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St. Germain and the Violet Flame for Spiritual Protection

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

St. Germain showed up today during a healing with a women who, I didn’t know at the time, is really into metals, welding of metals and alchemy.  This is one of his abilities and gifts in helping others, alchemy.  St.GermainHe also helps with helping one be comfortable mingling with influential people, courage, direction in life, life purpose, manifesting, perseverance, psychic protection and space clearing.  Many people in the spiritual New Age Realm say that St. Germain is the Ascended Master of the Age of Aquarius, the two thousand-year cycle that we are currently living in.  He is also the renewer and bringer of the violet fire which can be used for many cleansing, clearing, healing, manifesting and protection properties.

What I know of him, from my personal experience, is that he shows up from time to time while I’m teaching my spiritual classes. He lets me know he’s with us usually while I’m setting space.  Then he does his work from behind the scenes and I go about teaching feeling renewed energetically knowing he’s with us, supporting us and bringing his great knowledge to the group.

Violet Flame for Protection

During my session today he wanted to remind us to work with the violet flame for protecting our Auric field and making this a DAILY visualization process.  Here is what he showed me.  As always, work with it to make it FEEL right to you.  There is no wrong.

  1. Hands in prayer position, bring in your Reiki, your Reiki guides and ask for St. Germain to be with you during this process.
  2. Visualize or imagine a large violet flame in the form of a lotus flower on the floor in front of you.
  3. Step into the lotus.VioletFlameLotus
  4. Imagine the violet lotus rising up and surrounding you and your Auric field providing you with powerful spiritual protection.
  5. Imagine this violet energy rising up to Divine and being ONE with Divine energy.
  6. Imagine the Violet lotus with a root going down and grounding you to Mother Earth.
  7. Allow all Love and Light, all good things to come and go through the violet flame petals and can get to you.
  8. Visualize all ‘old’, lower energy or drama,  to move down into the violet flames below you and be transmuted into useful energy once again.  Old energy does not get to you or get into your energy field.

This visualization mixes well with the 5 minute daily meditation I recommend for people who dont’ want to pick up other people’s energies or have their energy taken by others.

The Violet Flame has very powerful vibrational healing qualities.  Try this visualization and see how it feels to you.  If you like it and want to read more about St. Germain simply google him.  There is a lot of information about him and I don’t want to guide you in any particular direction but allow you to be guided by your Highest Guidance as to which information is correct for you to read.

Let me know if you try this visualization and connect with it,

Many Blessings to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

2 thoughts on “St. Germain and the Violet Flame for Spiritual Protection

  1. Thanks for giving us such an instant and simple healing meditation. I tried it twice and miracle happned that the heavy and stiffness in the body reduced overnight without any medication!!!!!!! My gratitude to Josslyn for introducing me to Violet Flame . Thanks in full faith.

  2. Thanks Kusuma for reading and most importantly DOING. If we DO these meditations and Reiki practices then we will have miracles in our lives. I have them all the time thanks to Divine Guidance. Divine can help us so far, but we must also DO for ourselves. Kudos to you for not just passing this meditation by. I’m grateful it spoke to you, I knew it would help someone. Many Blessings to you, Joss

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