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Quotes I Like – Why Fear Doesn’t Work

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I read many books at a time, two in my car, three by my bed, one in each reading room,  one in the Reiki room, etc.  But when a book really catches my interest like this one, I just read and read and read until I typically start over and read it again.

When I was drawn to this book and told to get it by my guides I laughingly questioned them, “Really, another book written by a medium?  What else can they have to say?”  Well this book now has a whole stack used of sticky notes sticking out of it at places I want to go back and reread or post quotes.  For me, that’s the sign of a good book.  Here is a quote about fear I’d like to share.  I post this quote because it answers many of the questions I get the most.


Run your Reiki when you read ANYTHING.

Run Reiki when you want to heal your fear or other difficult emotions.

Allow your Reiki to surround you with spiritual power, the highest & most enlightened protection and loving support to help you heal deeper, faster and more thoroughly.

From the book “You Are A Medium” by Sherrie Dillard

“Fear acts like a dense wall surrounding us, it is a visceral inner resistance that we erect to try to guard and protect ourselves from what may or may not come our way.  Yet this never works.  

Instead of protecting us, fear keeps us from accessing the inner power of our spirit.

Book-You Are A MediumWhere there is fear, the awareness of the power of your spirit is repressed and hidden.  The cure for fear is to activate your inner power.  Instead of looking for outside solutions or becoming numb with stress, go within and listen.  Summon and awaken the quiet power of your spirit.  Breathe into your body, open your heart, and feel the power in your solar plexus.  If you feel led to take action, activate the courage buried within and go forward with integrity and positivity.  You only truly know the power of your spirit when you allow it to lead you.  Take a risk and confront your fears.  When you do, they fall away.  The earth school lesson of fear is a call to activate and employ the power of your spirit.”

This book is available for check out in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library with much excellent new information about talking to our loved ones who have passed over.

While checking out Sherrie Dillard I found this page with a good article on what to do if you encounter a ghost.  I liked it so I’m linking here.  It has some good information including, do not attempt to contact the ghost yourself, get a professional to help. or 360-460-7829

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