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The Hardest Times Bring Our Gifts Out….

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher & Owner of Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Thank you for helping me wish our new Reiki Practitioners a VERY BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THEM!!!!

These Reiki Students have been courageous, bold, inquisitive and just naturals at understanding and translating the intangible.  Most of all, these students are pure of heart and that’s all it takes.  Most of all, these Reiki Practitioners are ready to create a new world out of love.

Congratulations new Reiki Practitioners, Amber, Lauren, Kim, Tina, Andrea, Sica and Chana!! You are all heart centered and grounded in your use of Reiki. We are so happy to be walking beside you on this path.

2020 is an MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY YEAR.  A massive opportunity for crisis or healing and growing.  Are you grabbing it by the horns and tackling it to the ground and learning and healing all you can? Or is it getting the best of you and you’re just keeping your head above water? I understand.  It’s a very tough year.  Some days it gets the best of me too.  But, when you look back at 2020, have you mostly been in fear or mostly calm and centered? 

I can honestly say the hardest time do increase our abilities, our gifts and our quality of life, eventually.  It’s up to us. I can say this for sure because many of you know, some do not, I’ve been through the hardest of the hard when I said good-bye to my husband and 16 year old son in a car crash in 2017.  I’ve lived it,  survived it and rode the rollercoaster the whole time.  But, I rode it with Reiki by my side.  

2020 is easy for me in comparison to that first 3 years of grieving for my family and my life.  But, I also came out knowing I was stronger because of it and my healing abilities are better also because of it.  I have a more natural flow with the energy and the psychic information, my healing has gotten faster and easier and deeper.  I channel a wider bandwidth of healing vibrations and have stretched my emotional capacity to greater dimensions.  And this all translates in so many ways to be being a better teacher, healer, psychic and a better friend and mother.  But, I also had Reiki long before this all happened.  

Reiki is a very beautiful connection to the Higher Power of our own heart.


So, my point is not to brag, my point is that I KNOW because I’ve lived it.   2020 has that Healing Opportunity for ALL OF US LIVING IN THE LIGHT.  This years mission, if you should choose to accept it, could catapult you right onto your soul path or fling you far far away.  Don’t know what your mission is? Reiki will help with that as well.

The situations, emotions and karma that makes 2020 so hard (CHAOS!!), also makes it an extra-ordinary HEALING OPPORTUNITY!!  

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters.  One represents danger, the other opportunity.” John F. Kennedy

The key is, which one do you see each day when the ‘HARD’ hits?  And what do you do to get yourself from CRISIS to OPPORTUNITY?

Reiki is the beginning, the middle and the end!!! It’ll get you there.  But, of course, you have to DO IT!!


Our Reiki online classes in 2020 are a perfect example of this year being special.  The students seem to be more focused on their healing path, more grounded, more READY!!  All the students this year have seemed to be naturals at energy healing.  I believe, it is the time to access our healing gifts and so each person is just more READY.  

November’s Reiki II class was a perfect example of this.  Each student was so fluid in their understanding and working with the Reiki Symbols.  They just GOT IT and DID IT so IN the FLOW, very naturally.  It was beautiful to facilitate and beautiful to experience.  Every class with Reiki is special in it’s own unique way.  It’s the blending of souls that makes it so special and their own unique experiences that make them, them.  Then we take them all and meld all these Light-Workers together in one class and it’s truly MAGIC.  Couldn’t love my classes or Reiki more.

I recommend a Reiki Class NOW more than ever before.  If you’ve been thinking about it, NOW is the time.  We have one more Reiki beginner class in 2020.  Saturdays, December 5th and 12th from 10am to 6:30pm online on Zoom.  $225.  To get on your soul path, it’s the bargain of the century.  Starts next week, call us now.  360-460-7829. . Push through any fear and DO IT ANYWAY!!  All of our class prices are going up in 2021.  Our classes are much more thorough and less expensive then others.  Monday, November 30th is the last day to sign up for this class.  But, we will have more in the new year.  



Josslyn Streett



2 thoughts on “The Hardest Times Bring Our Gifts Out….

  1. Beautiful Josslyn! Thank YOU for being an amazing teacher! ❤️

  2. Thank you Andrea, I feel blessed to teach Reiki and have you as one of my students. Incredible people in our lives is another gift Reiki brings. Love and Light, Josslyn

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