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Reiki At Work – New Blogs About Making Any Job More Spiritual

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Lets face it, many of us light workers would love to work in a field where we feel fulfilled and spiritual every day.  However, the reality is that we are at the very beginning of major change on our planet.  Therefore, many of us are still in jobs that pay the bills, but maybe don’t quite fill the soul.

Business Experience

My husband and I have both worked in cutthroat businesses and have had experience with not feeling like our jobs are in our highest good.  I wish I had known Reiki back then.  But, with his support, I was able to get out of that arena and follow my true spiritual path to be a healer/reader/teacher, guided by Divine Source all along the way.

New Blogs to Help With Work

I’m starting a new category of blogs for those of you who need to be ‘bringing home the bacon’ in a way that may seem less than satisfactory to you.  A question I get asked quite a bit is “HOW do you make a not so spiritual job, feel more spiritual?”  That is the question I will be answering in this new series.  Please help me with this by commenting below this blog, with what your current job is and asking me ways to bring Reiki in to help you feel better about your daily work.  Give me specific troubles you are having, the type of job it is and/or situations you find yourself in where you’d like to bring Reiki in to help.  I’ll do my best to answer as many of them as I can.  If you do not want to comment for the world to read, feel free to email me at .  I love hearing from you.

In Love and Light,

Josslyn Streett

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