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Sabotage, NO, NOT THAT!

I was driving the other day to my therapist for a session.  I go to a great MFCC who uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and energy medicine from Donna Eden’s book, combined in something called Energy Psychology.  I very much want to learn this technique.  It works wonders.  I did traditional talk therapy for years with little or no progress.  I’ve made more progress in the last two years with energy therapies combined than in 18 years of traditional therapies.

Yes, frustration on all levels.


Anyway, getting off of THAT soap box, I was driving to see my therapist.  Before I even left home I started having some anxiety in my body and racing thoughts in my mind.  For the first time, I didn’t want to go.  I’m usually eager to go and work on my inner thoughts and self but not this time.  The thought of calling and canceling went through my mind more than once.  “But I can’t,” I thought, “I’ll be charged for the session anyway.”  (stress!) I kept driving.

The Right Questions

Finally I asked myself the right question, “why am I feeling this way?”  The answer was pretty easy, we’ve been working on some pretty deep stuff, long-term stuff, and today was the big daddy of getting rid of THE big defense mechanism that I’d used to protect myself most of my life.  Part of me really wanted to get rid of this defense mechanism once and for all and PART of me didn’t.  I knew right there and then I had to go.  I tell all my clients, “when you don’t want to come to me is when you need to come the most.”  It’s no different for me.  I went and it was GREAT!  We knocked it out of the ballpark.  And, by the time I left I felt wonderful, lighter, less encumbered with past waste.

Charlie Brown, the KING of self-sabotage

Sabotage – 

So, why does our mind do this to us?  Why do we constantly sabotage ourselves when things are finally going well?

You know sabotage, it’s when you are doing something that is good for you, like, lets say, finally going to the gym.  Then once you are going and doing great, you stop going or even injure yourself so you no longer have to go.  The truth is, that your mind doesn’t think of the good thing (exercise) as good.  Your mind thinks of it as bad.  It doesn’t have to make sense, in fact, most of the time, common sense has nothing to do with the belief systems our mind has created.  Somehow through life, your mind decided that exercise is bad or unhealthy and you will not do it.  So, every time you try to add an exercise routine to your life, your  mind somehow sabotages it.  The belief system must be changed BEFORE you will be successful at adding exercise to your life.  This is just one example, there are many. If exercise is not your issue, I’m sure if you sit and think for a minute you can come up with at least ONE way that your mind sabotages you in a positive goal that you have.  If you can’t come up with one, I can help.

Why?  Ohhhh, the pain of it all!

Why does out mind do this to us?  Simple, our minds are set up to help us succeed!  Yes, succeed!  Our mind is going to help us create situations and behaviors thorough out life that will reinforce our beliefs, no matter what, even if our beliefs are the ones that are hurting us. The mind will not distinguish between good and bad thoughts.  Just like the body does not distinguish between good and bad stress, stress is stress, thoughts are thoughts.  Many times, in the past, there was a good reason for the behavior to be created but it no longer serves you as an adult.

How's that defense mechanism working for you now?

Good Example –

For instance, lets say a child is raised in an verbally abusive home.  The child finds out that when they are sick, the parent leaves them alone more and even can be a bit compassionate to them during that time.  This situation reinforces the child to be sick often and to think of in their mind that being sick actually protects them in life.  They have no idea consciously they are doing this or that this thought has been created and will now stay as one of their lifelong beliefs.  But, the thought process can actually cause illness in the body to reinforce the child’s desire to be safe.  Get it?  Overall this is not a healthy belief pattern to have but it worked for the child when they needed it when they were young.  But, how’s that working now that they are an adult with a job and a family?  Not so good.

An example of an energy healing with many Guides of Love and Light helping.

Help is Here!!  Ta Dah!

Reiki works on all four levels; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

  • On the Mental level Reiki can help us to remove the old belief and put in the new one.  Instead of “Being sick keeps me safe” we put in “I  am safe” and “I feel GREAT!”
  • On the emotional level Reiki can help release the stress that you feel from this issue and release the negative emotions that you’ve been carrying around; fear, anger, vulnerability, etc. and help you feel better overall, lighter, happier and finally at peace.
  • On the spiritual level Reiki, by helping you release all these negative beliefs , also connects you to your personal higher power and then allows you to follow your true spiritual path without all the DRAMA!  NO MORE DRAMA!  Reiki also helps one to forgive others, themselves and their creator for spiritual advancement and peace in their lives.
  • On the Physical level Reiki can help release the blockages in the nervous system,  to be free from these issues FOREVER!
Think alike?Maybe work alike!

None of us make sense – 

We all do this!  Some more than others. But, overall, all of our minds do this.  We struggle for years trying to figure out why we don’t lose weight, why we are always sick, why we cant find love.  When we need to be focusing on the thoughts that are causing the actions.  It is not hopeless.  There are many great therapies out there that help with these specific issues.  We cannot heal ourselves until we heal our beliefs.  Reiki is just one way to help you heal your beliefs.  I also use the modalities of; hypnotherapy, IEH®, Karuna Reiki® and Touch for Health to help my clients heal these belief patterns.  It still takes time, it took time to make them.  But, it works, you feel the progress every time you leave a session.  And as long as you keep working at it, you will heal your belief patterns, your life and ultimately the sabotage.

Call me if you’d like to start this amazing journey with my help.  I’d love to be by your side as you rediscover the real you and the real life you could be living!

Josslyn can be reached at 360-460-7829 or


Josslyn charges $1 per minute for all sessions

2 thoughts on “Sabotage, NO, NOT THAT!

  1. This is a really good blog. It makes a lot of sense. I am glad all the things you are using are helping you.

  2. Thanks Carol for your comment. Yes, this healing path I am on has helped me learn a great deal. It is an adventure. It feels good to be at a place where I can also help others who are going through much of the same challenges. Thanks for reading.

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