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Clearing Religious Patterns in 2020

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in WA, USA

Confirmation of Ordination 

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST ATTUNED MINISTERS: Molly, Steph, Michelle, Lauren, Jeanine, Bonnie, Susan, Sharon, Bren and Cheryl !!!

This healing workshop is very special to me.  At the right time in my healers journey, it helped me clean and clear a whole lot of Religious issues from past lives and this life as well.  But, mostly, it helped me to feel totally and completely worthy of being a Minister to serve my Creator in the way I’ve chosen to in this life.  (In many states a Ministers license is required to do hands on healing work for payment.)

My Reiki Teacher, Catherine Morris, wrote this healing class.  It so profoundly changed how I felt and how I viewed being a minister.  After the cleansing of the Violet Fire Meditation, clearing and healing of karma through the blessings of the rose water meditation and being attuned to the frequency of Minister by God, I walked out of that workshop, holding the vibration of Minister wholeheartedly and confidently.  It was a life changing class for me.  Since I was able to get permission and instruction from Catherine to facilitate this healing workshop, it’s been life changing for my students as well as me.  We are all healed by this process.   

I had the privilege to facilitate this experience again for ten new ministers this year, October 27th, 2020.  

In 2020 we have a unique opportunity to release an extreme amount of ‘old’ energy that is no longer serving us.  Stuff we have been working on ALL THIS LIFE and more, we are ready to release it.  Much of this just takes,  SHOWING UP!! Just ‘showing up’ for healing, meaning DOING IT, is usually enough to release it quickly and gracefully.  IF we are in our Light and living our lives in the Light it is a natural process of recognizing what is ready to go, doing Reiki or other healing modality and a great deal of energy is releasing.   So, this workshop was EXTRA EXTRAORDINARY!! That’s my word for this year!!  It seems to fit.

It was my honor to facilitate this years Minister Attunement for ten beautiful souls who are on their healing path in a most honorable way.  Their hearts are pure and their path to healing shows it every step of the way.  I’m so proud of these students of energy.   The rest is told in pictures.  

Thank you for reading and helping me to congratulate our Reiki Healers, now, Reverends. 

Blessings to all,



A white candle in the center and one candle for each of the seven chakras around it. We work with essential oils in each candle which doesn’t translator as well over Zoom, color healing and other vibrational energy healings like Reiki,  to help us bring in the vibration of minister to each student at the end of the workshop. I facilitate the attunement through Creator.
This was my first time facilitating this healing workshop over Zoom. Although I do believe many of these healing workshops are better in person, I was very pleased and surprised at how powerful the healing was for each student in this class. It was our biggest class and in the year 2020 we are truly ready to do big releasing. So, I feel confident in saying, this healing workshop was JUST as powerful and beautiful on Zoom as in person. Some of these ladies are very far away from me and wouldn’t be able to take the workshop if it wasn’t on Zoom. So, I will continue to offer it on Zoom even after quarantine is over.
CONGRATULATIONS NEW MINISTERS!!!! YOU NOW HAVE THE VIBRATION OF MINISTER DOWNLOADED TO YOU BY GOD AND THE FEELING AND KNOWING IN YOUR HEART, BUT HERE IS YOUR CERTIFICATE TOO!!! We all like certificates, someone it says in 3D what we already know to be true in our hearts. LOL, were so human!!
I rarely use candles as a part of my classes rituals, except for this class. It’s special.
The blessed rose water for the clearing karma ceremony was made from the purple/pink roses that were planted in honor of my son, Robby, by his girlfriend after his passing. There were three blooms end of October ready, willing and able to be a part of this very important event.


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