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Reiki Quick Tip – Charging Batteries

Do you know you can Reiki dead batteries to get longer life?  I have done this on multiple occasions with camera and video camera batteries.

Once my camera batteries ran out right when my son was about to receive his end of the season soccer trophy.  While the game was finishing up, I ran Reiki with the power symbol on the battery for about 5 minutes.  With just that five-minute Reiki session I was able to take photos of the whole team receiving their trophies!  Try it, it’s a great way to amaze non believers and kids love it.  This is the one thing my kids always remember, when mom charged their batteries!

Sawyer, a Reiki I, showing how he charges batteries with Reiki. 


Make sure the batteries are completely out.  Hold the batteries in your hands and start the Reiki.  Use the intention of giving it power while running the Reiki or if you are a level II Reiki use (CKR) the power symbol to charge the batteries.  Use your intuition as to when they are done charging and give them a try!  I haven’t tried this with a car battery yet.

Anyone tried that?

9 thoughts on “Reiki Quick Tip – Charging Batteries

  1. I’ve done it with my gas tank. O.O Kept me going long enough to fill up.

  2. I’ve charged my phone too.

  3. Thanks for sharing Amy, way to be creative. I just found a comic strip where the man on the Reiki table is laying on his laptop to charge it and the Reiki lady is saying it won’t work. I bet it would work. We should try that. Think outside the box, I say! Thanks for sharing with all to read. Love and Light to you my dear.

  4. Just started to use reiki so I have only done it on myself. My instructor though, likes to tell the story that she once used reiki to charge her car batteries enough to get to an auto shop.

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing, I’ll try this the next time my car batteries are dead. Thanks for the comment. Joss

  5. I have done with a dead non rechargeable battery from wall clock. 1.5 V dead since months ,measured .1V in the beginning and did Reiki for 3 hours 20_ 30 minutes in 48 hours and it reached 1.45V. Clock worked for another 6 months.
    Repeated this with another battery and obtained same result. Third time it failed and i got an itching sensation on my palm for 2 months finally consulted my master he asked me not to test powers for small things and placed his hands over my palm , next day it vanished.

    Shyam Hariharan
    Reiki Master

    1. Amazing Shyam, thanks for sharing. Love these charging batteries stories. Grateful for your share, Josslyn

  6. I just jumped my car using reiki. I popped the hood and harnessed the reiki for a good five mins outside the car and five mins from inside. It didn’t want to start after the third attempted I used one hand to reiki the car and the other to start and it started right up. I have been jumping it all day. After using reiki I turned it off 3 times and haven’t needed to jump it. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😇 I’m getting a new battery tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Joanna for sharing your battery story. It’s amazing what Reiki can do. I’m glad you are getting a new battery but it’s nice to know, in a pinch, Reiki is there for us in so many ways. Blessings, Josslyn

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