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The Whole Soul

By Amber McCarter and Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Love and Creators Blessings to you all,

During this challenging time, being in body on Earth, we are especially vulnerable to trauma to our souls.  It has been that way and will continue to be that way as long as we choose to incarnate in body.  When it gets particularly difficult, as in, the whole of Earth’s souls going through karmic healing all at the same time, such as with this virus outbreak, energy gets into our safe and sacred space that creates fear and more.  We get off balance and we don’t feel good or worse, usually worse.  It is important to remember we are energy and the source of healing is also, ENERGY.   Energy healers call it, energy healing.  This “Whole Soul” energy healing package that we are recommending right now, is some of our most important, empowering and soul healing process that we can do at this time for helping us be in our spark of Divine Light.  Please read on if your interest in sparked…

Our Soul is a unique aspect of our Divine Source, encompassing all we are made of energetically on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, through all dimensions, time, and space.   We are constantly evolving and expanding in response to new frequencies acquired through lifetimes of spiritual evolution.

As we venture through these experiences, we have a tendency to both take on energies that are not our own or not for our Highest Good. We also leave parts of our soul energy attached to places, people, and events that we encounter along the way. This is the case in especially traumatizing experiences, phases of spiritual neglect, and unhealthy third dimensional attachments to people, habits, or emotions can leave our soul particularly vulnerable and “worn thin.”

There is much we can do to heal this!

One first step that we recommend involves a ThetaHealing technique known as “Healing the Broken Soul” (you can read about this in Vianna Stibal’s Advanced ThetaHealing) that has become increasingly vital in our healing practice. In this process, we ask Creator to essentially rebirth your soul energy to be whole once again.  Then we psychically witness as this now rejoined energy heals any cracks or fissures, casts off stale energies and emotions weighing it down, and is re-vitalized with the pure Love & Light energy of Creator and its healthy mobilization restored. This often involves even more soul parts coming “home” to be re-integrated with your now whole soul.

Another powerful next step is a Soul Retrieval. Now that your body and energy bodies have been cleansed of energies no longer needed, you are primed to receive some of your Soul Parts that have been “misplaced” along the way. If not already being held by the Light, we ask that these be sent to Creator first for cleansing and healing before being restored to your soul.

Finally, to finish off and feel especially wonderful, we will fill you up with healthy emotion downloads from Creator. This is another ThetaHealing technique that involves bringing the pure feelings of wholeness and well-being from Creator, down into our soul’s physical manifestation in these 3rd dimensional incarnations. Receiving a ‘Healing the Broken Soul’ first sets us up to absorb these downloads much more readily and hold onto them.

We have combined the ‘Healing the Broken Soul’, ‘Soul Retrieval’, and ‘ThetaHealing Emotion Downloads’ into one session we are calling The “Whole Soul” Package.

And of course, as with any healing received from Rain Shadow Reiki, you will be getting Reiki throughout all of these processes for Divine Healing, Power, Safe and Sacred Space and Divine Intuition!

While miracles are always possible, the healing of our souls is most often an ongoing process because we are, after all, human and here to learn.

The set of energetic approaches toward restoration of your Whole Soul described here will set you on your path of healing and prepare both your body and Soul to access deeper levels of healing, and to perceive your existence in new and spiritually healthy ways. It is up to you to continue to make your way along your healing path, but these steps toward regaining your “Whole Soul” will provide you with an invaluable leap forward on your journey!


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