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Life’s Twists, Turns & Two New Masters

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Owner for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

SELF Reiki is the most important use of Reiki. After the attunement, we Reiki ourselves in order to allow and feel the new vibration of energy flow through our bodies.

This new world we live in coupled with this new Aquarian energy has us creating our lives new daily(We’ve been in an Earth sign for 800 years, solid foundation, now in Aquarius for 200 years, air sign, flexible and new every day).  I have seen the changes right before my eyes and they are definitely testing us to GO WITH THE FLOW and be much more flexible. But, if we are able to get out of bed each day, embrace this as a positive change and say, “Hmm, what am I going to create my life to be today?!!” Magic can happen.

I also see this in our classes and workshops.  

We had nine people wanting to take Reiki III in March.  The numbers dwindled day by day.  Real life emergencies, last minute work trips and more situations took people out of the possibility of taking this class.  We had four people two days before and then the day of, two.  What does this mean? It means two amazing people were meant to take this class at this time, so we did it.  But, no, it didn’t go that smoothly, this is Post 2020 by the way, it’s a whole different energy in a whole different world.  The night before, everything changed.  So, we changed.  My Reiki Guidance helped me come up with a whole new plan that would work with our two teachers and two students alike.  We quickly shifted gears and switched our one day class, to a three day format.  It worked beautifully.  Molly was able to Co-Teach with us the first two days, but at the last minute choosing days, that was pretty amazing.

Practicing Reiki on others is a way to cement into our beings the new symbol, the process and the ability to do it again and again in the future. Confidence is key to DOING.


And, so, that is how the whole class went.  Twists and turns all the way along.  Very loud neighbors, stress, anxiety, the outside world pushing in and threatening to damage our peace, but it didn’t.  Reiki guided us the whole way and we learned so much, instead of crumbling.  It was perfectly beautiful in the ‘imperfect’ way it presented.  

CONGRATULATIONS REIKI MASTERS HEATHER AND COLLEEN!!! These ladies had many twists and turns to get to this class. Many years after Reiki II, they did not give up, followed their own unique Reiki path and are here NOW and that’s how Reiki goes. Beautifully unfolding in each of us, in Divine Time.

This class communicated to me more spiritual enlightenment and development than any other before.  It was Divinely Guided that these two Reiki Students were meant to be here at this time.  It is always Divinely Guided and I do not use that ALWAYS word lightly at all.  Reiki Classes are always Divinely Guided.  So, I don’t have to worry about anything.  In the 12 years of teaching, I have rarely cancelled a class, even after the major crash my family was in.  I’m sure there was at least one, but I can’t think of one right now.

IF we are listening, Reiki will show us another way.  Every time.

This ability to be flexible and go with the flow of the energy in the world, is something Reiki has taught me.  It’s something that has been INFINITELY valuable to me in my life and will be going forward.  

Reiki is Divine Energy.  It knows what is coming and it changes BEFORE.  Then, it teaches us HOW TO DEAL!!




Thank you for helping me send Reiki, Love and Light to Heather and Colleen,



or 360-460-7829


Heather doing a Reiki session on her daughter. Her daughter gave her a raving review of much less physical pain, even though she doesn’t quite believe in Reiki. Yet.
Molly and I hold space for our students and let them know we are there for them. There is no need, in Reiki class, to criticize or correct. The student’s intuitively know what to do, or they will ask us. Reiki is the main teacher, always.
Heather is doing Reiki on Dawn’s joints, one of the hand positions. Chakras and joints, those are the main areas for Reiki sessions.


Colleen was not able to have a person IN person for a Reiki session. So, she used her imagination and used a pillow as a surrogate for her friend who was actually receiving the Reiki. With Reiki, there is ALWAYS a way. (I’m using that word a lot in this blog, always.) Ask Reiki and you will get guidance in HOW to do something even when you thought it wasn’t possible.




More Reiki on Heather’s daughter.







Colleen performing a Healing Attunement on her surrogate pillow and her friend receiving it where she is. A Healing Attuenment is a process of giving a 7-10 minute Reiki healing for one specific intention. It is a nice quick way when there is one obvious issue that is rearing it’s head. Or, it’s a great way to give someone a quick example of Reiki when they haven’t had Reiki before.
Time to CELEBRATE!!!
Time for GRATITUDE!!




9 thoughts on “Life’s Twists, Turns & Two New Masters

  1. Congratulations Reiki Masters! Such insightful words Josslyn for the times now. Waking up to a brand new day, everyday, and adjusting our energy to all the changes we make, or are made for us, during the day is our new normal now. Reiki definitely helps with this new flow.

    1. Hi Bren, THANK YOU THANK YOU for commenting and congratulations our students AND for all you do for us at RSR. We couldn’t do all we do, without you. Grateful for YOU!!! Josslyn (Your psychic boss, LOL)

    2. This is such a wonderful representation of reiki and what it was all about, great job putting this together Josslyn. Thank you for all of the wonderful shout outs as well. This was an incredible experience that I will always hold really close to my heart. Reiki blessings to all🙌🥰💜

      1. Thank you Coleen. Every class is unique and every set of students unique. But, it’s an especially great pleasure when I get to teach what I love to my dear friends. And, that you both got so much out of it was truly fulfilling. I am filled up by teaching Reiki, every time. And, I’m so grateful you are using it so much in your work and your life. That makes me feel happy!!! Much love to you my friend, Josslyn

  2. Congratulations to Heather and Colleen! Here is what I got from this blog: We grow through these tumultuous times with Gratitude, Infinite Love, Flexibility and Celebration!

    1. Thank you Margaret, and we learn from each other. I learn from you and teach others, you learn from us and teach others, it’s a win/win!! Reiki is always a win/win. So grateful for you commenting, congratulating our newest Reiki Masters and for all you teach us in Astrology and more. Grateful, Josslyn

  3. Congratulations ladies! It is amazing that you weathered the storm. The lessons you learned will help you flow through life.

  4. Congratulations Ladies! What you learned by facing these challenges to complete this class will assist the flow of you life. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you Aunt Betsy for congratulating our new Reiki Masters!! They have indeed learned so much on their energy healing journey and they will continue. That’s what we do!!!! But, we are also having fun and making friends along the way and that is the real lesson and gift too. Thank you for being with us here, Josslyn (Rho Beta)

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