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New Idea for Reiki Master Symbol!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

First of all, A BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my newest Reiki Master students!!  Jayne, Barb and Pamela, YOU ARE AWESOME SPIRITUAL WARRIORS!!!  I am grateful to be your Sensei.Reiki III 7-15, edit1

WOW, what a fabulous Reiki III class we had on Monday.  My guides came through with even more wonderful ‘new to me’ ways to work with the Reiki Master Symbol that I had not been aware of before.

But what made this class special and what makes every class incredible, are the students.  Each student is unique and here for a different reason but they inevitably end up melding together beautifully in the end.  This group of ladies were all ready to move their spiritual path to the next level and this is the perfect symbol to help with that.

The Reiki III symbol is related to enlightenment and working with it helps us to access the celestial plane.  The more you use the symbol, the more you expand your own consciousness.  A beautiful symbol to play with every single day.

Reiki ‘Legal Disclaimer’

Reminder – Reiki Symbols that have been looked up in a book, seen on the internet, or learned other ways without the corresponding attunement are simply letter forms or Japanese Kanji characters.  Until a Reiki attunement, the actual Japanese symbol does not carry any Reiki power.  If you want to work with the Reiki power of this symbol in the way I describe in this blog, you will need a Reiki III Attunement from a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher.

A New Way to Work With the Usui Master Symbol

Reiki III 7-15, edit3The Reiki Master Symbol is a powerful spiritual tool, but also a healing and protecting symbol as well.  It is highly versatile.  It seems like every time I teach this class, my guides give me new ideas and ways in order to work with this symbol.  Today was no different.

They ‘showed’ me drawing the Usui Master Symbol above my head and viewing it like an umbrella.  Then bringing that protection all around me.  They told me this symbol, because of it’s higher vibration is perfect for protecting those of us who are very sensitive, from Psi energy; energy from other people, from society, and feeling the energy of everyone around us.  Those of us who are Empaths and/or Clairsentient or just highly sensitive, know that even though we meditate and practice specific ways to not pick up emotions and thought forms from others, this can still happen when we are stressed or when big dramatic things are going on in the world.  Quite often it gets overwhelming.

This Reiki III symbol can help protect you from feeling it all or taking it on.  Draw it with the intention that it’s protecting you from these emotions and you will be shielded all day long.  Have fun with it, create joy in your process.  This symbol also loves to move with you, draw it, intend the protection and dance with it, move to it to help make it stronger in both intention, feeling and action. This will also raise your own vibration and mood in order to start the day off feeling spiritually powerful. Do this every day for daily intention and any time you feel you need it in addition.  It’s a simple way to keep your personal energy field clean and pure.  My guides informed me, this symbol is the specific vibration that works beautifully for this purpose because it is very high vibrational symbol, and brings in a very high level of divine power.  Now it’s just the matter of DOING IT!!

Other Symbols that Protect Our Energy Fields

Reiki III 7-15, edit2In the past I have worked with the Reiki Power Symbol and the Celtic Knot Infinity Symbol for this purpose.  Now I’ll practice this new one and see how I feel when using it.  If you are a Reiki III or above, give it a go, practice with it and see if you feel a difference in the level of protection.  Everyone is different and we don’t know what works best for us until we practice with it.  Trust your own higher guidance to know which symbol you will want in any given situation.

The Usui Master Symbol is AWESOME!!

If moving forward on your spiritual path is one of your goals, then I would highly recommend working with this symbol and if you have not taken Reiki III yet, make that one of your goals.  It is a wonderful symbol for this purpose and does so much to help us energetically be prepared for more and higher vibrations of energy.  I think some people stop taking their classes at Reiki II if they don’t want to be a healer professionally, thinking the first three symbols are enough. And yes, they are enough, depending upon your goals & your intentions.  But, to me, having the Reiki III Master Symbol is just for me.  It’s personal, it’s for my spiritual journey in this life and it’s like my friend walking side by side with me the whole time, guiding me, sharing with me, understanding me and boosting me up when I need it.  It’s like having a Reiki Guide whose whole job is to help me with this one aspect of my human life, my path to enlightenment.  (Which is really why we are here in the big picture.)  We get very busy with other things in this human existence, the Reiki Master Symbol helps to keep me focused on this very important spiritual aspect that I have chosen.  I’m grateful for it.

I pray this new idea sparks some interest in taking a Reiki III class yourself or re-sparks your interest in working with the Reiki Master Symbol.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

I’m very grateful to be able to learn about Reiki right along with you all,

In Love and Light,


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  1. That’s powerful stuff!! Wow!! 😘

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    1. Thanks Jill, so nice to ‘see’ you and hear from you. I’m grateful you read it and found information that connected to you. Lets connect on the phone soon. Blessings, Josslyn

  2. Congratulations! It’s great to see more and more faces going through the process. Keep up the amazing work Josslyn!

    1. Thanks Heather, miss you much. Joss

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