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Virus Fever: How Reiki & Psychic Healing Can Help

By Josslyn Streett, Ellen Hammer and Amber McCarter, Reiki Master/Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

We at Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center are committed to helping you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Healing is our passion and we think about it ALL THE TIME!!  So when the world is in crisis over shared fears, such as a viral outbreak, it affects us all a great deal.  Most of us at Rain Shadow Reiki are empathic, so when the world is out of balance, we feel it acutely.  We immediately go into healer mode and ask Reiki, “How can we help?” There is a lot that energy healing, combined with psychic healing, can do to help you be more able to fend off disease.

Rain Shadow Reiki Healers- L-R- Ellen, Susan, Bren, Amber and Josslyn

**Read on or scroll to the bottom to read what we can DO for you.

We have been hit with yet another epidemic, of sorts. But not the kind of viral epidemic the media is talking about.  The epidemic that we have actually been hit with, YET AGAIN, is FEAR.

Each time another virus or bacteria starts affecting people, we are bombarded with messages of fear about what will happen from the media, the government, community leaders, and friends and family on social media.  And if we look at the recent twenty year history, it rarely if ever has gotten to the high levels of victims that the media predicts.  Usually not even close.  But again, they keep us glued to the news with updates, and that is what they want.

With Reiki on our side, we have tools to not allow the fear into our space/body/mind/emotions.  The energy of fear gets into our aura, into our subconscious, into our physical body and then makes us even more vulnerable to illness.  This energy of fear keeps us feeing like a victim instead of feeling spiritually powerful.  It is important to keep a level head and not play into the fear – to keep it out of our auras and out of our bodies completely.

Yes, do the common sense things: wash your hands, cough into your tissue or your elbow, limit physical contact with people, stay home from crowds if you feel better about it, and even use hand sanitizer if you feel it is needed.


…if you want to stay calm and feel spiritually powerful, safe and sacred – keep reading!

Get out in nature and have fun, it’s good for every part of you and your energy field!

There is a whole lot that Reiki and Psychic Energy Healing can do to help you be healthier.  We can help you be healthier, not just at this time with this particular virus, but going forward for all the other viruses and human life issues that will hit in the future.  And we are human, so they will come.  We cannot keep you from getting sick – sometimes this is just a normal part of life.

But, here are just some of the things we can do to help you be healthier and stronger in the year 2020…


***The Reiki Psychic Healers at Rain Shadow Reiki can support you in this way – we can pull energies from you that are negatively effecting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, (aura, physical body, subconscious). Your cleansed and strengthened energy will neutralize physical and energetic threats for you, and if you come into contact with things like this current viral outbreak, you will be able to fight them off easier.

We can pull these harmful energies from WHEREVER they come from: news, friends, family, doctors, social media, community, TV shows, books, movies, etc.  Following are some of the sources of these harmful energies that will be healed, and the tools and approaches we can use to do so…

*Fear: Pulling lower vibrating emotions from specific situations can help you take your power back and help you feel stronger.

*Phrases that have gotten stuck in your subconscious can keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

*Pulling the energetic version of the virus or bacteria you are battling neutralizes the energetic version so you can move forward with healing. (The energetic version is in your aura and body before the physical one.)

*Healing beliefs that keep the virus strong and you vulnerable.  Beliefs play into the power of thought, and beliefs about control, vulnerability, death, illness, being healthy, etc. can keep you in a cycle of illness.

*Emotions can keep you down and less healthy than you can be.  They affect our immune system and every system in our bodies.  This is usually the absence of the positive emotions – we can bring in the positive emotions and pull the less than positive ones.

*Activate the body systems -(immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system, etc.) to help you be your healthiest and strongest version of you.

*Talk to your body and find out what it needs or wants to be strong and healthy.

*Read past lives that have affected you in the past and are still keeping you vulnerable to dis-ease.

*Grounding: Many healers in the spiritual world believe that staying grounded can help your body be more resilient to dis-ease, stress, and anxiety.

*Teach you Reiki: Reiki helps the body, mind, emotions, and spirit be stronger. Doing Reiki on yourself will help lesson fear and stress, and boost your immune system. When you are balanced energetically, you can fight off anything better.

*Healing Attunement: a special Reiki attunement with specific intentions for healing the physical or emotional body.  (This is currently on special for March!)

**When you’re not feeling spiritually powerful your energy is more vulnerable – feeling spiritually powerful can make the difference between being a victim or a warrior. We can check your current percentage of spiritual power, and help you to increase that.

Take back your power and release the fear to Source.  If you would like to book a Reiki Psychic Healing Session or a Healing Attunement which is on special this month of March, call us.  Our passion is energy healing and we’d love to help.


Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren and Susan


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