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Psychic Slumber Party

Psychic Slumber Party –    TOTALLY NEW AND FUN EVENT                                                                                                                    Theme for February – MAKE ROOM FOR LOVE                                                                                                                                                                     Saturday, February 20th, 11am to 5pm, (PST)  $155

We will create the ambiance of a ladies slumber party with our Reiki intention and any accessories you choose; tiaras, bindis, temporary tattoos and more.  All to get together to also heal, share, do some cool psychic stuff and release the old so we are able to step into a new and more accessible place to find love in our lives.  We will find out our old beliefs about love and heal them, find out why we choose the people in our lives in the past and move forward, we might do energetic past life divorces or some other fun psychic healing.  The group will lead the class and what we do and how we do it.  We’ll be in the flow and go where the Divine Healing energy takes us.  We will also learn about how to STOP attracting narcissists into our lives and how to better protect ourselves.  This event will be a few times a year with same or different theme, it’s up to us, and our Divine Guidance what we want to do in these slumber parties.  Whatever we do, we will be releasing a lot of old energy to make room for more LOVE!

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