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Reiki As the ENERGY

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki, in Sequim, WA


The only limits to Reiki and what it can heal in your life – are our own limits of belief.

Reiki is a band of energy vibrations of healing energy that comes from a Divine and intelligent source.  There are many names for this source, but in Reiki Class we learn that Reiki is not religious, it is spiritual.  It is whatever the Love and Light Creator is in your heart.  In a Reiki I class, we learn to channel this energy through our bodies to ourselves or others to heal.

One of the ‘definitions’ of Reiki is, “Divinely Guided Life Force Energy.” Meaning, the energy itself comes from a Divine, intelligent source, it knows what to do, where to go, how much Reiki you or your client needs.   Reiki does this part for us.  That means anyone, ANYONE, can easily DO Reiki healings.  

Reiki is often taught as a technique, but it’s actually the energy.  We teach technique with it in order for people to easily access it, but Reiki is the energy that pervades all living things.  Although many people, even Master/Teachers, talk about Reiki as a technique because that is a tangible thing that people can grasp onto and understand.  We teach technique with a Reiki class to give students a starting point and some confidence in working with their Reiki.  But, Reiki is the energy and not the technique.  

Why does it matter that we know that Reiki is the energy and not the technique?

I have found that many of my students get wrapped up in their heads with Reiki when they are first starting (Any new modality we learn, actually, we are in our heads a lot first to learn it in the left brain, knowledge area.) Students focus on the hand positions I taught them and not the part where I said “You cannot do it wrong.

Many of us are so trained to do things ‘right’, do things a particular way, do things the expert’s way, the way in the book………………….. that we forget, Reiki and our Higher Knowing guide us.  We already know how to do this, our human self just needs to step aside, break through the fear, remember it and go for it!

Reiki being the energy, allows us the freedom to know that as long as we’re doing it with honest intention, we are doing it ‘right.’

Practicing your Reiki Gassho Meditation daily will help your body adjust to running Reiki energy and help you to be able to run more Reiki, more often.

And, Reiki is always good and can do no harm.  So, you literally cannot do it wrong!!

So do your Reiki or take a Reiki class from us, knowing you cannot do it wrong. Knowing it is always ON when you ask it or intend it to be.  And, if it always for your best and highest good for all involved. 

Knowing I cannot do it wrong, gave me permission to be daring, to play with it, to try new things, MY way things and to be DAUNTLESS!!!

I teach classes online currently on Zoom.  If you would like to take a Reiki class email me and we’ll see if it’s in the Divine plan.

In Love and Light,

Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren, Susan, Molly, Margaret, Steph, Deborah & Heather, Reiki Masters for RSR


Email questions about Reiki to, we have a Rain Shadow Reiki Facebook page and we are in Instagram.  360-460-7829 (Leave a VM, we will call back.)