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Throat Chakra/Thyroid Healing

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

“I have hope, I feel elated and full of light.”

In general I believe in cleansing and healing daily ALL chakras to keep them clear and balanced.  But, quite often through our healing journey we find that we are working a bit harder on a particular chakra at that time in our lives.  Do not ignore the other major chakras, but it’s good to give a little extra attention to those chakras that you are feeling very strongly need your help.

Throat Chakra Indications

It usually happens quite naturally, as you will notice that all of a sudden BLUE is now your favorite color for clothes, jewelry, game playing pieces and such, when usually you’re a green person.  This is a good sign that you are clearing issues with your throat chakra.  You will also find that you all of a sudden are being challenged with communication issues, verbally, mentally, emotionally and even electronically.  The Universe will offer you great learning opportunities for working through your throat chakra issues, like relationships that need talking through, clearer communication at work or sore throats for a whole season or even for years of seasons.  Another is, when you all of  a sudden find out that you have a physical illness in a particular area of a chakra, such as the thyroid.  A thyroid disorder is a clear indication of throat chakra issues that have been going on for a long time without resolve.  Maybe you are healing lifetimes of issues.  Time to heal those for good.  If you have become aware of them, then THIS is the time for you to heal them.  You are now awake to these issues, you cannot ignore them anymore.

How to Heal Your Throat Chakra Issues

Tip: Run Reiki with and before any healing modality to surround yourself with the power, protection and support of the Reiki healing energy.  Healing comes in many varieties and Reiki can aid you in all of them.

Lapis heart to love and heal the throat chakra. Lovely.
  • Run Reiki on your throat chakra daily, or twice daily if you have the time.  (Giving this area special attention and INTENTION will help to focus the healing and thus make it stronger and faster.)
  • Journal, blog, write poetry or song.  (Writing is a form of creative communication and can be extremely healing for your throat chakra.)
  • Sit in meditation and visualize stunning clear blue light cleaning, healing and balancing your throat chakra.
  • Wear blue stones to help heal the area.  Choose one YOU are drawn to.  (Throat Chakra stones fairly easy to find: Lapis Lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise, sodalite, blue lace agate, blue kyanite, blue calcite, chrysocolla, amazonite, blue argonite, tanzanite, larimar, hemimorphite, blue halite, celestial aura quartz, blue tourmaline.)
  • Repeat an affirmation that makes sense to YOU and feels right to YOU. Here is the one I use “I have hope, I feel elated and full of light.”
  • Use special essential oils prepared for your throat chakra. (Such as: frankincense, rose, jasmine, rosewood, elemi, sandalwood, neroli and ylang ylang)
Listen to your body and your guides. Face your communication fears and before you know it you’ll have a very happy Blue Throat Chakra!
  • Pray and heal with Divine Source and your spirit guides.  (Ask Divine Source to send you the Highest Spiritual Order of throat chakra healing Masters to help you and give you guidance as to how to heal you.  Then listen. Listening is the hard part.)
  • Play with your nature spirits. (Place a plant next to your bed at night and ask Divine Source to send healing fairies to help heal your throat chakra.  When you ask, they will come. )
  • Listen to your body.  Most of all, listen to your body and when those learning situations come up in life, don’t back down, use them as an opportunity to expand and heal yourself.  Face your fears.  Soon enough you will move onto another color and another chakra, one at a time.  That’s how it’s done.

In Love and Light,

Josslyn Streett or 360-460-7829

12 thoughts on “Throat Chakra/Thyroid Healing

  1. Well now I know why I pick certain colors when we play the train game. 🙂

  2. LOL, yes Brooke! I usually am a green player peg person but this year it’s been all about the blue; blue clothes, blue game pegs, blue jewelry, etc. This year I’m working particularly on my throat chakra. It’s a clue to how you are feeling, if you listen. I noticed it first with my closet. I always let my intuition guide the colors I wear each day and this year, most days, BLUE! Allow and see what colors you choose. Then ask your self why and see where it goes. Thanks for reading and commenting my friend. Joss

  3. Hello dear Josslyn,

    Thank you for your writing, it touches and helps me deeply. It’s been more or less 6 months that I have lost my voice. It comes back from time to time, but is always hoarse. I get sick all the time, cough and have pain in the neck (yep, thyroid propably). Evidence is clear : throat chakra is deeply disturbed. I repeat enlightening sentences and massage the neck everyday. I meditate mindfully to feel and listen to the pain…But still pain is evolving, changing rather than going away. I understand that this is deeper than I thought.
    I want to learn Reiki, what else can you tell us about throat chakra healing with reiki ?


