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New Long Distance Experiential Workshops – HUGH SUCCESS!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Testimonials at the bottom of the page-

Class taught Online as well-

I am thrilled to report that our first experiment into EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOPS went great!!  Our goal is to help our students be more confident in their Reiki practice so they will use it more in their lives, progress confidently and feel more fulfilled with Reiki in their lives.  I believe we accomplished our goal.

We did a three night workshop, one week apart each for practice.  We were able to meditate and do two long distance healings with different intentions each night.  Plus we had time for questions and sharing.  It was amazing.  Everyone grew, expanded their belief boxes and pushed themselves beyond what they already knew.  I’m so proud of each of them, they WENT FOR IT!!

LOL, as usual, we are all doing our own thing.  I don’t even know what we are trying to symbol here, but I was doing WONDER WOMAN POWER, but it looks more like angel wings which I like too.  We also held some of the symbols of the Ascended Masters and Guides that helped us with this workshop.  Powerful healing, powerful group of healers.  AWESOME!!

The Long Distance Reiki Symbol is infinite, just like Divine Source.  This symbol is so expansive, sometimes it can be intimidating to students.  This workshop was geared to make working with the symbol like working with a friend.

We will be doing more of them, in person as well as online, so watch for them.  If you are not on our Rain Shadow Reiki email list getting monthly emails about classes and workshops, email me at and I’ll add you.  As long as you can show me you have a Reiki II certificate or are my student, you can join us.(Testimonials at the bottom)

We are either growing and expanding or were stagnating.  Which do you prefer?



Dianne, from Sunshine Cafe, catered a impromptu taco salad dinner that HIT THE SPOT after hours of energy work.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! THANK YOU DIANNE!! 


“I took this workshop to renew my connection to Reiki and the people. I knew it would be interesting and fun and it was. It was also powerful. I made connections with parts of myself that I had not known before. I also learned that there were parts of me that I didn’t know about. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in self growth and/or helping others.

It is fun!”

Noel from Sequim, WA

“This workshop taught us many ways to send Reiki, and how to do some deep self-healing. I needed the self-healing reminder. Holographic healing is my favorite right now. Back chakra work this way is a lot easier.   I can’t wait for the next workshop! This has helped me feel more confident and comfortable in my ability to send/do LD Reiki.  I would definitely recommend this workshop, like I said I can’t wait for the next workshop.”        A. B. from Sequim, WA

“I attended workshop 3 of 3 only, so was afraid I had missed too much but NO! We worked on Shadow Self and I was amazed at what I saw. Truly amazing. Reiki and the symbols can be used anywhere, any time and for all things! Excited to take part 1 & 2 of this workshop.” Bren from Sequim, WA

“This was a new experience learning to do long distance Reiki. I did not know how many different things that could include, space, time, back to inner child, etc. It was a real learning experience that I will keep on using.” Carol K. from Sequim, WA

(Would I recommend this worship to someone else?) “Absolutely!! I am so grateful to have been able to attend all 3 days. I felt held safely in the container that was created. I loved the way we were brought into space each time through a grounding meditation. I loved beginning our long distance Reiki practice on ourselves first. We did 2 practices and it was done with enough time, sharing, presence. I also appreciated the 1stday intro and guideline instructions. I wish I was around more as I would definitely participate in other workshops. I feel the long distance Reiki is an amazing resource for trauma work – a gentle way for people to come into relation with themselves.” Cheryl S. from Arizona

“This was extremely helpful. I feel that I have gotten the tools & methods I need at this time to continue my healing process & my Reiki journey. (Need to practice a lot!) I would recommend this workshop to those who also want to deepen their practice & feel a desire to send healing energy to their spirit family & community, which is why I took this workshop. I hope to use what I have learned to advance the uplifting of those I am meant to help & serve.” Laurel from Port Angeles, WA

“This workshop is amazing. I loved being able to explore and practice the nuts and bolts of long distance healing in a safe gathering among people I love and feel comfortable with.  My favorite was learning to do healing on myself by bringing in myself as a holographic body. It was very freeing and enables me to reach all parts of my body easily.   This workshop is deeply healing – a good opportunity for inner work that I usually would want to put off. I love hearing everyone’s experiences during sharing.” Margaret from Sequim

“A fantastic opportunity to go deeper. Long distance healing as an opportunity to fill in the space between stimulus and response with prayer and intention.  It will bring health and healing between me and my higher self.” Dianne from Sequim, WA

“I had wonderful experiences each time I did the exercises. I learned how to use the symbols and help me send them to myself and others. I loved the inner child experience, I had never explored that area of my being.  Anyone who loves Reiki would really love the experiences from this workshop.”  Sharon S. from Sequim, WA

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