
    With much love and gratitude,


    1. Blessings Ida, Grateful you found what you needed on my blog and I could be of service. I pray you are able to find what you need to move forward on your spiritual path in this life. In Love and Light, Josslyn

  11. I completely resonate with what you are saying Josslyn! i have a 12th house moon which means i’m affected emotionally by all kinds of psychic and emotional energy from my environment and other people so i need to find ways to not take this in to my energy field or body. i think that my 2 bouts with breast cancer are related to being affected by the emotions of others and taking in this energy without knowing how to deal with it. I feel somehow “responsible” for the emotional states of those around me. Thank you for helping me understand this better and for giving me permission to stop doing this! You are a wonderful role model for me and I am grateful to know you. <3

    1. Blessings Merala, Thank you as always for reading and being in my life as a client, student and friend. I’m grateful for you and yes, we have this in common too. Praying this information helps in some way to understand what is going on in your energy world and how to turn this ability into a true gift. The 5 minute visualization I taught you all in Reiki I has directly helped me with NOT picking up anyone else energies any longer and the Reiki has helped to teach me that it’s not my job to do so. It’s a process but a very worthwhile one. Much love to you on your journey, Josslyn

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