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Congratulations August 2014 Reiki I Class!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I've gotta say, I think Lynn wins for best face making
I’ve gotta say,  Lynn wins for best face making!

YOU KNOW WE HAD FUN WITH THIS CLASS!!  You can tell by the photo what a an enthusiastic and energetic class this was.  Congratulations to Lynn, Dick, Sharon M., Sharon R., Ulia, Jerry and Milton!!

This class had wonderful questions, and questioning of technique and ideas so that I had to dig deep into my spiritual experience to answer many of them.  Lets just say, I believe I told ALL my stories during this class.  And, we only went over by half an hour.  Not bad.  We had so many questions on the parking lot that I’ll have to write four or five blogs to answer them.  Seriously, a fabulous group of people.

Have I said it lately, I LOVE LOVE LOVE TEACHING REIKI!!  I’ll post more photos on Facebook if you’d like to see them or share them, but here are my favorites.

ReikiI8-28-14,2It was Sharon M.’s idea to do some Reiki drumming to help Milton and Jerry connect with their spirit guides. She was listening to her intuition and she was right ON!  I always love when I get to mix it up and do something different for a class. This was powerful and helpful. Connection was made!  It was awesome, different from what I normally do in class during the spirit guide meditation but it worked beautifully.

Ok, here we are looking all nice and 'normal.'  We are happy and grateful for the class.
Ok, here we are looking all nice and ‘normal.’ We are happy and grateful for the class.

I’m so amped up from this class, I can’t go to sleep yet.  I feel so grateful for the path I am on.  I cannot think of anything else in this world I’d rather do than hang out with very cool spiritual people talking about Reiki, drumming, learning about chakras, spirit guides, helping and healing people, it’s all too good to be true.  But, it is true, it’s my life and I’m incredibly blessed.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY AMAZING AND LOVING REIKI STUDENTS!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Such love pouring out of this class today makes me full of love and wanting to share it.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

2 thoughts on “Congratulations August 2014 Reiki I Class!!

  1. Boy, it sounds like you had a terrific Reiki I class. It is great you are enjoying it so much. Mom

  2. Thanks mom!

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