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Energy Healers Circle, Hand Massage

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

We had another great Energy Healers Circle today.  Healers of all sorts on the Peninsula coming together to learn, support and refer for each other, it’s AWESOME!  If you are a healer on the Olympic Peninsula and you want to get to know other healers, email me and I’ll put you on the list.  It’s an old group going through some changes and we are really excited about local healers working together and learning from each other.

HealersCircleMay2014,2Hand Massage

Today, Carleen Godwin, retired massage therapist,  taught us how to relax just about anyone with a simple hand massage.  This technique is simple to learn, anyone can do it confidently and I am proof of that.  Evidence suggests even a simple ten-minute hand massage can go a long way in helping people with dementia feel calmer and more connected with others and their immediate environment.  (Suzuki 2010)

HealersCircleMay2014,1We all got a massage and we all got to practice too.  It was really great.  Especially for me, I had two people working on me at the same time.  Oh yeah!!

Share and tell your healer friends, we would love to see many more healers join us the third Friday of every month at 9am.  We have different learning topics each month and opportunities to get to know each other.  This has been a goal of mine since I moved here five years ago, I’m just really grateful to have found these amazing women.  Looking forward to meeting more.

Blessings, Joss or 360-460-7829

3 thoughts on “Energy Healers Circle, Hand Massage

  1. Hello,I live very far away from Peninsula, I live in Mauritius found in the Indian Ocean. I am a massage therapist too and a healer also.I found your website once and was very amazed to read about how you can see people’s past lives by just laying hands and letting the Devine Energy flow. I kept reading and reading. Wish you most and more.Thank you, lots of love and light

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  2. Hi Indramala Mungroo, Thank you for reading. I’m always grateful when I find people reading and learning from my blog so far away. I have clients all over the world and do not have to lay my hands on them to read past lives, I read the energy from them. I do work long distance over the phone, Skype or email. I’m quite often amazed by what energy can do through me too. I know of many healers who can do this, it is not unusual at all for psychics to be able to read the information about past, present and future lives but it seems to be my specialty, or maybe just one of my big interests. I’ve always found it fascinating how we carry so much emotion with us from other times until we deal with it and heal it. My interest keeps me researching more, learning more and healing myself and others continuously so I can understand more. It is never boring, that is for sure. Please contact me if you would ever like to try a Reiki healing with a reading for yourself. Open yourself up to the possibilities, maybe you will start seeing/feeling this kind of information while you are massaging people too. Anything is possible. Do they teach Reiki in your area? Maybe consider taking a class and adding Reiki to the abilities you can offer your clients. Reiki adds on with massage very nicely.
    Thank you again for reading and commenting, I’m very grateful people are actually reading my little blog, it makes me smile. Keep up with the work you are doing, which is highly beneficial and healing to people and very much needed. Many Blessings to you, Josslyn

  3. Indramala Mungroo, I thought you might find this older post about a massage therapist interesting. I did. It’s a moment in my life I remembered and wrote about. Many Blessings to you, Josslyn

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