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Just for Fun – Hug Bug

Having two boys can sometimes be difficult for a peaceful mom like me who is doing her best to spread Love and Light around the world.  My boys are very active and very much into playing war, ninja, and all games about fighting and pretend killing even though I never encouraged it at all.  I see it as roll-playing that is important for them to play out otherwise they’d suppress those feelings.  More on that in another blog.  However, sometimes this peaceable mom just can’t take it.

Volkswagen Beetle that was created by artist John-Paul Philippe for Barney's New York and celebrates the decor of the 60s. Peaceable Bug!

slug bug

When the boys picked up on the “Slug Bug” game a while back, it got to be too much for me to take.  The slugging each other, the yelling that came with it, the wining and fighting, all in a small space, nope, I couldn’t take it and stay in my loving space at the same time.  So, I quickly put a stop to the slug bug game and created a new one.  I’ve since found, not surprising, that other people play “my” version too.  How intuitive of them.


We now play “Hug Bug” and they actually DO IT!  We drive along and each call out the bug and color of the bug we see.  We keep track, most of the time it’s an estimate, and when we get out of the car or when we remember they “owe” me hugs.  Again, THEY DO IT!  Amazingly, they like it.  We all get more hugs, no more fighting or slugging about VW’s in the back of the car and we all spread a little more love around.  It’s been slightly more peaceful in my car ever since.  Give it a try if you have little active ones in your back seat.

6 thoughts on “Just for Fun – Hug Bug

  1. What a great idea! I love it! Definately going to give it a try!

    1. Wait… is this Heather Berry the one that lives up in the bay Area and friends with Chante? if so WHAT A SMALL WORLD!

  2. sounds awesome Joss!

  3. Love this!! We had to condemn the slug bug game because they would yell so loud it would scare me!! Picture is adorable btw!!

  4. Thank you ladies for commenting, I so appreciate your input. Yes, loud aggressive games while driving, Hmmm, not so good. We are still having fun with this one. And, if you add other things to it to make it more interesting they like that too. You can call out the colors, year, creatively name the bugs, name them after Disney characters, whatever you can think of. Get creative and interactive! Thanks again for following a long and commenting!

  5. A year later and my kids and I still play this game every time we are in the car together. My boys are ages 9 and 12 and they still give me lots of hugs! Nice.

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