  4. Thanks so much Andra for your comment and for reading, I’m so grateful. And, I LOVE your name, how beautiful it is. I’m feeling some ancestral and past life issues both with your throat chakra. I would recommend a personal healing for yourself because at this point it gets very specific to you. If you cannot afford a personal healing then keep working on it yourself with whatever sources you have; stones that can be worn daily, meditation works wonders, Divine energy focused on your throat, be open to ALL good things, all Divine healing taking place at that chakra. You can sign up on my Facebook page also for free long distance healing by me. Go up to the right side of my blog and click on fb if you want to be a friend to Rain Shadow Reiki. Then just post me if you’d like to be on the ld list. What I’m getting right now as I’m tuning in to you, I actually feel like there is another chakra involved as well, solar plexus, I’m seeing yellow too. The issue for you is linked to both chakras but the throat is manifesting it physically the most. Some personal stuff is coming up that I don’t want to put here. Please email me if you would like to investigate this further. I highly recommend you take a Reiki class, then you can work on this issue with your own Divine healing energy. Feel free to email me about this as well. Happy to help. Love and Light to you on your healing path. Thanks so much for reading, commenting and following.

  5. Great post, I have a thyroid goitre and am looking for a wider variety of perspectives on the development of this condition than is given to me by the Western medical profession. Do you have any other information about what causes thyroid problems from a spiritual/energetic perspective? Any help or referrals would be much appreciated.

  6. Thanks Leowfactor for reading and for commenting. I might start by recommending that you look into past life issues you may have had in regards to the throat chakra. Many times how we passed or were killed in a past life has a lot to do with physical illness in this life. The throat is a particularly sensitive area for this. Once we are aware of the life, heal the issues around it and do cellular level healing on our current physical cells, then healing can take place on all levels NOW. A disease or dis-ease in the body comes for many years of an issue continuing without being heard, or many lifetimes. Listen to your body and what it needs to heal that area. You may be surprised by what you hear it say. If you are not used to listening to your body in that way then find an intuitive healer like me or I have many other excellent healers who all work over the phone too, listed on my links page who can help you get some clear insight into the issues with your throat chakra. Another recommendation is to check out the thoughts that you are sending to your body. Many people don’t realize how many negative thoughts we truly send to our body each day. Even a personal trainer might be sending a few thoughts to their throat area that do not correspond to the rest of their body. I have found excellent ways to change these thoughts once we are aware of them, a few are: Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Psychology, EMDR, and Neuro-Emotional Technique and Hypnotherapy. You can google these and find practitioners all over the place. Reiki can be done over the phone which is nice, anywhere. EFT can often be done over the phone too. My last recommendation is to check out my links page for a healer names Margaret McCormick. Go to her site, read the section on Entity Removal and see how it feels to you. This is a common issue that many don’t know about and can help a great deal. Good luck, please feel free to email me or comment again if you need help. I’m available for appointments over the phone or Skype. Love and Light to you, sending blessings to your beautiful and amazing throat chakra!

  7. Thank you for a very informative article on your lovely site, Josslyn 🙂 I feel that I have FINALLY found the site that I was looking for! I am going to get started on healing my (very blocked) throat chakra (thyroid issues!) today 🙂 Keep on smiling 🙂

    1. Thanks Gilly, grateful for you reading and commenting to let me know my work is speaking to you. Blessings to you on your healing path, Josslyn

  8. Thank you.

    1. Blessings Rose, grateful you are reading and commenting. Josslyn

  9. thankyou that was very helpful, I really appreciate it

    1. Thank you for reading Sam. Blessings, Josslyn

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