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Dr. Hayashi’s Theory Behind How Reiki Heals

Excerpt from “The Story of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi” by Marianne Streich in The Reiki News Magazine Fall 2009

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of our Reiki founders.
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of our Reiki founders.  Pronounced Chew-Gee-Row Hi-ah-shee

Dr. Hayashi addresses many of the most common questions I get in this one simple analogy.  How Does Reiki Heal? Why does Reiki not always heal fast or present miracles?  Why do healing crisis’ happen with Reiki?

“Hayashi told his students, ‘Reiki cures problems from the bottom up.’   Hayashi talked about diseases of the day and discussed the body’s natural healing process and how Reiki activates it.  He used the metaphor of a muddy stream, telling students that Reiki stirs up stagnant energy, just as sediment will surface when a stream is disturbed.  As surface sediment is removed, the stream will appear to be clearer, although some sediment will sink to the bottom again.  Continuing the process of bringing sediment to the surface and removing it will ultimately result in a clear stream.  Just as a disturbed stream will appear muddy, disturbing stagnant energy can result in a healing reaction or in symptoms temporarily getting worse, but as the stagnant energy continues to be removed, the body becomes clear, just as the stream becomes clear if the muddy sediment is removed.  He described healing as the process of making the finest paper, in which each sheet is peeled off until the healthy being is revealed.”



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