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Congratulations to 6 New Reiki I Students!!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I’d like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my recent beginning Reiki I class.  Each class comes together for a reason that usually becomes clear during the process of the class through sharing and healing.

May 2014 Reiki I class (minus two camera shy) CONGRATULATIONS TO Katie, Michael, Kimberly, Stephanie, Chris and Linda.
May 2014 Reiki I class (minus two camera-shy) CONGRATULATIONS TO Katie, Michael, Kimberly, Stephanie, Chris and Linda.

The Love of Family

One of the themes for this class was clear before we even started, the love of family.  Two of my own cousins, who also happen to be husband in wife, were students in the class as well as two sisters and a student who is related to another of my students.  The love in the room was palpable and it affected each of us in very spiritual and emotional ways.  I felt the energy very powerfully, especially during the attunements and the practice healing.

Spiritual Guidance

One of the other themes that brought this class united was all of our interest in spiritual guides, also called Spirit Guides, Reiki Guides, and many other names.  The whole group really woke up and had a ton of questions when it came to this topic so we spent a lot of extra time talking about and explaining techniques in working with one’s Reiki guides.  This is not a normal part of original Reiki class, but it is in my opinion a very important part of doing any spiritual work, including Reiki.


And, the more we practice our Reiki, the more chances we have to expand out ability to work with our guides.  In Reiki I class we do a meditation to introduce us to our guides.  If the group shows special interest like this one, I teach a special technique that I created for myself years ago to make sure we bring in the Highest and most Enlightened source of Reiki Guides only.  We only want to work with the best of the best to get the Highest Form of information.

This is also one of the benefits to the two-day Reiki I class, we have the time to expand on the subjects that interest each class the most.  Each class is so unique, I’m so immensely grateful for being able to do this work, and personalize it too.

To all Reiki students, a reminder, Reiki class only gives you the tools to do Reiki, it is up to you to USE THE TOOLS GIVEN TO YOU!  DO your Reiki every day and you WILL see changes.  You will grow spiritually and heal physically, emotionally and mentally.  It is your choice.  Your free will.


Blessings to all of my students, you literally light up my life,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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  1. Soooooo true! Awesome!!!

  2. Thanks Tracey, it’s so nice to have a cheering section for our Reiki students. Thanks for being that!! Joss

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