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Deep Healing in Reiki I Class

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA


Our Zoom classes and going great.  With most people quickly on board with online socializing, classes are filling up and this is JUST IN TIME!!  In this months Reiki I class many of the students felt very deep healing happening even in their first self Reiki session.  They practiced all week before the next class and many reported then, also having very deep healings.  What felt right to us is that this year, 2020, there are many opportunities that Reiki Source is giving us to heal.  This is an extreme healing opportunity year, and this month, October, IS THE BIG MONTH!!  We can think of it as hard, painful, challenging OR we can feel it in ourselves as an opportunity to release deep and old wounds that are boiling to the surface.  We in class decided to live like these are massive healing opportunities and GO FORTH AND REIKI OURSELVES A LOT!! A LOT A LOT!!!!

Reiki yourself as often and as much as you can with the intention to release any and all energy that is not yours, not serving or teaching you any longer, any and all energy that is ready, willing and able to go as your soul chooses.  Even five minutes of Reiki here and there can release a lot.  When you thank the Universe for these massive healing opportunities then put action with the gratitude, be ready to feel lighter.  Be ready to feel better.  Be ready to move forward on your path in a more confident way.  Reiki is EMPOWERMENT!! 


These ladies are not beginners to energy at all.  And, a few of them were retaking Reiki over again after years, to refresh and learn new information.  Many of these ladies are energy healers already in different modalities.  This is exciting for me when this happens because the questions are deeper and more specific and we get to wade into a whole new level of discussion about energy.  Of course, this is my favorite topic EVER, so I loved the class.  I feel everyone got a lot out of this Reiki class.  I’m so grateful for these ladies for teaching me and my teachers so much as well.  Reiki truly is a win/win for everyone involved.

Blessings all, Josslyn

P.S. If you want to participate in our online Reiki and or Psychic workshops or classes, just email us at and talk to Bren our Office Manager.  She’ll be happy to tell you what is coming up.  All our classes are small and intimate and FUN!!!

When class is on Zoom during a quarentine, we have to be creative. If a student is not able to get a real person to come and allow them to practice on them, they we use stuffed animals as surrogates. It works beautifully.


This hand position is good for 3rd eye, eyes, sinus cavity, headaches and stress. And much more.


Debra is working with her Unicorn to send Reiki to her friend.


Andrea is holding her hands on the throat chakra to heal her bear and her friends communication center.


Sica was able to get her mom to come in and be her Reiki practice person. Her mom said it was the best Reiki she ever had. And, since she’s a client, I know she’s had some really good Reiki sessions.


We have a lot of fun in Reiki class. I”m not sure why we were laughing here, but we were having a good time for sure. Our Reiki I class is like two days at a spiritual spa. Lovely.


Sica and her mom talk about the session. This is when the student gets some good confirmation that they were, indeed, doing something very different with their hands. The receiver always feels the positive effects of Reiki. In every single class I’ve taught, they always feel better afterwards.



4 thoughts on “Deep Healing in Reiki I Class

  1. This was such an amazing class to be apart of. Such an amazing group of ladies! It was an honor to learn from Josslyn. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested or even curious about Reiki.

    1. THANK YOU ANDREA!!! We LOVED having you in class. I personally love being at the beginning of a person’s awakening and healing path with Reiki even though it usually isn’t the total start, it’s the beginning of their Reiki path a lot of times and it’s so exciting. I know how Reiki can help a person get on their path, be a healer however they want to be a healer and open them up to a real tangible connection to their Higher Power, because Reiki has done all that for me. And, of course, heal us in all those ways and more. So, I’m very excited for you and to be a witness in however you choose us to be, to your soul path. POSSIBILITIES!! Love and Light to you, Josslyn, Molly, Deborah and Susan, (your Sensei for Reiki in this class)

  2. Such an inspiring, informative, and light-filled class! It’s amazing how powerful and effective this can be even online. I learned so much and have been using Reiki on myself every day (which has been wonderful). Thank you for offering this change to deepen our healing!

    1. Blessings and Gratitude Sica, We are so grateful you liked the class and felt it was worth your time and energy. There is so much going on right now, some people may think they don’t have time to do this, but then many, like you, realize that this could add so much to their life to help them, that they can NOT take the class. I feel that way but I know how powerful Reiki is in my life. But, you and other students knowing that before the class, that’s inspired. I’m grateful you knew that and did it. And, I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to teach all of you amazing light-workers. This is what I LOVE!! It brings so much love and light to me and all of us Teachers at RSR. THANK YOU THANK YOU, so very grateful. Love that you are doing Reiki every day. Good for you!! Josslyn

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