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Teaching Reiki is My SuperPower!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


I came to a realization a while back that I cannot do everything I want to do with Reiki in this lifetime.

BUT, I can teach an army of compassion, loving Reiki people to go out and DO what I cannot.

Reiki in hospitals, Reiki in prisons, Reiki for the traumatized, Reiki for the Tribes, Reiki for the Earth, Reiki for animals, Reiki for our Veterans, Reiki for children, Reiki for the lost and hurting, Reiki for EVERYONE.

I am a Reiki Teacher and THAT is my SUPERPOWER!!!!




What’s your Superpower? Comment please and if you don’t know it yet, Reiki THAT!!
Josslyn Streett, Super Visionary Dauntless Reiki Teacher and much more that I don’t even know yet

6 thoughts on “Teaching Reiki is My SuperPower!!

  1. Yes! You are an awesome teacher, Josslyn I salute you. Reiki needs to be spread to as many as possible.

    About hospitals, people need to know that they will be requested (or even required) to get vaccinated. When I did my medical assistant practicum at the hospital years ago, I was asked to get Hep B shots and also a TB test. I didn’t know any better at the time. Now they also want flu shots, which have mercury in them (Thimerosol is part of the mfg. process, not even mentioned in the vaccine package insert as it is in “trace amounts,” yet there is no safe level for mercury exposure…). These are all harmful. I did not seem to have any ill effects at the time, but as I regard my medical history I can see problems, even going way back to childhood; but at that time I was having vertigo issues, which stepped up to feeling seasick when I was stressed. Now that I have been studying the issues for two years, I know I will never get another vaccine, ever. Even one can cause injury or death. And as we get older, we become more vulnerable.

    People need to research deeply because pharma, who invest heavily in medical education, textbooks, the media (they own 72% or more), and lobbying our legislatures (two lobbyists for every legislator, and monetary “donations” for politicians as well), are hiding the truth about vaccines, protecting their very profitable and deadly industry that brings them life-long customers….as Brandy Vaughan, of Learn the Risk, says, “Pharma has the best and most evil business plan. Give a person a vaccine, and you have a customer for life.”

    I know that you know about the dangers of vaccines….but since Reiki practitioners are often expected to be volunteers, since it is considered to be “faith healing,” they may be trading their altruistic efforts for injuries such as brain damage, autoimmune disorders, paralysis or even death from toxic vaccine excipients. There are NO healthy ingredients in vaccines. Oh, and people SHED lab-mutated vaccine virus, sometimes for years, even if they are a-symptomic. People need to dig deep to find the truth, researching the ingredients, reading independent science, viewing the documentaries (Vaxxed, Trace Amounts, Injecting Aluminum, Sacrificial Virgins (on Youtube), For the Greater Good, Bought, etc.) and reading books. I learn new things every day about vaccines….the biggest medical fraud of all time….so we must warn people to beware…. Thanks and right on, Josslyn!



    1. Thank you for your post Alison, I was very happy to see here in Sequim, my doctors and nurses were given the alternative of wearing a mask instead of having a flu shot. Many of my medical personal did the mask and not the shot. I saw that as a minor, but still an advancement in at least giving people a choice and not firing them. We have a long way to go and ignorance will continue until Love and Light can fill that space more. So grateful for your superpower which to me, seems to be to talk about very difficult subjects that need to be talked about. Blessings, Josslyn

  2. You are an inspiring teacher & I feel incredibly blessed to know you and to have learned from you. My current superpower is healing from chronic Lyme disease, but I know I have more coming.
    Great post! Thank you ❤️

    1. Heather, you inspire me too, every day. I’m eternally grateful for you as a friend, student, healer, superwoman, and more. You and I are going to heal from these energetic issues because we have so much more to do in this life and we are going to do it. I love you. Can’t wait to see you soon, Josslyn

  3. My superpower is finding your blog… especially this post .
    Thank you for reminding me to ” just reiki that ” 😃

    1. Thank you Mary, I am thrilled and humbled that you found my blog. I started this blog for my personal students, naively thinking just my students would be interested but over time have met some amazing people across the globe from the magic of the internet. Thank you for reading, caring and commenting. Blessings, Josslyn

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