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Reiki Process for Healing Grief, Trauma & Really Tough Moments

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA 


Hello Reiki Friends,

From a whole life of holding in everything hard from my life, stuffing it down or denying it; Reiki has taught me how to release it and heal it.  Reiki has given me the tools to live a better life.  Even in the toughest moments of grieving, this process has helped and has gotten me through the seemingly impossible and biggest healing opportunity of my life; losing my son and husband in a car crash in 2017.  Here’s a quickie version and a longer version down below of how I do this, every single time I’m grieving, feeling too much, thinking too much and down right just having a really tough day.  

I very much hope this helps someone.

Love and Light, 


Josslyn’s Reiki Process for Healing ALL OF THE HARD STUFF!!

QUICKIE VERSION – When you are in deep emotion, grief, trauma, judgement, anger, worry, stress, anxiety –these steps help me. A LOT!!

  1. STOP, BE in the emotions. YOU’VE GOT TO FEEL IT TO HEAL IT.
  2. DON’T JUDGE OR CRITICIZE YOURSELF. (Do not skip this step!)
  3. Acknowledge your feelings as yours or something you took on from others.
  4. BULLSEYE!! Realize that the EMOTION is pointing you in the direction of your next big healing opportunity.
  5. LEAN INTO THE EMOTION, REALLY FEEL IT, BE IN IT.  If you deny it or repress it, it’ll just come back stronger over and over and over again.  Let’s try something different now, lean into it instead.
  6. Mentally ask Reiki to heal it and IF it feels right, put your hands on and do Reiki on yourself where it feels good. 
  7. Reiki yourself until you feel a release and calmer.

So next time you are even a little bit emotional, DO this process.  If you start doing this process when you are just a little upset, then you will automatically go to it when you are very upset too.  Just a little thought asking Reiki to help is all you need.  


Longer Explanations if you want them-


  1. STOP, BE IN the emotions. YOU’VE GOT TO FEEL IT TO HEAL IT.   Our feelings also need to be witnessed in order to heal them.  But, many of us only show our emotions when we are alone.  But, when you have Reiki; Reiki, our Reiki Guides and our Soul Path Spirit Guide are witnesses to our deep emotion and healing process.  KNOW you are being healed and witnessed.  Now you can release it.  As you release in this way, it gets easier and easier, faster and faster. You can go from a person who has no idea HOW to release, to a person who releases easily and much more effortlessly.  It takes time to get this good at releasing trauma with Reiki, but you are most likely going to be doing it anyway, why not ask Reiki to help and really release it.   
  2. DON’T JUDGE OR CRITICZE YOURSELF. Many of us have been taught that emoting is bad and we are bad or unlovable when we do it.  But, it’s normal and natural to have feelings and we allow them for others even as we deny them for ourselves.  And, we cannot truly heal ourselves unless we FEEL THESE emotions we are so afraid of.  So, LOVE yourself where you are at RIGHT NOW! And, where you are at right now, may be healing trauma.  Feel it, heal it and move forward with more Love and Light in your body and soul. Over time of doing this process, we actually stop judging ourselves so much and just see the emotions or beliefs as another healing opportunity. We become less and less attached to the ‘badness’ of it all and just see the healing part.  It’s truly freeing. The process gets easier because the judgement and criticism part is a very painful part to the process. Release that and you release yourself from pain and suffering.
  3. Acknowledge your feelings as yours or something you took on from others. Even if these feelings are from another lifetime, even if they are from someone else at one point, you chose (consciously or maybe subconsciously) to take the energy on and learn from it.  Our soul chooses to do this until it gets so bad we can’t carry it any longer.  This is the lesson part.  When we hit ‘rock bottom’ so to speak and can’t handle the energy in our bodies, then we are ready to learn a new way to heal, release and be a happier version of ourselves. Accepting that the old self would take these energies on and carry them around is part of the process of healing; releasing that old part of ourselves that needed to fill a void with other energy.  Let’s fill that void with Reiki energy now and watch ourselves grow and expand in positive healing energy instead.  One step at a time.
  4. BULLSEYE!! Realize that the EMOTION or MENTAL BELIEF is pointing you in the direction of your next big healing opportunity. Once we realize that the emotion is just communication for what we are ready, willing and able to heal- it gets so much easier to not judge or criticize the emotion. It gives us spiritual empowerment over our own life. 
  5. LEAN INTO THE EMOTION, REALLY FEEL IT.    Feel the emotion. If you deny it or repress it, it’ll just come back stronger another time.  Let’s try something different now, lean into it.  Many of us were taught to STUFF IT or DENY it and then we carry it around for our whole life and actually, many lifetimes.  It creates dis-ease and over long periods of time it creates disease.  Let’s try a new way now.  Now that we have Reiki, we have an actual tool to heal this trauma. Reiki gives you the way to heal it, an easy way, a beautiful way, a simple way.  You cannot do it wrong, so let’s just DO IT!!
  6. Mentally ask Reiki to heal it and IF it feels right, put your hands on and do Reiki on yourself where it feels good. NO WRONG WAY TO DO THIS.  If the feelings are way too much and overwhelming for you at the time, all you have to do is create a thought “Reiki heal this emotion, heal the source of this emotion.” and Reiki will come and start running through you and start filling you up and sending the emotional energy you are ready to release, up to Reiki Source.  Reiki will do this automatically because it’s intelligent from our Higher Power of Love and Light and Reiki knows exactly what you need and what your soul wants.  WE JUST HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP.  That’s all.  Ask Reiki or someone who has Reiki for help. IF you have Reiki and calm down enough to lay hands on you, then do this.  REMEMBER – there is no wrong way to do Reiki, just ask and you shall receive.  Just do it!!
  7. Reiki yourself until you feel a release and calmer. While you are IN THE MOMENT, let’s just stay there until you feel better. Don’t cut it short if you at all can, stay until you are done.  I have found that with this process, after a big emotional healing, I’m not really tired and spent like I used to be when I didn’t have Reiki.  I used to be exhausted after a crying spell or a big emotional release, but not with Reiki.  I can finish my Reiki and immediately feel better, and go right about my life shortly after.  AS long as I do the Reiki until I feel it’s all gone and I’m done; calmer, released, thoughts are calm, energy is grounded- then I get up and go again.  It’s quite amazing. Reiki is quite amazing!!
  8. FILL UP WITH REIKI!! Reiki is always a higher vibration then the emotional energy you release so you have just healed yourself when you do this. Anytime we release or take out energy from ourselves, a space or anyone else; we must fill up with a higher vibration of energy right away.  If energy is taken out of a space (you or someone else or a room) and not filled up with Reiki, then the empty space creates a vacuum and pulls energy to fill it from the easiest and closest space; which may be energy we do not want there.  We know Reiki is a very high vibration so fill up with Reiki to be sure the healing is actually happening.
  9. DO THIS A MILLION MORE TIMES AND YOU ARE DONE. ENLIGHTENMENT IS A LONG PROCESS.  But, Reiki makes the journey much more beautiful!!

Do this every time you are feeling off balance mentally or emotionally or even physically and see how you feel better quicker, feel stronger knowing you healed it and it won’t come back (this energy will not come back), and more powerful knowing you are alchemizing energy.

Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else with Reiki and Psychic healing.

Love and Light,



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  1. I just found this in my email late at night. It couldn’t come at a better time. Thank you so much because it made me feel better.

    1. Hi Connie, thank you so much for reading AND for letting me know it helped you. I am doing my best to share with you all some of my Reiki tips that help me so much. Very grateful for you telling me it has helped you some too. Thank you, Josslyn

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