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Reiki I Grads – From College Students to Business Professionals

Reiki I Class
Reiki I Class Graduates on January 16, 2021


The first Reiki Class of 2021!  Congratulations to all of you Reiki I Graduates!  This class was so much fun to teach.  We had a wide variety of students ranging from a family of three to college students, doctors to business professionals!  It was so exciting to hear from our business professionals wanting to have a ‘Reiki’ business and offer Reiki Classes to their employees.  I can’t think of a better way to run a business than having Reiki at its foundation.   All these students will have the energy tools they need in navigating all that they do – from studying and testing in the classroom, family life, setting safe & sacred space, and healing themselves, others and the community.   We are off to a great start this year and look forward to seeing all of you on any of our upcoming Zoom Events!




Day 1 Reiki Self Healing, History of Reiki and How Reiki Heals

Reiki Self Healing is, to me, the most relaxing, blissful, connected to Creator thing that we can do for ourselves. It is indescribable. We do our best to describe it, but really, you just have to experience it.
I thought it was quite beautiful the way the light was streaming in Hannah’s window during her spirit guide meditation. Quite perfect.
The whole class, day one, Reiki healing on self. We get to BLISS OUT during class!! Reiki, best classes ever!!
Nikki, Reiki on self.
Co-Sensei Deborah doing her self Reiki as well.
Meeting our Reiki Guides meditation is one of the highlights to our class. This particular class was very interested in talking about spirit guides.
During quarantine, doing the Reiki Session on others is a bit more complicated. People living alone can’t just ask a friend to come over for touch healing. So, we get creative. Isabel is working on her dog, Ted. He was a very willing participant.
Eileen did Reiki sessions on her three cats. So much love, you can feel it here in this photo.
Nikki did Reiki on her dad, Rick.
Monica doing Reiki on her husband, Andrew. Then he returned the favor. The Reiki Sessions are where we get the most CONFIRMATION that the Reiki is running through us and it is helping and healing. And, we gain confidence by DOING a session so we can feel better about doing it without others helping us.
Hannah did Reiki on her dog, Jasmine. Jasmine LOVES Reiki!!
During the Reiki sessions, I watch the students in order to HOLD SPACE, be PRESENT and answer any questions that come up. There is no wrong in Reiki. I do not correct or criticize in any way. I’m holding space for their success and confidence to grow.
An animated discussion about his session. Feedback from our session clients is very important to our students. But, sometimes, when we are working on our dogs or cats, they give us their own kind of feedback.
Now Monica gets Reiki from Andrew. I can’t think of anything better for a happy marriage, then to do Reiki on each other. Well, maybe a massage with Reiki!!
Nikki is doing her closing Gassho, prayer of intention and gratitude.
The hand positions for Reiki vary from teacher to teacher. But, usually, they are over the chakras and the joints. But, intuition is your best teacher. Here Nikki is on her dad’s shoulders. People tend to carry a lot of stress on their shoulders. This is a very good area to do some Reiki on.
One of the things I love about teaching Reiki on Zoom from the student’s homes is that we get to meet their pets and have their pets involved in the class. We often will attune the pets also during the Reiki Attunement. That is what I call, a win/win!
We do a lot of sharing after meditations, Reiki sessions, the attunement and more. We learn so much from our fellow students and they each have so many different questions and perspective. Sharing is a big part of our learning in our Reiki classes. We also gain community, which is priceless.
congratulations!!! The handing out of certificates!!!

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  2. I’m so excited to see such a wide variety of people taking their first Reiki class! This goes to show you that Reiki is available to anyone and everyone! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Bren, yes, it’s exciting to see more people open to Reiki and all that goes with it, specifically WE ARE ALL ONE!! And, that having Reiki in our lives means manifesting the life we want, not just for hands on healing. So excited!! Josslyn

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