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Reiki I for ages 16-24 +/- Coming Next Month


Hello Reiki Friends,
A Reiki I class has been scheduled for the last three MONDAYS in August, in person and Zoom welcome. 
Please talk to your friends and kids about it. 
Josslyn will be teaching this class. Josslyn specializes in teaching intuitives/empaths and highly sensitive people.  She helps us to know how to seamlessly weave Reiki into every aspect of our lives, not just for a ‘hands on healing session’ to create the person and the life we want. Josslyn adds in lessons to her Reiki class on working with Reiki guides, meeting your Reiki guides, how to use Reiki for special empath boundaries and setting sacred space. These tools can create any of our lives to be easier and more magical.
Email or call us if you have ANY questions or issues about this class at all (more details below).
Please feel free to share with your spiritual/seeking friends,
We LOVE hearing from you,
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Energy Healer
WHAT TIME:  10am to approximately 4:30pm PST   
(We will do our best to stay on time and usually do, but we also want to get to all the questions the students have and get through the material. The 4:30pm is flexible, but we are usually no later than 15 to 30 minutes over, please allow time for flexibility.)
LINK: Reiki I – more information about the class- 
WHERE:  Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA (IN Sequim City limits)  OR on Zoom from your home  
HOW:  Click on the link to pay below, pay and we’ll take it from there.  Your payment IS your sign up. In the NOTE section please specify if you want IN PERSON or ZOOM or email us (First come first serve.  IF in person fills up we will have room on Zoom.) If the link doesn’t work for you, we also have Venmo, FB Messenger $ and you can mail us a check or credit/debit card.  Call us at 360-460-7829 for more information about this, payment plans and bartering. 
COST:  $330 includes the manual 
Link to Pay for Reiki I – $330 includes manual –
RETAKES: Donation button below – If you have taken Reiki I from Rain Shadow Reiki before, we ask for a donation for our time and effort for another class.  Retakes are available on Zoom and in person but only if the class has space available.  If there are 6 first time people in person then all over retakes must be on Zoom.  Sometimes people say it’s like a whole new class because they learn so much the second time around.  There is usually room in the class for retakes, if not in person, we always have room on Zoom.  I like having retake students in the class because they add a level of experience for the new students to hear about.  YOUR Reiki experience will help the whole class. IF in person is already booked, we also have one space for a volunteer to be the Technical expert.  Ask about that.
Donate for Reiki I retake – 

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