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We are planning to teach a very rare, first time ever, TEEN REIKI CLASS just for girls.
I am only going to charge $50 of the normal $200 because I really want these teens to SHOW UP and LEARN REIKI!!
This is a great opportunity to meet other like minded, open hearted teen girls like you.
This is a great opportunity to learn how to heal yourself, your pets, and others.  Reiki is amazing for helping us through the challenging and most stressful times of life and helps us handle life with less anxiety and more hope.
Because some of our students are college students away for much of the year, we will teach this class Thanksgiving weekend.  We have four students so far, can take up to 8 or 10.
WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, November 24th & 25th. 9am to 6pm both days
Read more about REIKI I CLASS 
Please feel free to email or call me about any questions for this class. I want everyone to feel very safe in coming and participating. 360-460-7829. 
I’m really excited about this,

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