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Get on our Reiki or Psychic class list now!!

Josslyn & Bren, Josslyn is owner of Rain Shadow Reiki and has been teaching Reiki and psychic classes since 2009 & 2011 respectively. Bren is our Office Guardian and Reiki Master Teacher as well and Reiki Psychic Healer in training. She’s amazing. Client’s say “She has the hands of an angel.” and I totally agree!


DID YOU KNOW?  Just because you are subscribed to our Rain Shadow Reiki Blog, doesn’t mean you get emails about upcoming classes.  That is a separate list entirely.  Because we are totally organically grassroots grown and are horrible at social media marketing, but are doing our best, we have multiple lists and not much marketing.  And, we’ve been here teaching Reiki and psychic classes since 2009. We put everything we’ve got into our online events. 

IF you want to know about upcoming Reiki classes, energy healing workshops, psychic classes and workshops  that we teach all online, email us at or call us at 360-460-7829 and leave a message. Yes, we DO use voice mail still.   

Our classes are taught longer and more thoroughly than most Reiki classes for confidence in our students AND for the same or better pricing.  We also  have an empathic, intuitive and a loving spiritual Reiki community who get together for classes, continued learning, Healer’s Circles, Reiki and Psychic Workshops, Spiritual Ladies Night Out events and more.  IT IS SERIOUSLY SO MUCH FUN!!!

COMMUNITY is so important right now, necessary.  Especially for us highly sensitive empaths introverts, it’s more important than ever to CONNECT with other spiritual weirdos!! THAT’S US!!!    

If you want to get to know us to know if we are right for you, just call or email.  Or better yet, come to our monthly Healer’s Circle- FREE THE FIRST TIME so you can ‘check it out!”

We would love to have you with us,

Josslyn, Ellen & Amber, Rain Shadow Reiki’s Master Teachers and Reiki Psychic Healers.

Josslyn, Ellen, Amber & Bren

2 thoughts on “Get on our Reiki or Psychic class list now!!

  1. Wow, it’s interesting that when you truly get reiki, it becomes palpable, but if individuals don’t practice and never experience that connection, they may give up or find it extremely difficult to continue and utilize it seldom. I’m planning to enroll in an Online Energy Healing class to learn and feel better about something in life so I’m looking for a reiki class and I’m glad that I found your article. Thank you for the information about your article, I’ll surely share this with some of my friends who are interested in joining reiki classes as well.

    1. Thank you Taylor for commenting. I guess you could stay that is true for ANY new thing we embrace in our lives; new exercise program, stopping an old habit, creating something new in our lives, etc. Reiki is simple but it’s not easy, because WE as humans make it hard. Our human brain makes it hard because accepting anything new into our lives is considered odd and dangerous. I teach in my classes DO IT ANYWAY, heal THROUGH those beliefs that are holdings us back, heal THROUGH the first 8 weeks that your brain is trying to get you to stop doing new things and do it anyway. If we are able to make our new Reiki daily sessions a KNOWN for our brain, then we will not feel normal if we do not do our Reiki. In the beginning it feels like work to create a new habit, but when you are successful, it’s oh so worth it. Thank you for sharing with like minded friends. I believe each person must choose the right Sensei for them, their soul mate teacher. IF that is me, I’m honored. If not, I pray you find yours. Love and Light, Josslyn (P.S. – read the Reiki I description of my class and feel if I am the teacher for you or not. I teach in the way that feels right for me and usually the students I attract as well.)

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