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Gassho Workshop This Saturday


GASSHO WORKSHOP – Saturday, December 15th, 10:00am to 2:30pm, 1/2 hour lunch break. $75. Online and in person.

The Gassho Reiki Ritual is one of the most important and grounding rituals I do for my spiritual self. It has become vital to my daily practice and to who I am energetically, psychically and physically as a person. Some classes do not teach the Gassho in Reiki I and some do, like ours, but there is so much other new information that sometimes the importance of the Gassho ritual, gets lost. This workshop will focus on helping you feel connected and confident in your practice of the Gassho.

All levels of Reiki welcome.

Some of our students have expressed a desire to dig deeper into the Gassho that we teach in Reiki I.

The Gassho is a foundational part of Reiki and your Gassho will evolve as you walk your spiritual path and can change from healing to healing, day to day.

In this workshop we will delve into the spiritual ritual of the Gassho as well as going deep into our souls, asking “What do I need most to work on and how to do that best to support the healer in me?”.

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