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First Online Healing Workshop for Your Immunity & Intuition -MONDAY, April 20th from 5pm -9pm

From Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Our goals for these series of workshops is to help you feel empowered to feel strong and intuitive to make good decisions for you and your family, to know intuitively what your body needs and to be able to have healing techniques to do something about it.  We are here to continue to support you via phone, email, FB and FaceTime or Zoom for Q&A, continued intuitive healing or readings or mentoring.  Supporting our community is what propels us forward each and every day.
We are teaching our first online Zoom workshops this Monday, April 20th, 2020
(Explanation of event below)
***Call us or email us if you would like to get in on the workshop or future workshops/classes.  Our phone number is 360-460-7829 and our email is . (This is different from our blog email list)
Each workshop is $36 during quarantine and as long as we are being told to do this for less (Down from our usual workshop price of $50)
Note- no one is ever turned away.  If $36 is too much at this time because you are not working due to the virus, please call Bren at 360-460-7829 and talk to her.  We will ask Divine Guidance and decide for each person on a case by case basis.
These workshops will be ALL IN ONE.  Meaning, they will be healing youteaching you to tap into your intuitive abilities, teaching you HOW to intuitively heal yourself and be in community with like minded people.
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuition Teacher and owner of Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center for 11 years will be your teacher for this workshop. 
IF you want to be psychic or work on your intuitive abilities – THIS IS THE CLASS – I will not be teaching a Psychic class right now because I’m rolling it all into these workshops.  The best way to learn that you ARE psychic is to DO IT.  In these workshops we will be DOING it every time in a non-confrontational way that feels safe to everyone.  So, If you had wanted to sign up for my Psychic Circle Class, take as many of these new workshops as possible.  Then take them again and again. Your intuition will grow and improve and you’ll be trusting it much more.
In these workshops we will be running Reiki, doing Reiki Psychic Healing, ThetaHealing and more.  Reiki is not a requirement to get the benefits from these workshops.  But Reiki makes any healing opportunity better, deeper, safer, more connected to your Creator. Reiki makes the healing more powerful and always respects your soul’s free will and soul contracts.  Everyone taking this workshop who does have Reiki will be running their Reiki so that everyone who does not have Reiki will also be able to receive it and ‘piggy back’ on it IF YOU SO CHOOSE.
Empowerment 1–Focused on staying healthy and calm during quarantine or essential work.  
In this workshop we will be psychically pulling from your physical and energetic bodies, plus your subconscious, the fear and other lower vibrating emotions and beliefs that keep us vulnerable to the fear of the virus, and pulling the actual energetic virus. (We will be pulling four viruses: Coronavirus, Sars, Epstein Barr and Influenza). Then we will be downloading positive beliefs and emotions to support your subconscious in order to attract healthier situations in life. This workshop will be different every time and we recommend, during the virus outbreak, taking this workshop once a month.  These workshops will be interactive – you will contribute the fears and other emotions that have been predominant for you at this time.  Also, we will be exploring hexes that get stuck in your subconscious from media, social media, medical personnel, movies, books, and TV.  You will be leading us on which ones have been the most hurtful to you, and we will pull them psychically and send them to Creator. (Blog about this workshop-www./
We are very excited!! Hope to see you soon!!

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