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Healing with Gemstones – Kyanite Part 1

Clearing with Kyanite

This is the first blog I’ve written about gemstones. I’ll be writing about using stones and crystals to heal yourself and others.  I’ve decided to start with gemstones that work well for all seven chakras and the one dearest to my heart, Kyanite.  Kyanite comes mainly from Brazil but I also have some that came from Africa.  The most common color I’ve seen is the blue-white but it also comes in pink, green, yellow, gray, orange and black.  I currently use blue, green, orange and black.   The appearance of kyanite is a striated, bladed crystal that can at times be transparent or opaque and pearlized.  To me it looks like a mica formation and in raw form is just as delicate as a mica type formation.

The large piece of kyanite I keep under my Reiki table. It keeps most of the room clear of old energies that are no longer helpful.
Photo by Josslyn please link if used 

It’s amazing to me when I talk to people about kyanite, no one seems to know what it is.  Even store owners do not always know what they have when they have a piece of kyanite up for sale.  I was in a toy store on Whidby Island shopping with my family and they had a rocks and gems section for kids.  I, of course, headed right for it.  I found a nice sized piece of kyanite sitting there with medium-sized chunks of rose quartz and sodalite and some other more commonly found rocks.  I got a $30 piece of kyanite for $11 because they had no idea what a great stone they had there.  Well, one conversation with me about stones and you will know what kyanite is and how to use it.  My clients know how passionate I am about this particular gem of the earth.

As a healer, kyanite is one of the “must have” stones in my opinion.  Kyanite doesn’t need clearing or cleansing like other stones.  But, I like to clean and clear it now and again to show my kyanite love and appreciation and to infuse intention with the energy I work with it in.  Over time, stones pick up energies from our bodies, our surroundings, our computers, electromagnetic energy, etc.  They can get clogged and need to be cleaned.  If they do not get cleared regularly they will stop being able to heal because they get so trapped in the murky energy, similar to a city covered in smog. They are doing their job by clearing and healing our energies, we need to do our job and keep them clean. (I’ll go into how to clean them, other than with kyanite, in another blog.)   It does not accumulate or retain any negative energy.

If you think like a healer, then you can think of all sorts of ways to use this stone.  But, I’ll help you out a bit here:

Place jewelry near and around BUT NOT ON Kyanite. Kyanite is very delicate and can easily break off.
Photo by please link if used

Jewelry – I have kyanite placed by my jewelry to help keep my rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces all clean of energy so when I go to wear them again, they are fresh of all energies they may have picked up from me the last time I wore them. If, for instance, I had a bad day the last time I wore a fluorite necklace, it may retain that energy for me by clearing it away from my energy field and keeping it in its own energy field.  Kyanite is one of the easiest ways to clear the energy fields of all stones.  It’s safe for all stones.  Just place the jewelry or stone near the kyanite while you sleep and wake up to wear it fresh and ready to help you another day.

Clearing jewelry you wear – I wear gemstones for healing all the time.  I hang them from a long chain that no one else sees but they are doing their job on my body.  I keep a kyanite hanging with them on the chain at all times so they are continually being cleared and healing my energies at their maximum ability.

Clearing a room – Place a large piece of kyanite in the middle of a room, under a table or in a safe place where it won’t be knocked around.  A big enough piece of kyanite can keep a small to medium room clear of lower energies.  I keep a large piece of kyanite under my Reiki table at all times to help draw energy from my client as they are releasing it.  The Reiki helps with this as well, but I like to have at least three ways of cleansing, that’s just me: one of spiritual energy, one of the earth and another one I chose, such as music or herbs.

Clearing a body – I use my intuition in placing stones on a body, but with kyanite, I make sure I have at least seven good size pieces to place around my clients body and sometimes in their hands if it feels right.  This, like the kyanite under the table (In case you can’t afford a huge piece which can be rather pricy) will attract the energies leaving the client, cleanse them for you and dissipate them to the higher vibrations.  I do other cleansing at the end of a session but this is one of the ways I use to help in that process.

Clearing other stones – I have other pieces of kyanite that I place near stones in my home or near the stones that I am done with after a healing until I can incense them or Reiki them.  I just move the pieces of kyanite around from time to time to sit near the stones I want cleared.

Top green kyanite, middle African kyanite, bottom polished kyanite transparent
all photos by Josslyn, please link if used

Clearing electromagnetic energy – When placing stones near ones computer to help clear away the electromagnetic smog,  (A subtle but detectable electromagnetic field that can have an adverse effect on sensitive people.  The smog is given off by electrical power lines and items such as computers, cell phones and TV’s.) it is quite simple to then place a kyanite with it to help cleanse the smog off of the other stone.  I gave my husband a nice sized smokey quartz and a medium piece of kyanite to put by his computer at work since he’s on it all day.  He’s not particularly sensitive like I am, but it can’t hurt, they look nice and they bring a bit of the earth inside to the office.

Healing – I’ll go into the healing properties of kyanite in part 2 because they are plentiful.

Can YOU think of something in your home you could cleanse with kyanite?  Comment if you can think of something to use kyanite on.

Thank you to Jade Elizabeth, Melody’s “Love is in the Earth,” and Judy Hall’s “The Crystal Bible.”

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