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Left brain or right brain? Does it matter?

Are you more a left brain thinker or a right brain thinker?

 Why should this matter in energy work?
I’ve found that in general, the people who “take to” energy healing, muscle testing and who do psychic work tend to be right brain thinkers.  If you think about this it makes sense because the right brain is for the more artistic/creative/visualization side and the left brain more for the logical/mental thinking processes.  The right brain thinkers have an easier time dropping their intention down into their heart to make decisions while the left brain thinkers tend to stay in their head.
We all need to be able to do both to be well-balanced.
Balanced is our goal!
Many times it’s our left brain logical side trying to “think too much” and get in the way of the intuitive information that is coming in through our creative right brain.  We get information about where to move our hands, which part of the body needs to be concentrated on, how long to stay in one place and much more.  If someone tends to be very left brained, if the information does not make sense to their left brain logical side, they will not follow the information they are receiving and they will not learn to listen to their intuition.
This does not mean that left brain thinkers cannot do Reiki, be psychics or good energy healers.  Some will take to it very easily, trusting their intuition, and with some it may take more effort, practice or need some help from a teacher.  My husband is a great example of a left brain person who is also a great healer.  Once he slips into the healing “zone” he’s a natural at it and lets his right brain lead.
Although some people may just say it is not for them and try something else and never do anything with the Reiki energy gift they have received.  It is all good and all part of the each individual persons journey.  However, with my belief that Reiki is a true gift from Divine and is literally for everyone, then I believe everyone can do it!  Sometimes the best things in life are worth the effort, and I believe that Reiki is totally worth the effort.
 I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  For some reason it keeps coming up for me in different ways and different situations.  That is why I felt sharing this information may be helpful to some of you.
Reiki Symbols
One aspect of Reiki that may help people who tend to be more left brain thinkers are the Reiki symbols.
The Reiki II symbols appeal to the left and right brain persons both!  They can be thought of as visual, creative and artistic by the right brain person while at the same time being processed by the left brain depending upon how you use them and intend them.
The Reiki symbols also help to keep the left brain busy with something to do while the right brain is bringing in the intuitive information that we need when we are working on a client, friend or ourselves with Reiki energy.  I found this particularly helpful as I was learning to trust my intuition in the beginning.  I found that not only did the Reiki energy flow better, stronger and more abundantly but so did the intuitive information.  My “logic” got out-of-the-way and allowed the flow to just happen.  The Reiki responded positively to this process for me.
I am more right-brained thinking, however, I have a side of me that is very logical and mathematical as well.  I like equations and things that make sense  (That’s my brain balance).  To me the symbols filled this desire in me and my brain.
William Lee Rand says “Reiki symbols are like keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness and manifestation.  Or they can be thought of as buttons; whenever you ‘push’ one, you automatically get specific results.”  That appeals to my logical side, use a certain symbol and the Reiki works for a certain intension.
There are other ways, other than the symbols, to keep your left brain occupied, such as, talking.  I have found that talking out loud helps keep the left brain busy.  (You don’t want to do this if the client is with you specifically for relaxation or straight Reiki because it will disturb them.)  When I’m receiving intuitive information and I start to tell the client all of a sudden more information pours through.  Also it helps to chant, count, or visualize numbers in my head.  This can be done without the client hearing or knowing or disturbing them.  Many different  brain activities can keep the left brain busy while the right brain brings in the information.  Find which one works for you. You will find with practice you can do both at the same time.  Try this the next time you do a healing on someone else and see if it doesn’t help.  Chant OM or count and let me know how it works.
Once you get the hang of trusting and allowing the right brain to do its thing, the left brain will not need these “tricks” to keep it busy any more.  You’ll know when the time comes.
These thoughts come from the heart of me wanting to be able to help all people who want to do Reiki and learn to work with energy successfully in their life.  I pray you all take this with that intention in mind.
In Love and Light,

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